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9 Ways to Become Hard to Get and a Challenge

We Make the Mistake of Thinking Easy Is Better Being logical minded, we often make the mistake of thinking that if we are obviously easy to get, that she’ll be more likely to want us. We think that if we’re

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10 Ways To Prove You’re Different From Other Guys

We All Want To Be Different From Other Guys One of the big concerns today among most guys is trying to stand out or look different – especially when it comes to women. We want women to see us and

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5 REAL Ways To TRULY Impress Her (and 4 Ways Not To!)

She’s Not Impressed By What You “Think” Will Impress Her Let’s be real here – we’ve all liked or had a crush on a woman and thought, “There has to be something I can say, do, or reveal that will

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9 Ways To Deal With Crazy and Psycho Women

Crazy and Psycho Women Can Ruin Your Life If you’ve dated any number of women, I’m sure you’ve run across a few crazies and a psychos – women who seemed to have lost their mind or “marbles”, had a “screw

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15 Questions Women Think Are Stupid

She Doesn’t Want You to Ask Her Dumb, Lame, and Boring Questions If you ask 100 women what they look for in a man, 99 will say “fun” or “interesting”. They’re not going to say, “As long as he’s good

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37 Bad Boy Traits Women Love That Nice Guys Don’t Have

Women Crave Bad Boys More Than Nice Guys If you’re not having much luck with always being overly nice so women will like you, you might want to read this entire article and see which traits you can incorporate into

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12 Reasons to Become More Mysterious

Not Being Mysterious Enough Can Be Bad Can you remember meeting a really amazing woman and you immediately felt so comfortable and excited around her that you “opened up” and told her everything about yourself? How did that go? If

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12 Ways to Get Laid Faster and Easier

Most Of Us Have the Wrong Approach to “Getting Laid” ***This article IS NOT about how to get laid Bill Cosby style. I do not talk about manipulation techniques, anything that’s illegal, drugging women, or anything else that only a

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9 REAL Ways to Tell Her You Like Her (and 9 Ways Not to!)

All That Matters Is How Much She Likes YOU, Not How Much You Like Her We make the mistake of thinking the more we like her, the more she SHOULD like us back and not break our heart when we’re

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27 Real Ways to Get Out of The Friend Zone

Being In The Friend Zone Obviously Means You’ve Messed Up BIG TIME Your dreams of being with her and her desire to be with you both die when you PUT YOURSELF in the friend zone. We’ve all been in the

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