30 Things That Make You Creepy

things that make you a creepy guy

how to quit being a loser with women

Women Have Extremely Sensitive “Creepy Guy Radars”

creepy guy radar

The older women get and the more experience they get with men and dating, the more “programmed”, sensitive, and intelligent their Creepy Guy Radar becomes.

A creeper slips past her radar, freaks her out, and she automatically updates and “programs” her Creepy Guy Radar with the way he looked, acted, sounded, smelled, and the whole experience and rolls out the “version 2.0” update to her friends.

The next time a guy comes around that, even remotely, resembles the former creeper, her Creepy Guy Radar is triggered and goes apeshit – sirens are whaling, lights are flashing, and she hears, “Warning! Creepy guy detected! Abort!”

If you even cause a blip on her Creepy Guy Radar, the iron gates come down, she’s on high-alert, and it’s a no go.

Her Creepy Guy Detection System can’t be beaten because we’re giving her new “Creepyware” updates every single day.

Creepy, Weird, And Sketchy Isn’t The Impression 99% Of Us Are Looking To Make On Women

None of us get ready to meet women or go on a date and think, “Tonight, I’m going to be the creepy, weird, awkward, and sketchy guy!”

Being creepy, weird, awkward, and sketchy stems from a lack of social experience, a lack of experience with women, and even growing up with weird and awkward parents and siblings.

Sometimes being creepy, weird, and awkward is just the norm for you if you don’t know and haven’t learned any better.

Creepy, Weird, And Sketchy Gives Her The Serial Killer Vibe

creepy and sketchy guy

But just because you don’t know or haven’t learned any better doesn’t mean it’s going to sit well with the women you meet.

Yes, there’s a slim possibility that she could be just as creepy, weird, awkward, and sketchy and the two of you can be the creepy and weird couple doing awkward things together, but with most women, it’s a major turn off and it causes them to freak out and run away.

It doesn’t make women assholes or mean – it simply means your thinking, behavior, and habits go against their natural and instinctive desire to feel safe and comfortable around others.

So when women say you have a serial killer vibe thing going on with you, it’s not a compliment.

It’s not normal for women to be attracted to creepy, weird, awkward, and sketchy men.

It goes against their biology.

So, to help you identify how you’re being creepy, why it scares women, and how you can adjust your thinking, behavior, and habits so you’re not the “creepy guy”, here’s a list of 30 things that make women call you “creepy” and “weird”.

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