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Who I Am, What I Do, And What This Website Is About

Call me “Captain Save A Bro” because I’m here to save you from screwing up and embarrassing yourself with women and teach you what women are REALLY looking for in men and how attracting them REALLY works.

marc summers of major league dating

Using my many years of experience meeting, attracting, and dating the type of women you and most men actually want, I help you become better by:

  1. Writing and publishing 100% FREE articles on this website to help you out with various dating, relationship, personal development, and self-improvement issues.
  2. Filming and publishing on YouTube dating, relationship, personal development, and self-improvement videos to get you to the next level with women and in your personal, financial, and professional life.
  3. Writing and publishing dating, relationship, personal development, and self-improvement eBooks and Audiobooks to get you to the next level with women and in your personal, financial, and professional life.
  4. When the free articles, videos, and books aren’t targeting your specific problem areas and you need to dive EVEN DEEPER into your personal challenges with women, dating, relationships, personal development, and self-improvement, you can schedule one-on-one coaching with me to help you figure out, solve, and overcome the most complex problems and we’ll talk on the phone, Facebook Messenger, or Skype.

My No-Bullshit Approach is Highly Effective and Helpful

There’s already too much bullshit and bad advice about women, dating, and relationships on TV and the internet and I’m definitely not here to waste your time feeding you more of it. I’m here to cut straight through all of the bogus advice and nonsense and HELP YOU SEE FOR YOURSELF exactly what you’re doing that ineffective, why it’s ineffective, and EXACTLY what you need to do to get better results and feel better about your situation. I don’t care about being famous or well-liked and I definitely don’t care if I hurt your feelings in the process of helping you get better with women. That doesn’t mean I’m a jerk. It only means that my primary goal with this website is to help you as much as possible, provide the highest-quality and most helpful content, and make a real difference in your life.

My Story – What Forced Me to Get Better with Women and Relationships

I’m not THAT guy who thinks I know everything about women, dating, personal development, and self-improvement because I read a couple of books and watched some videos. I did what actually works best – I faced my fears, took action, and gained YEARS OF EXPERIENCE interacting with women, becoming better, and chasing a better life. I failed, embarrassed myself, and looked like an idiot more times than I can remember but, eventually, I got it right! I didn’t act like a victim and stay down, lose hope, give up, and accept a life of mediocrity like many men do. When I messed up and made myself look stupid or simply had bad luck, I learned from it and kept moving forward no matter what – which is EXACTLY what you should be doing.

See, I’m a normal guy like you and for years, I couldn’t attract women and keep them around. I endured constant rejection, women not answering or calling me back, and I rarely got a second date! When I was “lucky” enough to get a girlfriend, most of the time, I got cheated on, dumped, or both. My consistent failures caused me to become insanely frustrated with women, dating, and relationships instead of being frustrated with myself.

Trying to turn things around, I read all of the “love” books and magazines, watched all of the dating shows, and mimicked all of the rappers, actors, and musicians who had hot women around them. I asked the guys I knew, who got more female attention or had girlfriends, a lot of questions to see what I could learn – but their advice was either too cliche, I didn’t understand, or was something I had already heard.

The motivation to do whatever it took to figure it out and make BIG CHANGES in my life showed up when my live-in girlfriend left me on Christmas Eve for her ex-boyfriend who just got out jail 30 minutes before.

At the time, I was such a mentally weak pussy and desperate for approval that I even CARRIED HER LUGGAGE TO THE TAXI for her because I wanted to be nice! That intense moment of feeling lower than dirt created a major shift happening in my mindset and by the time the taxi turned the corner, I was 100% convinced that I NEVER AGAIN wanted to feel that powerless and out of control of what happens to me. I made the decision to burn the boats and fight for the life and results that I actually wanted and NOTHING was going to get in my way. My “no going back” mindset is the only thing that made the difference and FORCED me to figure women, dating, and relationships out.

Here’s How to Begin Changing Your Dating Life Forever

about marc summers

I was failing with women, dating, and relationships because I, like many men do, made the immature, ignorant, and deadly mistake of thinking that women were the problem and I didn’t need to change anything about myself.

I believed that if women didn’t appreciate what a sweet, generous, and loving guy I was then THEY must have serious mental problems. But, after carrying my ex’s luggage to the taxi while she left me for another man, I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, my mindset was completely off and I was the one with the problems!

My dating life, relationships, and ability to attract women began improving when I understood this one simple concept – by nature and 100% OF THE TIME, women are reacting to EVERYTHING you say and do and it absolutely affects how they see you and feel about you. YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE THIS! If you struggle to get positive results with women no matter what you do, then there’s a very high chance that there’s something “off” about your mindset, behavior, and habits. Just accept it. So, instead of hating the way the world and women work, thinking it isn’t fair, and wishing everyone would change to fit your mindset, why not just change yourself and eliminate the friction you’re always experiencing? Why not learn what gets positive reactions from women and just work on incorporating those things into your mindset, behavior and habits and, at the same time, learn what makes women react negatively and work on eliminating those things?

There’s nothing wrong with reprogramming yourself so your natural words, behavior, and habits draw positive reactions instead of negative ones and if you believe improving and making changes to your mindset and personality makes you a “fake” person, then I wish you the best of luck because you’re not going to have much.

If your dating life sucks and you have “terrible luck”, this is most certainly the answer to most of the problems you’re having in all areas of your life.

Another lesson I learned the hard way is that you can be the best-looking and richest man in the world, but if you don’t have your act and life together and aren’t becoming the best version of yourself by improving your mind, personality, character, and “who you are” at the deepest level possible, then you will consistently attract low-quality women who don’t make you happy.

Higher-quality women may “like” you because you’re handsome and can easily provide but will NEVER stick around long-term. They only stay with men who are the most attractive ON ALL LEVELS. Without working on yourself and making yourself as mentally, emotionally, and, even, socially attractive as possible, the attraction from your looks and money will quickly run out and they’ll either fall out of love or decide they’re wasting their time. Looks and money are only a bonus for women.

My dating and personal life changed PERMANENTLY when I committed to becoming my best self mentally, emotionally, and socially and EVERYTHING ELSE in my life fell into place once I got these areas under control.

If You Take Anything from This, Remember These 2 THINGS

1. ONLY focus on changing yourself – pay close attention to how your thinking, behavior, and habits affect those around you and work on eliminating the ineffective things that turn women off, kill attraction, and make them run away. At the same time, work on reprogramming your mind with the thoughts, behaviors, and habits that spark, build, and keep REAL attraction for as long as you want!

2. Dating and relationships become much easier when you improve yourself mentally, emotionally, and socially – everything else in your life naturally falls into place and your problems and friction begin to disappear. I recommend exercising every single day and making as much money as you possibly can, but it’s equally, if not more, important to improve your character, personality, behavior, and habits. Without your mind and behavior in order first, the looks and money will only attract lower-quality women into your life.

The More Prepared You Are, the More Success You’ll Have with Women

Success happens faster and easier when you’re prepared. When you prepare yourself and program your mind to interact with women and quickly and effectively deal with the stressful and awkward situations that arise with them, then you’re maximizing your chances of dating and relationship success and minimizing your chances of screwing it all up because you weren’t prepared.

What do you do when you NEED to pass a big important test? You study and prepare! So, doesn’t it make sense to study and prepare for that perfect woman you’ve always wanted? YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN so it’s extremely important to learn as much as you can and prepare yourself for that day so you don’t squander the opportunity.

What I teach doesn’t only prepare you for women, it prepares you for life. It prepares you to effectively deal with everyone you meet and handle the problematic situations come up from time to time. The more prepared you are, the easier your life becomes. Simple as that.

I Only Teach What Works to Improve Your Dating Life and Relationships

about marc summers

I’M NOT HERE TO WASTE YOUR TIME. You’re only learning what ACTUALLY WORKS and what I’ve PERSONALLY done over and over to meet, attract, date, and have great relationships with amazing and high-quality women. I don’t have a definite answer to every single problem that arises with dating and relationships, BUT I do have enough knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help you figure it out and make progress towards effective solutions.

Welcome to Major League Dating and I hope you reach the levels of success you’re aiming for with women.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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