8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest

8 Tips And Tricks For Developing a Big Attractive Chest

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Sporting a bomb-ass body that makes women drool and check you out a second and third time’s the dream of many men. You definitely want chicks to literally drool when they watch you walk by and of course, this is a very effective ticket to get laid. Why do muscles matter? Simple! Most women go all flowery when they see a well-built man with a sexy body. And an essential portion of this sexy body that would be pretty apparent is our topic of discussion.

It easily indicates that you’re indeed the one that should be the subject of their erotic imagination is the pectorals or in plainer terms, the chest. Having a pronounced chest makes you immediately seem formidable and women love men who make them feel safe. In addition, you would agree that this set of men look a whole lot hotter irrespective of whatever clothes they are putting on.

And of course, there is something to show off, it basically makes you feel very confident about your body. The good news is that just about any man can have an attractive chest. Even if you haven’t got the natural outline of an attractive chest, you can build one for yourself and drive chicks crazy. And it isn’t even rocket science.

Here are some 8 tips that cover everything you need to build that attractive chest:

1. Improve Your Eating

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest improve your diet

You probably expected that we would just launch into talking about intensive workout routines and getting a gym membership or lifting weights and all. But in order to build your body and develop an attractive chest, you would have to start from the foundations. And the foundation is your diet. If you’re underweight and eating poorly, your chest will never be big. The key to increasing your chest size is to fill up your frame. You need flesh on your body to boost your body size. This would work with a bony frame. However, when trying to gain weight, ensure that you’re following a weight gain guide to help you do it the right way.

Some of the foods that you should be eating include vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grains, fish, as well as nuts and seeds. An important no-no is high glycemic foods. Similarly, high protein foods would help to charge up your workouts and boost recovery post-exercise.

2. Get a Gym Membership

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest get a gym membership

Once you’ve got your eating in order, the next step would be to hit the gym. And getting a gym membership signals your intention to actually begin to work on developing an attractive chest. The gym is also an easy way to motivate yourself.

This is because you would be coming in contact with people at various stages of bodybuilding. And the incredible thing is that you would watch your own transformation as well as others. Gym buddies basically make you push yourself to limits. And given that the entire atmosphere is one of sweating, grunting, and workout routines, you would totally feel out of place if you’re slacking. There you have it – the ultimate motivation!

3. Set Realistic Goals

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest set realistic goals

Don’t think you would spend a month in the gym and come out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It doesn’t work that way. Building pectoral muscles definitely rank as one of the most difficult. This is because your chest is literally expanding and you would, therefore, have to go easy. This is why your diet is very essential.

For your body to expand and your flesh-bone ratio to increase, bodybuilding foods would be your go-to option. Furthermore, by setting realistic goals, you do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself. This of course is different from trying to do your best. Irrespective of how far or hard you think you can go, ensure that your expectations are realistic so that you don’t end up disappointed.

4. Stay Consistent

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest stay consistent

Speaking generally, consistency is key to just about anything you want to achieve in life. And it comes into play here as well. The narrative is simple. Bodybuilding doesn’t happen in a single day. It is a cumulative effort over months and even years.

Your body doesn’t just transform overnight, you cannot develop an attractive chest in as much time as it takes to say, Jack Robinson. It definitely isn’t magic. You would be spending a lot of time in the gym and this is why setting realistic goals came earlier. However, the formula is simple; realistic goals in addition to consistency and hard work and you’ve got it!

5. Avoid Over-training

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest avoid overtraining

As much as training your chest is important, you would need to strike a balance. Overtraining would do more bad than good in this scenario. On average, intense chest training should be done only twice every week. This provides ample time for your chest muscles to recover from the strain that they have experienced.

Similarly, this would prevent you from overtraining too. Recall that proper rest is also necessary for muscle growth and recovery. And on days when you don’t have to work on your chest, you could as well explore building other body parts. Your arms, abs, back, and legs are other options.

6. Progressive Overload

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest progressive overload

In the early days of your workout journey, you would most likely be unable to lift the heavy weights. If you have a trainer or spotter, they would probably start you off on the small weights and progressively increase intensity as your muscles adjust to the strain.

You cannot simply enter the gym on the first day and assume beast mode. Achieving a bigger chest would involve increasing the weights gradually and when you feel like your muscles have adapted to heavier weights, you make the increase. Avoid going for weights that are too heavy as this can result in injury.

7. Maintain a Good Form

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest proper form

Quality over quantity, time over intensity always. Maintaining a proper form is vital to gain muscles as well as reduce the possibility of getting injured. For any workout move, you need to know the proper technique as well as ensure that you go through the complete range of motion. If you’re working out with a poor form, you wouldn’t experience any gains and there is a significant likelihood that injury would occur.

When in the gym, you should know exactly what you’re doing. Adequate knowledge of both the theory and practice would take you a very long way in your chest building journey. If you’re not certain that what you’re doing is right, you can always get the trainer or an experienced gym buddy to help you ensure that you’re on the right track.

8. Sleep More

8 tips and tricks for developing a big attractive chest sleep more

These tips are probably not the run-of-the-mill ones that you were expecting but they are essential tips that can be verified by any expert gym instructor. Sleeping is highly essential for building the body and giving it ample recovery time. Similarly, when you’re well-rested, you would achieve better results.

While sleeping, the body works on producing growth hormones that are necessary for building your body. Depriving your body of sleep implies that these hormones that are essential for rebuilding muscles would be depleted. This in turn leads to the creation of an inflammatory response that has the potential to inhibit muscle recovery.

The Bottomline

Building an incredible chest isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes dedication and determination. Similarly, you would need proper knowledge and guidance. But all in all, with the 8 tips that we’ve included in this article, you’re well on your way to building the chest you desire!

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