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I Asked Several Attractive Women About Which Bad Man Habits Grossed Them Out the Most

The 32 “bad man-habits” I’m talking about in this article apply to more men than you can imagine and I came up with this list by asking VERY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN what “gross” habits they hate and find unattractive when they meet and get to know guys.

These women I’m talking about don’t represent ALL women, but I would say most women would agree they don’t like these bad habits.

Although a lot of them aren’t bothered by some of the bad personal habits in this list, I personally don’t believe it’s OK to keep doing these things because it lowers your social and overall value as a man.

bad personal man habits

I believe you’re much better off eliminating as much of these bad personal habits as possible from your behavior and life to become more attractive to the women you like and want.

Sounds pretty simple right?

This article isn’t meant to make you feel like shit or to make you feel worthless as a man, but you should feel like a piece of shit if you do a lot of these things because feeling like shit will motivate you to change your thinking, behavior, and habits.

It’s a powerful way to get you to take action.

As you read over these bad and gross personal habits that women aren’t fond of, have some self-awareness and see where you’re being lazy in your life, what habits are possibly causing women to lose attraction for you, and how you can make improvements to minimize the chance of scaring off the women you like.

So now that you know this list is totally legit because it came from the type of women you’re looking to meet and date, let’s go over each one of these 32 bad personal man habits in detail.

WARNING: I am very blunt in this article so I can get it through your head to stop or avoid these bad personal habits.

Much of what you’ll read is plain common sense and it irritates me that I’m even sitting here making this list for guys who don’t “get it”.

You should already know better but hey, we all struggle with things and we all deserve credit for making improvements in any area of our life.

I hope you have your big boy pants on because we’re going to dig in and get gritty.

Let’s go.

1. Body Odor

unattractive man habits body odor

Starting off with a simple one: being aware of how you smell.

Not that hard to figure out.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you had a shower? Seriously.

You should be showering at least once a day and if you’re not, you’re taking a chance of smelling like rotten onions and if it’s not that bad, it’s unpleasant at the least.

Imagine being at the store, you haven’t showered because you’re lacking in self-awareness because you’re being lazy and complacent, you chat it up with a hot woman, she’s really into you, and then when you hug her while saying bye, she notices you smell like a dirty and sweaty foot.

You think she’s going to be as anxious to call you, answer her phone, or go out on that date with you?

No way, man!

You just changed her mind and probably killed the attraction.

All you had to do was spend 10 minutes showering and it could have been avoided.

If you work in a dirty environment like I did for MANY years as an Aircraft Mechanic, then it’s understandable if you smell and have to go to the store right after work or something.

BUT, if you have the opportunity to shower and clean yourself up and you skip it out of laziness, then it’s your fault when people are backing away from you and looking at you in a strange way.

Don’t try covering up body odor with cologne because you’re lazy – then you’ll smell like B.O. and cologne which isn’t a popular scent.

It’ll smell worse than “Sex Panther” from Anchorman.

2. Not Washing Correctly In the Shower

Let’s say you DO take a shower every day like you’re supposed to but you’re washing like a 4-year-old who only has one arm, you’re probably still gonna smell funky once in a while.

Since I’m assuming you’re an adult, it’s important to wash 100%.

If you’re going out on a date or something, wash yourself, rinse yourself off, and then wash again to be absolutely sure you’re clean.

I am appalled that I have to even write about this.

Use a white clean towel and if it’s not as white when you’re done drying off, it’s a sign that your shower skills are weak.

3. Stinky Balls

Like I said, this is coming from women who have dealt with this A LOT.

Super sad.

The type of women you want to date are saying that a lot of guys have stinky ass balls.

Really man?


We JUST talked about stepping up your shower game, didn’t we?

Wash your freakin’ ball bag, dude!

Defunk your junk!

I’m sure you don’t want anyone going down there to give you some lip service and it smells like cheese.

It’s not going to make her want pizza or like you more.

Don’t be hypocritical – we hate it when women smell fishy so don’t be a D-bag by not washing your ball bag.

Here’s a video on dealing with smelly nuts:

4. Not Washing Foreskin

I’m gonna need you to sit down for this one because I totally have the disappointed dad look going on right now.

Apparently, according to the women I talked to, if you’re not circumcised, then you can get a bunch of dirt and bacteria under all that skin and it’s not only gross, but they can smell it.

Combine not cleaning your penis correctly with your smelly balls and I promise you she’s joining the witness protection program to make sure you can never contact her again.

On top of that, from my research about it, (good lord, I NEVER thought I’d be doing research on and talking about this topic, WTF) it’s a health hazard because you can pass all that nasty bacteria and funkiness onto someone else.

Think she’ll appreciate that?

Hell no.

Handle that mess (literally), dude.

Even if you are circumcised, keep your man meat clean like she’s gonna eat off of it.

No need to neglect the part of your body that wants the most attention.

5. Smelly Ass

After hearing this one, I’m starting to believe we have some serious problems here as men.

I’m past the disappointed dad look – I have that “giving up on humanity” look where I give you the thousand-yard stare for a long time without saying a word because my brain can’t process what I just heard.

smelly ass bad man habits unattractive

Who said wet wipes were just for babies?

Put your video game controller down, turn off the TV, get off of Facebook, and march your dingle-berry-having-ass to the store to buy some right now.

Think about how much worse the nightmare will get for both you and her if you’re about to get busy and the whole room starts to smell funky when you take your pants off because you have smelly nuts, a smelly penis, and now a smelly ass.

That’s a Bad Personal Habit Trifecta guaranteeing she’s going to fake her own death to make sure she never has to see (or smell) you again.

Yet another reason for you to wash correctly in the shower.

I’d rather be late to wherever I’m going because I’m scrubbing away in the shower than to go ANYWHERE with a stinky ass.

If you have to go #2 and you are dropping bombs like Hiroshima, take a freakin’ shower afterward.

Not only does it help you avoid Hershey stains on your whitey tighties, but it’s also just plain polite to yourself and others.

You’ll be labeled a hero for being considerate of others.

Think about if you have to scoot out of an aisle in a movie theater and your smelly ass is right in people’s faces?

You’ll start a riot right there in the theater!

I do understand that depending on where you are, you can’t always just conveniently hop in the shower and sometimes you gotta answer that phone when nature is blowing it up.

If you gotta wipe until you feel like you’re bleeding to be sure you’re not being a disgusting person, then do it because that’s the best option you have.

I can’t believe we just had that talk… I need a drink.

Get it together.

No Trifectas, you understand?

You are messing it up for all of us.

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