things that make women think you're creepy

20 Things that Make Women Think You’re Creepy

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how to quit being a loser with women

Women Have Sensitive “Creepy Guy Radars”

creepy guy radar

The older women get and the more experience they get with men, the more sensitivetheir Creepy Guy Radar becomes. A creepy guy slips past her radar, freaks her out, and she automatically updates and “programs” her Creepy Guy Radar with the way he looked, acted, sounded, etc. and the whole experience and rolls out the creepy guy radar “version 2.0” update to her friends. The next time a guy comes around that, even remotely, resembles the former creepy guy, her Creepy Guy Radar is triggered – sirens are whaling, lights are flashing, and she hears, “Warning! Creepy guy detected! Abort!” If you even cause a blip on her Creepy Guy Radar, the iron gates come down, she’s on high-alert, and it’s a no go.

Creepy, Weird, And Sketchy Isn’t The Impression 99% Of Us Are Looking To Make

Being creepy, weird, awkward, and sketchy stems from a lack of social experience, a lack of experience with women, and even, growing up with weird and awkward parents and siblings.

Sometimes being creepy, weird, and awkward is just normal for you and you don’t know any better.

Creepy, Weird, And Sketchy Gives Her The Serial Killer Vibe

creepy guy serial killer vibe

Just because you don’t know better doesn’t mean it’s OK with women. Yes, there’s a slim possibility that she could be just as creepy, weird, awkward, and sketchy and the two of you can be the creepy and weird couple doing awkward things together, but with most women, it’s a major turn off and scares them away.

It doesn’t make women mean – it simply means your thinking, behavior, and habits go against their natural and instinctive desire to feel safe and comfortable. It’s not normal for women to be attracted to creepy, weird, awkward, and sketchy men. It goes against their biology.

So, to help you identify how you’re being creepy, why it scares women, and how you can adjust your thinking, behavior, and habits so you’re not the “creepy guy”, here are 20 things that make women think you’re creepy and weird.


1. Stalking Her On Facebook and Social Media

creepy guy facebook stalking

Following everything she does, hitting the thumbs up button, and commenting on all of her posts makes her think you’re sketchy, creepy, and weird.

It’s being a great Facebook friend, it’s stalking. It’s like having a person follow you around EVERYWHERE you go and comment on every single thing you do. You feel like you have no privacy.

Instead of dating her, you will get blocked.

2. Staring At, Checking Out, And Hitting On Women Young Enough To Be Your Daughter Or Granddaughter

creepy old man young women

If you’re an older man, it’s weird and creepy to stare at young women and act as if you’ve never seen an attractive woman before. It’s very noticeable what you’re doing and weirds everyone out.

If you’re polite, funny, charming, and confident, and you don’t give off the “creepy old man” vibe, women will say things like, “He’s attractive for an older man and I like him.”

Your age doesn’t make you creepy – it’s how you handle yourself and your awareness of what’s “normal” and not normal.

3. Too Much Staring

Even if in your mind you’re like, “Daaamn! She’s hot!”, keep it together, only take a quick glance, and don’t stare like a creepy guy.

It’s not cool to start day dreaming and lose track of where you are and what you’re doing. It’s weird, creepy, and other people can see you.

If you’re going to stare, be smart about it. When you’re talking to her, hold eye contact with her for just a millisecond longer than what’s considered “normal” so she knows you’re interested. Be staring at her boobs, butt, and legs. It’s OK to take a quick glance, but have some self-control.

4. Too Much Eye Contact

creepy guy too much eye contact

When staring into her eyes, don’t do it so long that she thinks you want to wear her skin. Too much eye contact freaks her out.

If she breaks the eye contact, don’t just keep staring her down like you’re a wolf about to kill its prey. Be cool about it.

5. Not Enough Eye Contact

On the contrary, if you can’t make eye contact at all, she’s going to think it’s weird.

If you’re a little kid, she thinks it’s “cute”. But, as a grown man, she’s more likely to think you escaped the insane asylum or you have some cognitive disabilities. The right amount of eye contact communicates you’re, at least somewhat, socially, mentally, and emotionally balanced.


6. Too Much Smiling

creepy guy weird smile

Some “dating advice” books and videos teach that smiling as much as possible is a “good” thing. No. No it’s not.

Smiling too much is weird. Especially fake smiling. Fake smiling is even creepier.

They’ve done studies, and you’ll learn about this in the eBook and Audiobook 99 Bad Boy Traits that Instantly Attract Women, about which facial expressions women find most attractive. The guy constantly smiling was voted as less attractive than the guy who wasn’t always smiling. The guy who wasn’t always smiling appeared more realistic.

This article says, “Happiness was rated as the most attractive expression in women while male happiness was rated the least attractive expression.”

Another article talks about facial expressions that drive women wild.

She isn’t going to think you’re a jerk if you’re not always smiling – even though you’re better off, from experience, being thought of as more of a jerk than a nice guy.

7. Too Many Compliments

It’s not necessary to constantly compliment women on the obvious. It’s OK to tell her she looks “nice” and you “enjoy spending time with her”, but don’t overdo it. Avoid the “Wow. You are so beautiful. Oh my God! You have the most beautiful eyes ever!” compliments. Most women never buy into it and it’s a waste of your time.

If she’s mentally and emotionally balanced and has a good level of self-esteem, she doesn’t “need” compliments to feel good about herself. She has a mirror and knows what she looks like, she knows what her dress looks like, and she knows what she smells like.

It’s creepy when you compliment her 30 times every single hour. It’s not getting you anywhere.

8. Too Much Laughing and Giggling

creepy guy too much laughing

A guy I used to know giggled atthe stupidest things.

Me: “Have you seen my pencil?” Him: “Hahaha no. Hope you find it! Hahahaha. I bet someone took it. Hahaha.” Me: “WTF is so funny about losing my pencil?”

Surprisingly, he had trouble getting dates and keeping women around.

Control your creepy giggling – even if it’s just because you get nervous in social situations.

9. Laughing at Things that Aren’t Funny

The same guy also laughed at, clearly, inappropriate things.

Someone: “Did you see that wreck? The car flipped and it looks like the person was killed.” Him: “Daaaamn! That sucks! Hahaha. I hope the dude’s OK but it must’ve been wild being in the car while it was flipping! Hahahaha.”

Women are a lot more sensitive than men and laughing at inappropriate things makes her ask, “WTF is wrong with you, man?”

It’s OK to be a guy and laugh at stupid things, but know when it’s appropriate and inappropriate.


10. Too Much Touching

Yes, I teach in my eBooks and Audiobooks to make physical contact with her as soon as possible to increase comfort and attraction, but it’s important not to overdo it. It’s important to observe her reactions and behavior to see if she actually minds you touching her. If it’s clear she DOES mind, stop touching her.

Women make it VERY clear when they’re not comfortable being touched.

Pay attention to it or she’ll find the touching creepy and uncomfortable.

11. Too Much in Her Personal Space

creepy weird invading personal space

It’s OK to get in her personal space once in a while but only “once in a while”. When you’re too much in her personal space and not giving her room, it’s weird and creepy.

Even incredibly attractive women (who smell fantastic) that are too much in your personal space will make you politely ask them to “get out of your bubble” for a second and give you some space. It’s weird for anyone.

Imagine all women having an invisible 2 – 3 foot boundary around them – don’t constantly be in that area. If you go into it without her pulling you into it or asking you, make it brief. Then, don’t go back into it for a while. Keep it balanced, give her space, and let her come into your “bubble” before you go back into hers.

If she wants you in her “bubble”, she’ll make it obvious.

12. Overly Concerned About What She Thinks and Feels

Asking women, “What are thinking about?” weirds them out and makes them think about throat-chopping you. Being overly concerned about what she’s thinking and feeling is easily mistaken as weird, creepy, and awkward. It’s invading her personal space, but in a different way.

Constantly asking her, “Is this OK? Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything? You sure?” and treating her like she’s helpless irritates her.

Worry about yourself and if she needs something, she’ll say so.

13. Too Jealous And Protective

creepy guy being too jealous

Getting jealous, angry, and acting like a “tough guy” because another guy looks in her direction is weird, sketchy, and creepy. It makes things awkward. She barely knows you and you’re acting like her dad and boyfriend!

She’s a grown woman, not a child. She doesn’t need you to “protect” her from other guys checking her out.

14. Too Concerned with Reaction Seeking

It’s creepy when you keep trying to think of “funny” things to say because you’re seeking a reaction.

Your mindset should be as long as you’re having a good time, she will too. It’s not your job to keep her entertained. If she’s having a great time, great. If not, that’s her problem and you’re not there to cater to her. She can leave whenever she wants.

Stop thinking you have to entertain her and seek reactions. Just have a good time, enjoy yourself, and relax.

If you’re not acting creepy, weird, awkward, or sketchy, then it’s her job to contribute to the fun and positive experience as well.

15. Too Serious And Emotionless

way too serious on dates creepy weird

You’ll learn in the eBook and Audiobook 99 Bad Boy Traits that Instantly attract Women that it’s OK to be serious. That you don’t have to be the funny guy all of the time. BUT, while being serious, it’s crucial to stay calm and relaxed and know how to enjoy yourself. Know when to turn off the “serious tough guy” act. Too serious communicates you’re insecure, afraid of what others think, and you have something to prove. Women don’t enjoy being around that guy. Also, it’s seen as creepy and weird by women who don’t understand why it’s so important to you to look like a tough guy.

Laugh when something’s funny, smile when something amuses you, etc. You don’t have to prove you’re a “real man”, “tough guy”, or “mature” by being too serious and emotionless.

16. Too Much Emotion

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the guy who’s too in touch with his emotions and not serious enough is also weird and creepy.

Tone it down. Too sensitive makes her think you’re a wimp. Too excited about everything makes her think you’re not realistic. The unrealistically-emotional guy is seen as putting on an act, being fake, or “too emotional” in general.

Women don’t want “too emotional” or “too excited”. It comes off as creepy and weird.


17. Too Perverted and Obsessed With Sex

creepy sex addict

Know when to pull back and draw the line with perverted jokes and derogatory remarks. There’s a VERY fine line between women thinking it’s funny and thinking it’s creepy, weird, and perverted.

Guys who are having some luck with women, but can improve, often take being perverted way too far. Guys who aren’t doing as well with women think being perverted is “bad” and not the “gentlemanly” thing to do.

It’s OK to be a “perverted gentleman” and like sex, be comfortable with it, and joke around about it. It’s not OK to be obsessed with all of it.

If you joke around about sex and she doesn’t laugh or join in on the fun, pump the breaks. You dipped your toe in the water, it’s ice cold, and you probably shouldn’t take a dip in that pool. It’s NOT OK to move forward with that agenda.

If you throw it out and she doesn’t catch it, then stop.

18. Lying About Dumb Things

Women say things like, “That’s so creepy. Why would he lie about that?”

It’s weird, childish, and irresponsible to lie about small things and it’s guaranteed you can’t be trusted to be honest about anything else.

Don’t be known as the weird guy who lies for stupid reasons. No one likes that guy or wants to hang out with him.

It makes you weird and creepy because no one understands your need to lie.

19. Poor Hygiene, Dirty Clothes, and Smelling Bad

creepy guy bad hygiene body odor

Poor hygiene is the worst mistake you can make with women. If you don’t care about your breath or your health and you’re fine with smelling like cat poop, that’s great. BUT women do care and they find it weird and creepy.

Make an effort.

20. Lack of Attention to Personal Appearance

It’s not a stretch to say that if you smell bad, you probably don’t look great either. People usually smell how they look and vice versa.

Would you take a big whiff of a guy who’s been living on the street for two months? Probably not because he LOOKS like he smells bad. The same goes with you. Pay attention to what you look like. Creepy dudes usually look and smell “sketchy” and it freaks women out.

If you have sketchy-looking hair growing from your nose, ears, or face, take care of it. If your nails are gross and dirty, trim and clean them. Take better care of your skin. Develop better eating habits.

It all contributes to your appearance.


Conclusion: Work on Eliminating Your Creepiness

Too many men just aren’t aware when they’re being creepy and weird. If you even THINK you’re being creepy, weird, awkward, or sketchy, stop what you’re doing and get yourself together.

Pay attention to your thinking, behavior, and habits. Watch your reactions. Improve your personal appearance. Improve your hygiene and the way you smell. Creepy guys are getting it wrong in these areas.

Find where you need to improve and get to work.

Thanks for reading,

– Marc Summers

how to quit being a loser with women

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Bro! I have two of your audio books Declare War on Yourself and How to Quit Being a Loser With Women. Both have significantly changed my life. Your advice in How to Quit Being a Loser with Women was 100% spot on. Last year my ex wife decided she wanted a divorce and I spent a long time being depressed and feeling like a piece of shit. After about 6 months I finally decided enough was enough and I needed to change my life. Your audio book Declare War on Yourself came across my Facebook feed and I was hooked just from the title. It worked magic in my life. I must have listened to it 5 or 6 times. Which eventually led me to want to learn more from you. My dating life had been damn near non existent. I would continually get first dates but NEVER a second date. I am a pretty good looking guy, in great shape (I seriously work out almost everyday) I took your advice on hygiene, grooming and dressing but could not understand why I couldn't get a second date. Then I figured if you could help me fix myself than surely you could help me fix my dating life. So I gave it a try and downloaded How to Quit Being a Loser to Women. So after listening two or three times I felt I was ready. I have had a crush on the woman that cuts my hair for the past several months. I'm 36 and she's 27. She's a total smoke show and way out of my league. With the advice you gave in that book it help give me the confidence I needed. At first I gave her my phone number but she didn't call. Two weeks went by and I needed to get my haircut again and I just figured "fuck it, I'm gonna ask for her phone number, the worst case scenario I have to find a new hair stylist". So I asked her and she gave me her number. I took your advice and waited about 3 days. I contacted her and came up with a date idea that would be fun and different from everything she'd done before. We went to one of those places where you drink wine and paint a picture. I couldn't believe it, she said yes. Then for the next few days I kept it cool, didn't text too much, didn't talk about myself too much, just pretty much everything you would suggest. Then we go out and we have an awesome time. She asks me "what made you pick a wine and paint night?" and I said "I just wanted to do something different from all of the other guys that ask you out." she was impressed. Anyways, I finally get my second date with a woman who is extremely hotter than all of the other women who turned me down for a second date. So we went on our second date last night. She takes me to "her spot" which is this parking lot by the airport where planes fly over head taking off and landing. We share a bottle of wine and dance and we start talking about what we like about each other. She went onto say "I thought about it later and I was like, this dude has some balls to ask for my number after giving me his...and confidence and the way you carry yourself with authority is very attractive." She said a man could be completely ugly but if he has confidence and authority he is way hotter than any good looking guy. But then her next statement absolutely blew me away and it is the reason I am writing to you. She said "yeah, then I gave you my number and you waited like 3 days to text....what the hell were you doing for 3 days? like honestly it added some mystery to you. I couldn't understand why you waited that long." and I told her "Well I mean I was busy I had a bunch of stuff going on that weekend and I got a little distracted and I mean I didn't want to come off as desperate or needy haha". Then she says "There are guys I've given my number to that will text me as soon as they walk out of the door and that's a total turn off. If you would have done that I probably wouldn't have gone out with you".

Rainer O.

It really help me to recover, to be true patient is the key issue.


Required reading for all 18-year-olds and those that need a refresher course on relationships.


Hey Marc, I want to thank you! You give a ton of great information, and techniques. My girlfriend has some stuff going on in her life that has forced us to put our relationship on hold. It would’ve been very easy for me to freak out and be a pussy about it, and call and text and piss and moan…but instead, I said…ok. I get it now! Thanks!


I love this book it has a lot of gems to help you become the man you need to be. Most men are feminized today by our society and we need to get back to our alpha state. We must protect our confidence and our Balls. Be true to yourself and everything else is secondary.


Good info. This book is pretty easy to listen to. Each of the 99 points he makes are short and clear. A lot of the info used to make this book is based on truths and inner attitudes from some of the top pick up artists around. I’ve read and listened to a lot of different pick up/ alpha male books. This one makes packs a lot of info into some short easy to reference points. I have recommended this book to a few friends.


I was skeptical at first, but to my surprise, this turned out to be GREAT. Marc explains in a great and precise way what is needed to become better with women you like and want to date. The thing is that becoming better at dating and women isn’t something you do for them, but for yourself. It’s a way of looking at the world and behaving in a way that will make YOU the happiest (and I can speak from experience). Women are very attracted to that and it’s an added bonus. Everything Marc teaches is clear, precise, and to the point. Highly recommended to any man, especially young men, for acquiring the right mindset. For the price, it’s a steal.


Out of all the dating coaches and PUA guys I follow, your insight and way of teaching resonates with me the most. I have a lot of “wow that makes sense” moments and I feel myself developing this unbeatable mindset and confidence with women. You’re helping connect the dots and on behalf of all the men, thank you for all you’ve done Marc. You’re an inspiration brotha, keep it up!


I’m not going to lie. SO much better than I expected. There are dozens of men teaching this stuff and I almost didn’t sign up for this. But I’m glad I took a shot at it. There’s a lot of intelligence behind what you say and teach. I think this is for guys in all sorts of different situations where they want to better themselves and how people respond to them. I highly, highly recommend it.


Life Changing. The principles here go beyond porn and masturbation. Principles such as get more sleep, the reptilian brain, journaling, etc. Such an amazing list. I highly recommend this to anyone.


I just finished read your 2 books (how to quit being a loser & 99 bad boy traits) I just wanna thank you so much, my life has changed from the day I started read your free articles on your website, and it really changed me so much more after I purchased the eBooks. I can really felt and sense how women respect me more and felt their attractions towards me after I changed my mindsets and actions. Your taught its universal regardless of our culture and tradition. Thank you so much.


I learned so much about the nice guy and bad boy traits and how I have always thought being the night in shining armor would get me the results. I am 30 now and I have been trying to do the same boring lame approaches, date settings, and other non-sense expecting the same results. No wonder I sucked with women, no one ever taught me and I just thought it was something that I would just pick up naturally. WRONG!!!!

After reading Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys, I seen a girl sitting on a bench outside of where I work. I approached her and asked her name, told her mine and said, “I am going to be forward with you to not waste time, let have lunch tomorrow.” She gave me a shocked look and I just pulled out my phone and said, what is your number. She literally gave it to me, we went to lunch the next day, and I was just calm, collected, and asking her questions and getting her talking. Since then she has been blowing up my phone with text messages and I rarely reply to her it is crazy.

I know what I was doing in the past has not been working so I am working on myself, my goals, dreams and ambitions, and then woman. That is like the last priority in my life. I am also watching the desperation of nice guys around me and just scratching my head as to why and how I use to be like that. I will definitely share you site with them if they are willing to be helped, but sometimes it is hard to unplug someone from the matrix.

Words can not express how thankful I am that I have found this material, I see so many dating advice sites and books, but a lot of them were just not for me. Yours really spoke out to me.

Small steps to one big goal. Thanks Marc.

Tony C.

After years of thinking I knew about women, you show up and make me feel like a rookie. I did what you said and took the time to get myself, my mind, and my life together and I focused on doing things right, living my life right, and it paid off.. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have met my wife. We’re going on 3 years and it’s because of what you taught me.


This book is awesome. It really helped me being out and capitalize on the “Bad Boy” Traits I already had. I highly recommend this book.


I’ve read a lot of pickup stuff online and you’re one of the only coaches who gives real applicable advice. Thanks for the help


Marc is not only brilliant but very knowledgeable. He utilizes his real life experiences to advise other what to do and what not to do. At the end of the day, whenever I find my relationship going South, I revert back to 72 ways. Everytime. Why? Because it's the most effective and makes the most sense. And I've sought advice from the entire Internet! I've even talked to Marc on the phone and he's the same guy as he is on this audiobook. 100 % Real! Trust me when I say this will be money well spent! Thanks Marc!


Thanks for making and sharing such great videos!


I like what you teach because it is direct and it works. I feel like your advice was created just for me.

Michael S.

Mr. Summers. First and foremost I would like to say that your books, especially your the 99 Bad Boy Traits one, have impacted my life tremendously and have helped me throughout myself in my young adulthood. Your eBooks and the information you provide through the research example, quotes, and personal experiences have made my route a little smoother.