About Marc Summers

Call me “Captain Save A Bro” because I’m here to save you from screwing up and embarrassing yourself with women. I’m also here to teach you how attraction REALLY works and what I’ve learned through many years of experience with women.

I’m not THAT guy who read some “love” books and watched some dating videos and now I think I know everything about women. I did BETTER – I went out and gained YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WITH THEM! I failed A LOT, embarrassed myself, and looked like an idiot time and time again – but eventually, I got it right! I didn’t stay down and lose hope like most men do – I GOT BACK UP every single time!

See, I’m a normal guy like you and I spent many years not knowing how to attract women and keep them around. I faced constant rejection, women wouldn’t answer or call back, and I couldn’t get a second date. When I was “lucky” enough to get a girlfriend, I usually got cheated on or dumped.

I was insanely frustrated at myself AND WOMEN because I didn’t understand why I kept FAILING.

I Tried Everything – None of it Worked

I tried doing what everyone else does like reading “love” advice, watching dating shows, doing what rappers did in music videos or what I’d hear in songs. I’d ask guys around me, who were doing better with women than I was, lots of questions to see if I could learn from them – but the dating advice I received was either too cliche or simply it didn’t didn’t hit the nail on the head! I wasn’t getting the fix I NEEDED to make women respond DIFFERENTLY to me.

I reached my limit when my girlfriend left me on Christmas Day for her ex-boyfriend who just was just released from jail 30 minutes before and I was so lame that I even helped her carry her all of her luggage to the taxi! Then I went back upstairs, laid on the floor, and cried like no man should ever cry… sad but true.

That’s when I felt like the biggest pussy, pushover, and idiot. That’s when I knew I HAD ENOUGH. Something needed to be done. SOMETHING NEEDED TO CHANGE!

So, I decided THAT NIGHT to figure out how it all REALLY WORKS. Figure out why I was failing with women and how to make them feel more attraction for me. How to make them ACTUALLY want me.

How I Changed My “Luck” with Women

Women and their behavior finally started making sense when I THREW OUT everything I THOUGHT I knew and approached it with an empty and open mind. I purposely sought out men who invested a lot of time and effort into learning how to attract women on their own and I spent, literally, thousands of hours studying, practicing, and mastering what I had learned.

I also QUIT spending so much time with guys who weren’t succeeding with women and started spending more time with guys who made getting women look easy. These guys, including my older brother, naturally attracted and dated one amazing woman after another.

As I applied what I was learning, my “luck” with women got better and better and better. I was attracting and dating women I thought would NEVER give me the time of day and I no longer was SUFFERING from rejection, failure, and heartache.


So, as a result, over the last 15 years, I’ve met, attracted, and dated a lot of incredible women – including models, actresses, and even women who ONLY date male models, famous guys, and professional athletes… and I’m DEFINITELY not one of those guys!

The truth is, I never would’ve been able to attract and date these women if I didn’t take the time and make the effort to learn what I’m sharing on Major League Dating. IT’S WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR TIME INVESTED.

An Education on Women and Dating Improves All Areas of Your Life

It’s crucial to get an in-depth education on women and dating ASAP and spare yourself the embarrassing nightmare of trying to figure it out on your own.

There’s no reason to spend your life settling for women below your standards because you didn’t invest the time and effort to learn how to attract women and keep them around.

Start your women and dating education by getting and reading this eBook and Audiobook: How to Quit Being a Loser With Women. You’ll learn how attraction works, how to become more attractive, and how to consistently meet and date one great woman after another.

I Only Teach Actually Works with Women

I’M NOT HERE TO WASTE YOUR TIME. You’re only learning what ACTUALLY WORKS and what I’ve PERSONALLY done over and over to meet, attract, and date amazing women. You have nothing to lose.

I don’t have an answer to every single problem that comes up with women and dating, BUT I do have enough answers and solutions to help you get some serious results and make progress with the women you like.

My products come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and they’re designed to help you eliminate any issues and obstacles you’re facing with women. My products and free articles cutting edge, high-quality, and field tested over and over to make sure you’re only getting the best.

Welcome to Major League Dating and I hope you reach the levels of success you’re aiming for with women.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


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