99 Bad Boy Traits BONUS – 18 Videos Demonstrating Bad Boy Traits and Behavior

Here is 46 minutes worth of videos demonstrating what you’ve learned so far.

Pay attention to the way these men carry themselves, talk, and how calm, cool, collect, and in control of their emotions they are. Pay attention to their body language, voice tone, eye contact, their confidence, and how they don’t seem to give a damn what anyone thinks. Think about how the average man would react or respond in these situations. Think about what their state of mind would be. Now look at how these men are responding and carrying themselves and whatever you learn, plant it in your mind, practice it, and use it in your interactions with women.

If you had these mindsets when interacting with women, think about how things would go WAY different.

These men are prime examples of what women are looking for. These men’s behavior is EXACTLY what sparks attraction inside of a woman and THERE IS NOTHING SHE CAN DO ABOUT IT!

#1 Robert Downey Jr - Tony Stark - Iron Man

Notice how calm, collect, and direct Tony Stark is with the reporter who is very attractive and confident. He doesn’t waste time complimenting her, seeking her approval, caring what she thinks, or putting her on a pedestal. He makes it known he’s attracted to her and he wants to sleep with her. Also notice when he’s with Pepper he just doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. He compliments her without kissing her ass, ignores her question about who he’s with, and totally ignores her “no” when he asks her to dance. When she feels things get awkward, he remains totally calm about it, keeps reassuring her everything is fine, and it’s totally natural to feel the way she’s feeling. It’s written all over her face that she’s feeling A LOT of attraction for him.

#2 John Travolta - Chili Palmer - Get Shorty

Chili Palmer is a guy in the mob, from Miami, flies out to LA to collect some money from a guy, and winds up hanging out there a while to help get a movie put together and going. He doesn’t talk more than he needs to, says what’s on his mind, doesn’t let anyone push him around or mistreat him, he’s very smart, dominant, and he’s also ALWAYS very calm, relaxed, and cool.

#3 Johnny Depp - John Dillinger - Public Enemies

John Dillinger was a charming bank robber from the early 1900’s. Notice his reaction when he tells Billie Frechette that he wants her to be his girl and she says she doesn’t even know him. Also notice how he deals with the guy who’s being a total smart ass.