10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them

10 Most Common Women Hobbies and What They Say About Them

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Hobbies are a really important thing to have for a number of reasons. You’ve probably met a lot of your friends through your hobbies. Here’s a weird misconception though, maybe not one you hold but one that is definitely out there.

Women don’t have hobbies. And if they do, they’re probably cooking and cleaning. If you are trying to date, and trying to form any meaningful relationship with a woman, then you need to get rid of this idea.

You need to take an interest in what their actual hobbies are, because not only then will you be able to have more interesting conversations with them, but hobbies can tell you a lot about what a person is actually like.

You can get a gauge on their personality and the type of things they like and are interested in. Let’s have a look at some of the most common hobbies women enjoy:

1. Dancing

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them dancing

What you’ll probably come to realize as this list progresses is that a lot of these hobbies are actually things that can be enjoyed by both men and women, but some of them are sort of perceived to be more feminine.

Dancing is one of those. Men can dance, can be great dancers and are aware of how beneficial dancing is for you, but women are generally more open to it. There’s a lot of different types: Ballet, tango, ballroom and swing to name a few.

Those who are willing to get up in front of others and dance tend to be quite confident and although many dance for their own benefit, it does come from a desire to perform. It is a type of artistic expression, you can expect a woman who dances to have an artist’s mind.

2. Gardening

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them gardening

Gardening is a common hobby and also one that is often practiced by women well into their old age. It’s exercise for sure but it’s not something that your age or your level of fitness is a factor in whether or not you can do it well.

Some people do it because they enjoy doing things which they can watch the results of develop over time, some people like the idea of having a flower garden to show off that they created basically from scratch and then of course there are those who grow their own food.

Gardening is a game for the patient. Things that you set in motion might not reach their full potential for months and the plants have to be taken care of after that. So patience and persistence are virtues you can expect from a woman who gardens.

3. Horse-Riding

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them horseback riding

Horses are magnificent creatures. For thousands of years humans and horses have had both a working relationship and a recreational one. Of course they are a part of certain sports such as show-jumping and polo, but they’re also just great companions.

Many women will see the value in them as pets and as a source of calming enjoyment. You don’t have to do anything strenuous, you just jump up on horseback, with an animal that trusts you of course and go for a little ride.

It’s a great hobby because it’s exhilarating, it gets you out in the sun and you build up a connection with an animal. Girls who like horse-riding are definitely animal lovers, and they love being out in nature for sure.

4. Singing

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them singing

We all enjoy singing on some level. Like we tend to like to sing along to songs but most of us just do it when we’re by ourselves or at a concert where no one can hear us anyway. When it becomes a bit more like an actual hobby is when you try to utilize your voice’s potential.

Like anything else, learning how to sing is a hobby that takes a lot of practice to perfect, but it’s extremely worth it and the great thing about singing is that the only equipment that you need for it is your own voice. And anyone can learn how to sing.

Like dancing, women who sing are the artistic type. They’re musical and want to express themselves through song.

5. Writing

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them writing

Writing doesn’t necessarily mean writing creatively, another popular writing hobby is journaling. It’s a hobby that allows you to express your thoughts as they pertain to your day-to-day life and see how you progress as a person over time.

And then of course there are those who also like to write fiction. More of a commitment and a generally slow process, but it’s definitely a hobby that many women like to explore and it encompasses poetry, short stories and songs.

Those who like to write are comfortable being alone with their thoughts, they’re creative and are introspective and thoughtful. The type of people that you can always expect to be able to have deep, interesting conversations with.

6. Art

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them painting

I suppose my use of the word ‘art’ is a little bit vague. Especially since art does encompass some of the things I’ve covered already such as writing, singing and even dancing. But specifically, I’m referring to things like painting and crafts.

Women who like to paint have a great appreciation for the visual world and a drive to explore the potential of colours and imagery. Artistic expression comes in many forms as we’ve talked about, so much like the others women interested in arts and crafts are also creatives.

7. Working Out

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them exercising



Yes, this is a hobby and it is a hobby that women are equally as interested in as men are. It’s also not purely about ego, appearance and a desire to compete with other people that you see in the gym.

If you’re working out you should be working out for you. Women can do pretty much all of the same exercises that men can do, regardless of the fact that they aren’t as strong. This doesn’t stop them from being able to squat, bench press, deadlift or anything like that.

Going to the gym a couple of times a week serves you as a hobby because it gives you something fun to focus on, you can meet people and it’s great for your body. Anyone who works out is a person who is driven, hard-working and takes their health seriously.

8. Reading

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them reading

It’s hard to find time to read. It’s not so bad when you’re a kid but once you start working even a short book feels a bit like a monumental task. When are you going to fit that into your hectic schedule?

It’s so important though, and there’s a world of different kinds of books out there. You don’t really have to have a specific type of personality to be interested in reading because there’s almost definitely genres out there which suit you.

So women of all backgrounds and all ages (men too, the popularity of reading isn’t gender-specific) can grow a love for reading. Readers are imaginative and keen to learn about the world and explore philosophical ideas. Notoriously great conversationalists.

9. Running

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them working out

You should know about this one because women have been running away from you for your entire life and you’re here because you want that to stop isn’t that right? Sorry that was mean, but I realized this article was lacking in marginally clever wordplay so it had to happen.

You know what else has to happen? Cardio. And the best way to work on your cardio is as simple as running. It’s an exercise that humans have done for years and years and it’s never lost its effectiveness.

Whether it’s in the park, around your neighbourhood or on a treadmill, it doesn’t matter, running is beneficial and it’s a good opportunity to think and be present. Much like working out, a woman who has running as a hobby is healthy, energetic and eager to better herself.

10. Playing an Instrument

10 most common women hobbies and what they say about them playing instrument

Among musically-inclined women, the most popular instrument would probably be the guitar. No instrument is easy to learn, but the thing about the guitar is that it’s so popular that it’s not hard to find good resources to learn.

It can also be pretty easily adapted to any kind of music and you can do so many different things with it. Many women also enjoy playing the piano, the violin, the harp but every instrument has some female representation.

It’s not like women can’t play the drums or the saxophone, you just see less of it for some reason. A woman who is proficient at playing an instrument is a diligent creative type, and is definitely passionate about music.

So these are ten of the most popular ones, but there are hundreds of hobbies out there and you can no doubt find women are interested in all of them. It would be nice to share a hobby with the woman you’re dating, but even if you don’t, take an interest in her interests.

It will make for a much stronger relationship, a much more fulfilled relationship from a conversation perspective and it will help her to feel like you really care about her and want to get to know her better.

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