99 Bad Boy Traits BONUS – 18 Videos Demonstrating Bad Boy Traits and Behavior Page 3

#7 Pierce Brosnan – Thomas Crown – The Thomas Crown Affair

Thomas Crown amuses himself by stealing a $100M painting from a high-security art museum and Catherine Banning is assigned to track down and recover the missing item of a 5% fee. She immediately knows at a gut level that Thomas Crown did it but she can’t prove it. So when she harasses him constantly by searching his home and playing mind games with him, notice how he keeps cool and doesn’t flinch one bit. He actually laughs at her instead of letting her get in his head. This causes her to feel a lot of attraction for him and she winds up falling for him.

#8 George Clooney – Daniel Ocean – Ocean’s Eleven

Any man in Daniel Ocean’s shoes in this scene would be kissing Tess’ ass and would be terrified of her casino owner boyfriend. But Danny carries himself well, stays lighthearted, gets serious when he needs to, and doesn’t seem to care too much. She tells him not to sit, he does it anyway and even orders a drink. She makes sarcastic comments, he smiles. He’s direct about his intentions and doesn’t seem to let rejection bother him very much.

#9 Gabriel Macht – Harvey Specter – Suits

Harvey Specter is the top lawyer in all of New York City in the top law firm in all of New York City. He’s cocky, arrogant, dominant, and wins everything he puts his mind to. Women flock to him and he doesn’t make a big deal about anything. In this scene, he just got what he wanted most – his name on the wall of his law firm. Instead of crying, celebrating, and making a huge deal about it, he’s composed, calm, and keep his focus on his next goal.