cars cash and other fake goals unimpressed by extravagance

Cars, Cash, and Other Fake Goals: Unimpressed By Extravagance

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Dating is one of those aspects of your life that is filled with general truths that aren’t true, and pop culture depictions that end being woefully wrong. We all know what movies and TV have taught us about the way people generally perceive money — as something all-important and crucial to mutual attraction.

But is money that important for dating, and for a relationship? We’d argue that this is not the case in reality. Sure, we’d be silly to disregard money as something that’s completely trivial — after all, we all need money to survive. But it’s also not something that’s crucial in any way for the success of a relationship. Just how much are women impressed by extravagance? We’ll dive into the matter below.

How Much Does Money Matter?

When you set out into the uncharted waters of single life, you’ve got one thing on your mind, and one basic question to pose yourself — just how valuable am I? This question doesn’t concern monetary value, at least not entirely. We’re talking about social capital — all of our traits, skills, and quirks that may result in the opposite sex being attracted to us.
For instance, data shows that a lot of women find that speaking French is sexy; it’s often called the language of love. Knowing French doesn’t mean you can (necessarily) earn more money — but it does mean you’ve got an interesting and attractive skill to display.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now — looks are important and don’t tell anyone to tell you otherwise. Sure, a guy doesn’t have to look like Apollo; but if he wants to land a great-looking girl, he either needs to be on par with her physically – or possess other qualities. Guys with a “silver tongue” and a lot of charm don’t have to look as good, and that’s just a fact.

Your looks and your skills are all a part of the “capital” that sums up your worth as a person, to other people that you’ll be dating. And money does factor into that.

Money As A Factor

If we’re being honest, cash is an undeniable factor in the equation of attractiveness. But the main thing people don’t realize is — it’s far less important than pop culture would have us believe. No, the guy with the most cash doesn’t always get the girl. A lot of money just makes you more noticeable in the beginning; so we could say that it gets you something of a head start.

But once you pull back the curtain of extravagance and opulence, your partners will still want to know what you’ve got underneath the hood. You can’t make a toxic personality better, regardless of how much money you throw at it. Conversely, cheap date with a nice person will be far more impactful.

Everyone likes money, of course — but up to a certain point. Most studies show that women are attracted to financial security. Still, notice our careful wording there — they’re not attracted to money – but to the security that it brings.

When a woman wants a stable, long-term relationship, she’s looking for someone who is capable of providing for themselves. In this sense, money is another character trait, not wealth in and of itself. On the other hand, men aren’t that concerned with a woman’s financial status. They’re more attracted to the charm and good looks.

Having An Expensive Car

cars cash and other fake goals unimpressed by extravagance expensive car

Considering all of the above, is it important to have a good car while you’re dating? We’ve all seen the trope of teenage movies, where the guy with the car can get the best-looking girls in his school. But is it like that in real life?

Well, only up to a certain point. Yeah, the person with the best car in high school might be the most impressive dude; but only to a very specific target audience of girls. Those that are materialistic themselves, and only look at someone’s bank account. That’s not someone you’d want to date in the first place.

If you’re a nice guy, you don’t have to drive a Porsche to impress a girl. Far from it — in fact, having an overly flashy car may turn some girls off, because you’ll seem too superficial. There’s no need to spend a small fortune on a car just to be impressive on dates. Some of the best car deals you can find on huge dealer sites like KBB, Edmund’s, Find The Best Car Price, are on solid, but discrete vehicles — and that’s precisely what you should be looking for.

An expensive sports car has a wow effect — but it doesn’t last long. If you take a girl out to dinner in a luxury car, you’ll impress her for the duration of the ride. But once it’s just you and her and you’re talking to each other — the impression you leave there is what truly counts.

Importance of Fame

It’s a famous stereotype that famous people have an easier time dating. But is that really true? In a certain sense, yes. You certainly meet more people, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time presenting your personality to your date. Plus, let’s not kid ourselves — fame is impressive. But in reality, that’s not the main thing that guarantees your success in dating.

For instance, psychologists have found that women are attracted to famous musicians — but is fame what actually counts here? If you ask us, what’s attractive about famous people is the skill that helped them attain fame in the first place.

For instance, musicians who are renowned for their singing have an amazingly impressive skill, especially for dating. That’s the thing you should focus on; disregard fake goals like fame, and try to be your best self. This sort of attitude and approach will not only bring you more self-confidence but ensure that you achieve the greatest possible success in your love life.

We hope this article was useful to you and that you have gained at least some new knowledge. Make sure you’re staying safe in these times we’re going through and have a good one, guys!

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