7 Reasons Hot Women Will Still Date You If You’re An Ugly Guy

reasons she'll date you if you're ugly

how to quit being a loser with women

If you weren’t blessed in the looks department, meaning your face, bone structure, and even your body, this article will give you some hope.

We’ve all seen it – we’re out and we see the most stunning and gorgeous woman with some weird looking dude and we wonder, “What is she doing with HIM?!” or “How did that guy get HER?!”

Of course it’s only natural given that that we usually ONLY see smoking hot women with really good looking guys.

Beautiful women with ugly guys – it makes no sense!

I’m not trying to be mean or an asshole BUT IT’S TRUE.

Good Looking and Attractive ARE NOT The Same Things!

You can be good looking but be dumber than a brick and she won’t feel attraction for you.

OR you can NOT be good looking – but you’re smart, confident, charming, respectful, experienced, and have the right attitude and she’ll lose her mind trying to make you hers.

Looks only get you so far…

BUT understanding attraction and having it together is what will ultimately win her over.

We Tend to Think Beautiful Women With Ugly Guys Are Gold Diggers, He’s Hung Like A Horse, or He’s In the Friend Zone

It’s easy to look at that guy and instantly think he’s loaded and throwing money at her.

And I’ve heard plenty of people say things like, “It’s easy, she’s just using him for his money.”

using him for money

In some instances YES, some gold-digging bimbo is laying one over on that dude and the poor guy has NO IDEA or he simply doesn’t care.

BUT, in other instances, she’s not using him at all.

How could that be? It doesn’t make sense?

Well it doesn’t make sense to someone who doesn’t know any better…

Here are 10 reasons we often see beautiful women insanely attracted to ugly guys…

1. Not All Women Are as Shallow as Men

I’ll be the first to admit, I usually go for looks FIRST before anything else, like most of us do.

But believe it or not, many beautiful women simply aren’t as shallow as us.

men are shallow

Yes, women DO go for looks, but it’s usually not a huge factor.

As I talk about in my eBook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, a beautiful woman can be insanely attracted to you because of how you make her FEEL.

Since we are more logical in the thinking department and women are more emotional minded, a beautiful woman who is dating an ugly guy usually doesn’t care too much about his looks if he makes her FEEL amazing inside.

She’s associating the way he makes her feel with HIM and it causes her to feel a lot of attraction for him.

He’s causing her to feel emotions – which is what women respond to more than anything.

The science behind this is that we use the right side of our brain A LOT more than women tend to.

The right side of our brain is where logic and reasoning take place.

Women, on the other hand, usually have a larger limbic system which makes them more in touch and expressive with their emotions.

SEE IT HERE: Gender & the Brain: Differences between Women & Men

She won’t care so much about your looks if you are able to make her FEEL amazing inside.

If she gets happy or thinks about you every time she hears your name, then you more than likely are doing things that make her FEEL really good inside.

We as men are more likely to associate her name or a mention of her with her looks and how hot she is.

Think about Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek, or Halle Berry… see you just did it!

They’re hot!

Your wiener probably jumped a little as well…

The way they look is the first thing we think about!

I bet you didn’t think, “Oh they’re good actresses, they have wonderful personalities, and they have a good choice in shoes. I enjoy their stuff!”

That’s one of the huge differences between our thinking process and women’s thinking process.

2. An Ugly Guy’s Personality Can Far Outweigh His Looks

At first glance, it’s easy to wonder if the guy is her goofy brother that’s just tagging along.

But it all starts to make better sense when you actually meet the guy and chat with him for a few minutes.

It makes better sense when you’re able to observe him and notice his attitude, demeanor, body language, composure, and his behavior in general.

A lot of the time you’ll realize these guys are insanely cool as hell and their personality completely covers up any flaws in the looks department.

If you’re friendly, cool, composed, in control of your emotions, charming, entertaining, sharp, funny, witty, great at conversation, you have great stories, and you “respond” to women differently than most men, women won’t notice or care about your looks as much.

They’ll only care about how you make them FEEL.

3. If You Have Your Act Together, Looks Don’t Matter As Much

get your act together

A lot of ugly guys have their act together partly because they’re not wasting their time horsing around, chasing women, and obsessing over getting laid.

They’re working hard, focusing on themselves, and not wasting time getting their life together.

This focus, this drive, this passion, and this mindset sets them apart from other men.

This desire to be the best person they can possibly be is insanely attractive to women.

Most never went through a phase where they knew they could date almost any woman they wanted and so they never ended up wasting a bunch of years only focusing on women and not focusing on their goals and doing something great with their lives.

Instead, they focus on educating themselves, learning, growing, building a solid career, and really developing themselves to the point where they have it together.

A man who doesn’t know where he’s going in life or what he’s doing is far less attractive than a man who knows his purpose in life, is working towards it, and doesn’t let anything or anyone get in the way of it. Beautiful women are far more attracted to an ugly guy who has his life together over a really good looking guy who’s messing around and not taking his life or future seriously.

4. Confidence Overshadows Looks

All is forgiven when you’re confident and people like you.

Confidence drowns out your fear, nervousness, shyness, and anything else that may sabotage you with her.

Women want confidence.

Women NEED you to be confident.

She loves it when you’re confident.

You can be hideous and believe it – or you can be hideous and believe you’re insanely good looking.

Which mindset do you think she’ll find more attractive?

Of course, the second one because that’s how powerful self-beliefs are!

No matter what you look like, you’ll be far more attractive to her if you’re really confident.

5. Ugly Guys Tend to Treat Women Better

Imagine a really beautiful woman comes into your life and your chances of landing another woman JUST LIKE HER are one in a hundred thousand… how likely are you screw it up by being a moron and not treating her right?

Probably not very likely.

be a gentleman

A lot of guys who have no problems attracting women usually don’t treat their women with respect and like an equal.

They know they can snap their fingers and have another beautiful woman almost any time they want.

This is fine if you’re one of these guys, but when you meet that one amazing woman that no man can get, the one who is worth your time and will make you a better person, she won’t stick around if you don’t treat her right.

Guys who aren’t as blessed with good looks are more likely to treat her well, appreciate her, and keep her FEELING amazing inside.

6. Many Beautiful Women Have Low Self-Esteem

Many beautiful women are very insecure because their outer appearance is their most valuable asset and there’s not much else to boost their self-esteem.

  • It’s not their mind.
  • It’s not their social skills.
  • It’s not their IQ.
  • It’s not that they’re a wonderful person.

Since they were 13 years old, the only thing anyone EVER complimented them on was their physical appearance.

So because of this, these women are extremely self-conscious about being hot, beautiful, and sexy.

If they’re not feeling beautiful, everything comes crashing down.

self-conscious woman

And truth be told, many women don’t believe they actually are as beautiful as men find them to be.

They look in the mirror and don’t see what men see.

All they see are flaws.

So in a weird way, their beauty is a curse that they can’t get rid of.

They can’t be free to the point where they don’t have to worry about looks because IT’S ALL THEY KNOW.

Once you put yourself in her shoes, or high heels, and really imagine what it’s like to be in her skin, you’ll understand her and other women much better.

So because a lot of these women have low self-esteem and only see flaws and aging in the mirror, they sometimes believe that a really good looking guy won’t want them.

They honestly don’t see why he would be attracted to them.

She seems she has a better chance with a guy who isn’t as good looking and that she isn’t intimidated by.

7. Ugly Guys Can Be More Down to Earth and Less Douchy

stay humble

I’ve learned the hard way in my life that it’s best to be down to earth and not walk around acting like a cocky asshole.

I went through the phase you read about earlier in this article – I was getting tons of women, didn’t treat them right, and simply didn’t care because there was a line of women waiting to meet and date me!

Because of this, I messed things up with some pretty amazing women and it humbled me more than anything else.

Guys who never experience this phase of dating never develop the cocky douche bag mentality and they remain grounded and humble.

They are more down to earth.

They’re more pleasant to be around.

So if you take anything from this article, just remember that no matter who you are, what you are, who you know, what you drive, where you live, how much money you have, or how many women you can get, ALWAYS keep your feet planted on the ground, treat people right, stay down to earth, and remain humble.

This will multiply x 10 the amount of attraction women feel for you.


Beautiful woman are attracted to ugly guys much more often than you think.

Looks aren’t as important to women and it’s more of what you have on the inside that will attract women and not what’s on the outside.

Get your act together, develop a great personality, become interesting, focus on your life and goals instead of only women, treat women with respect, and remain being a guy who’s humble and down to earth.

Thanks for reading,

– Marc Summers

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