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Here’s 46 minutes worth of videos demonstrating what you’ve learned so far.

Pay attention to the way these men carry themselves, talk, and how calm, cool, collect, and in control of their emotions they are. Pay attention to their body language, voice tone, eye contact, their confidence, and how they don’t seem to give a damn what anyone thinks. Think about how the average man would react or respond in these situations. Think about what their state of mind would be. Now look at how these men are responding and carrying themselves and whatever you learn, plant it in your mind, practice it, and use it in your interactions with women.

If you had these mindsets when interacting with women, think about how things would go WAY different.

These men are prime examples of what women are looking for. These men’s behavior is EXACTLY what sparks attraction inside of a woman and THERE IS NOTHING SHE CAN DO ABOUT IT!

#16 Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden – Fight Club

Tyler realizes that it’s important not to make a big deal about anything. He’s dominant, confident, calm, relaxed, understands himself, and is very intelligent. He understands what is and isn’t important in life.

#17 Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden – Fight Club

Notice how Tyler isn’t nervous or shy around Marla. Also notice how he’s calm, cool, and doesn’t say much to her. He’s confident, relaxed, upbeat, and he doesn’t give a damn.

#18 Clark Gable – Rhette Butler – Gone With the Wind

Rhette is tired of putting up with Scarlett’s crap. She’s dramatic, manipulative, and she cheated on him. He did his best to make her happy and realized it didn’t work. So when he packs his stuff up and tells her he’s leaving, she becomes dramatic and tries to put on an act to get him to stay. How he responds is one of the most famous lines in movie history. Notice how he simply doesn’t care and how unaffected he is by her reaction.