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Here’s 46 minutes worth of videos demonstrating what you’ve learned so far.

Pay attention to the way these men carry themselves, talk, and how calm, cool, collect, and in control of their emotions they are. Pay attention to their body language, voice tone, eye contact, their confidence, and how they don’t seem to give a damn what anyone thinks. Think about how the average man would react or respond in these situations. Think about what their state of mind would be. Now look at how these men are responding and carrying themselves and whatever you learn, plant it in your mind, practice it, and use it in your interactions with women.

If you had these mindsets when interacting with women, think about how things would go WAY different.

These men are prime examples of what women are looking for. These men’s behavior is EXACTLY what sparks attraction inside of a woman and THERE IS NOTHING SHE CAN DO ABOUT IT!

#13 Clark Duke – Lance – Sex Drive

Lance doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He’s totally relaxed around women and they feel attraction for him in return. Notice how calm, cool, and fearless he is all the time. On the other hand, Ian, his best friend, is afraid of women, gets nervous and weird, and just doesn’t know how to relax and be cool.

#14 Matthew McConaughey – David Wooderson – Dazed and Confused

Wooderson is always calm, cool, relaxed, and chilled out. He’s comfortable in his own skin, confident, doesn’t make a big deal about anything, and it’s obvious he just doesn’t care at all. He sees himself as high status, dominant, and as a leader.

#15 Brad Pitt – Rusty Ryan – Ocean’s Twelve

Rusty is the cool headed guy that everyone in the crew looks up to and comes to with their problems. BUT he’s also a thief and just doesn’t care about too much. When his girlfriend, a cop, has a feeling he’s the guy she’s looking for, he bails on her without feeling anything about it. Later on, after sneaking into her home, she points a gun at him and he smiles about it. When she tells him she’ll have him and his friends arrested, he doesn’t flinch. Rusty is always calm, cool, and composed no matter what’s happening.