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★★★★★” The only book I’ve ever found that specifically talks about the whole Real Man/Bad Boy phenomenon in detail. There is so much crap online about what it is to be a man and what not that finding your book was really refreshing. Thanks for writing this book, I couldn’t put it down! – Rori

“Learn How To Finally Stop Scaring Women Away Because You’re Too Nice And Get Them To See You As The Bad Boy They Actually Want”

95% of your problems with women are directly related to being “too nice”. These “bad boy traits” make you stronger, more attractive, and the guy women actually want. Learn, IN DETAIL, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and habits of bad boys who consistently attract beautiful women.

Understand Women and Attraction Like a Bad Boy

Pg. 32 – Learn how to raise your standards and why and how knowing yourself better attracts higher-quality women

Pg. 44 – Learn how to keep your balls out of her purse and wear the pants in the relationship

Pg. 73 – Learn how to be mysterious, challenging, independent, and self-reliant instead of the co-dependent, approval seeking nice guy

Pg. 129 – Learn how to stop caring what everyone thinks and become the high-value and attractive man women want

Pg. 139 – Learn how to improve your body language, communicate self-control, and use your voice and eye contact to turn women on

Pg. 143 – Learn how to pass “attraction tests” so women know you’re the right guy

Pg. 146 – Learn how to be more fun and exciting and leave women wanting more so they’re excited to see you again

Pg. 145 – Learn how to see the hints and clues nice guys are constantly missing

Pg. 149 – Learn how to stop getting friend zoned, hurt, disrespected, and used because you’re “too nice” and/or boring and predictable

Pg. 191 – Learn how to become the most honest guy women have ever met and how it multiplies attraction

Communicate Confidence Like A Bad Boy

✔ Learn how much space to give women and why it’s extremely important

✔ Learn how much jealousy is OK and why

✔ Learn the differences between being too humble and too cocky

✔ Learn when to speak, how much to say, and what and how much to say when telling women about yourself

✔ Learn when it’s OK to joke around with women and when you should be serious

✔ Learn how to eliminate the insecurities holding you back with women

Become Calmer, Cooler, And More Attractive

✔ Learn how to stay calm and cool and control your emotions better in ANY situation so women automatically feel comfortable around you

✔ Learn how to eliminate your fear of approaching and interacting with women

✔ Learn how to become unafraid of and unaffected by rejection and handle tough situations and problems with women

✔ Learn how to develop an above-average life women naturally want to be part of

✔ Learn how to become more unique – the way you walk, talk, dress, and live your life and why women love it

✘ What You Won’t Learn:

You won’t learn how to be controlling, mean, rude, offensive, or abusive by acting like a “jerk” and an “asshole” to women or any other destructive traits we see in “extreme” bad boys like violence, physical abuse, verbal abuse, cheating, law breaking, drugs, etc

Preview The Audiobook:

Preview #1: What Exactly Is A Bad Boy – Pg. 17 in eBook / Track 06 in Audiobook
Preview #2: Many Men Pretend to Be Bad Boys – Pg. 20 in eBook / Track 07 in Audiobook
Preview #3: Never Pretend – Pg. 233 in eBook / Track 109 in Audiobook

Download 99 Bad Boy Traits Right Now If:

✔ You struggle with being too nice and you don’t understand why being nice isn’t working

✔ You want to feel more confidence around women and have them drawn to you like a magnet

✔ You want to become more challenging and mysterious around women

✔ You want to stop feeling weak and like a wussy around women

✔ You want women to treat you better and have more respect for you

✔ You want to stop getting rejected all of the time

30-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident 99 Bad Boy Traits will help you overcome your niceness, fear of women, and failure with women that I’ll give you 100% of your money back if it doesn’t help you out.

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99 Bad Boy Traits ★★★★★ Reviews:


Hi Marc, thank you, thank you and thank you. Now i know why I was so terrible with women; I am what you describe as a nice guy. I am always trying to please everybody and feel valuable to all. I'm always smiling and trying too hard to always being a nice guy. I bought your Audiobook and loved it. Now I have to incorporate all that I have learned from your book in my state of mind, little by little. I'm not interested in being with women because I'm married. However, in my job I am implementing the bad boy state of mind to succeed in business. Thank you once again for opening my eyes and teaching me what I was doing wrong.


Hey Marc. Your book is the only one I’ve ever found that specifically talks about the whole Real Man/Bad Boy phenomenon in detail (Actually being it as opposed to knowing how to “Perform” it). There is so much crap online about what it is to be a man and what not that finding your book was really refreshing. You’ve done a great job with it. Thanks for writing this book, I couldn’t put it down! I’ll keep an eye out for any more of your works.

Michael S.

Mr. Summers. First and foremost I would like to say that your books, especially your the 99 Bad Boy Traits one, have impacted my life tremendously and have helped me throughout myself in my young adulthood. Your eBooks and the information you provide through the research example, quotes, and personal experiences have made my route a little smoother.


I want to give You a big big thanks for such kick ass programs. Raw, real, no bull sh*t. Thank You very much my friend.


I just finished read your 2 books (how to quit being a loser & 99 bad boy traits) I just wanna thank you so much, my life has changed from the day I started read your free articles on your website, and it really changed me so much more after I purchased the eBooks. I can really felt and sense how women respect me more and felt their attractions towards me after I changed my mindsets and actions. Your taught its universal regardless of our culture and tradition. Thank you so much.


I just completed the Audiobook 99 Bad Boy Traits and I must say the following: I have heard inspirational talks by Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, etc and they were good but your book 99 Bad Boy Traits has the been the most important to me and my life. It is like the father/son talk I never got when I was young. It empowers me to be just who I am. The hard work will pay off. You rock my brother.


Hey Marc, thanks for the eBook. It is amazing. You say it as it is.


Marc, I can not thank you enough for your advice! I listened to two of your books, 99 Bad Boy Traits and and How to Stop Being a Loser With Women. Pure genius! I have sought out advice from numerous “Gurus” and the subject of attracting women, and you are by far the best I heard from. I have already went through each book 2 or 3 times, and I am have recommended your work several friends. I have been putting this stuff into practice for a couple weeks now and I am already seeing amazing results in the way that women are responding to me. Women have been much more approachable and easier to talk to.


Marc I bought your audio book 99 bad boys traits 2 months ago, and I listen to it every day. Man ever since that day my life changed and got amazing results I am 37 and can’ t stop young beautiful girls chasing and craving me. I would have paid twice the money I paid for. Thanks Marc!


I gotta tell u that this book has been the best $30 ever spent, it really helps me out with my inner-game.


I learned so much about the nice guy and bad boy traits and how I have always thought being the night in shining armor would get me the results. I am 30 now and I have been trying to do the same boring lame approaches, date settings, and other non-sense expecting the same results. No wonder I sucked with women, no one ever taught me and I just thought it was something that I would just pick up naturally. WRONG!!!!

After reading Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys, I seen a girl sitting on a bench outside of where I work. I approached her and asked her name, told her mine and said, “I am going to be forward with you to not waste time, let have lunch tomorrow.” She gave me a shocked look and I just pulled out my phone and said, what is your number. She literally gave it to me, we went to lunch the next day, and I was just calm, collected, and asking her questions and getting her talking. Since then she has been blowing up my phone with text messages and I rarely reply to her it is crazy.

I know what I was doing in the past has not been working so I am working on myself, my goals, dreams and ambitions, and then woman. That is like the last priority in my life. I am also watching the desperation of nice guys around me and just scratching my head as to why and how I use to be like that. I will definitely share you site with them if they are willing to be helped, but sometimes it is hard to unplug someone from the matrix.

Words can not express how thankful I am that I have found this material, I see so many dating advice sites and books, but a lot of them were just not for me. Yours really spoke out to me.

Small steps to one big goal. Thanks Marc.


I just wanted to tell you thanks for your products. You’ve really helped me start to understand the issues my lack of emotional control has created with women, and in my life as a whole. I just finished 72 Ways and previously read 99 Bad Boy Traits. I’m coming off of a messy divorce a couple months ago, and also a break up with a different woman who I truly want to be with. Because of my lack of emotional control surrounding my divorce, I pushed her away. Thanks to the help of your books, I see the mistakes I made in my marriage and with the woman I want to be with. Right now I’m focused on myself, and your books really help me to stay on that path, rather than repeating the needy, overly emotional, negative patterns I was in. I’m giving her space with the acceptance that she might not come back around. If you have any further advice for me I’d appreciate it, and thanks so much again!


I read your books everyday Marc and it really helps me out a whole lot with women. Your books taught me 2 have patience and self-control with women and taught me that women don’t respond to logical things that men do to get women to like them. You really write great excellent books Marc. Thank you.


GOLDMINE! Pure genius. If there was ever a book to teach men how to be men this is it. Character traits you need to improve each and every day. A must have for men growing and becoming stronger mentally.


Much, much better than expected. There are about a dozen titles like this all over. Basically, you are looking at this subject because you want to get along better with women and have more confidence in yourself. You are a good person, but maybe people in your life are not responding to you the way you feel they should. I am glad I took a shot at it. It’s not very eloquently-written, but it’s not poorly written either. Despite the subject matter and the presentation, there’s a lot of intelligence behind what is said. I am not in the dating scene and I approached this book to learn more about confidence in general with people. Also, things to apply to my marriage. This book gave a lot of useful pointers for someone in my situation. But I think it is for guys in all sorts of different situations where they want to better themselves and how people respond to them. It’s not just a dumb book about getting laid. I highly, highly recommend it. And because it’s not some 6+ hour, redundant audiobook, I really feel like it has a lot of replay value.

Will D.

Good information and coming from a nice guy with some inherent bad boy traits, it helped me to clarify the differences and to point out a lot of of mistakes I was making but wasn’t fully aware of. The information is applicable to life, personal, business, friendships, relationships, etc. take out of it what works for you.


Good info. This book is pretty easy to listen to. Each of the 99 points he makes are short and clear. A lot of the info used to make this book is based on truths and inner attitudes from some of the top pick up artists around. I’ve read and listened to a lot of different pick up/ alpha male books. This one makes packs a lot of info into some short easy to reference points. I have recommended this book to a few friends.


Valuable Knowledge. Very interesting points throughout this book. A good reminder for those who already know about being a ‘bad boy’ and new knowledge for those who don’t. Highly recommended.


I love this book it has a lot of gems to help you become the man you need to be. Most men are feminized today by our society and we need to get back to our alpha state. We must protect our confidence and our Balls. Be true to yourself and everything else is secondary.

J. David Love

Great read for us NICE GUYS!” It’s the gospel truth. Broken down very well. The cure for male pattern bitchness, umm….nice guy behavior.


I liked how the fundamentals were solid and sound and I think that a book like this is useful even for people familiar with the predecessors who inspired the content. It’s still great information and men need to remember it and learn it. One thing reaches me, another may reach you. This may be the book that you need.


This book is awesome. It really helped me being out and capitalize on the “Bad Boy” Traits I already had. I highly recommend this book.


WAY BETTER THAN I THOUGH IT WOULD BE. I was skeptical at first, but to my surprise, it turned out to be a GREAT audiobook. It’s the best compilation of traits that consist of what is also known as an “Alpha Mindset” (as the brilliant Rollo Tomassi phrases it). Marc explains in a great and precise way what the point of view/mindset of a BB/Alpha is and why. The thing is that becoming a “Bad Boy” isn’t something you necessarily do for women, but for yourself. It is a way of looking at the world and behaving in a way that will make YOU the happiest (and I can speak from experience). That women are attracted to that is just an added bonus. One of the few books that was a breeze to do so. All of it was clear, precise and to the point. While listening to this audiobook I was, for the most part, listening to how I am today and being remembered of the personal growth that I’ve made through the years. I highly recommend this book to any man, especially young men, for acquiring the right mindset. For the price, it’s a steal.


Gave me an extremely better understanding. The book had a lot of very useful information and depicted the do’s from the donts very clearly. Highly recommend even for the person that might already know everything.

99 bad boy traits ebook audiobook discount

99 bad boy traits complete package

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30 day money back guarantee