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  • Save time by targeting your unique situation and problems
  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know faster and easier
  • Improve yourself, your situation, your life, and solve your women and dating problems faster and easier without sacrificing years of your life on books, videos, expensive seminars, and classes
  • Feel safe, understood, and supported by someone who’s been in your shoes, experienced your situation, and understands what you’re going through and dealing with
  • Get real and detailed answers to all of your questions

The Master's Kit

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  • How to Quit Being a Loser with women
  • How Attracting Women Really Works
  • 99 Bad Boy Traits
  • Bad Boy vs. Nice Guy
  • Bad Boy Body Language
  • Bad Boy Style
  • Bad Boy Attitude
  • 72 Ways to Get Her Back
  • Texting Titan!
  • Declare War on Yourself
  • 8 Simple Mistakes You’re Making with Women
  • 44 Things to Say and Do to Make Her Laugh and Feel Attraction
  • 30 min free dating and relationship coaching

How to Quit Being a Loser with Women

25% Off ALL eBooks and Audiobooks

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Attract women faster and easier and keep them around longer
  • Become less anxious, nervous, and afraid around women
  • Exactly what to say around women and in which situation
  • Learn women’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior
  • Get numbers, dates, and girlfriends faster and easier
  • Become the man women actually want – not the one they avoid

How Attracting Women Really Works

2nd Edition – How Attracting Women Really Works eBook & Audiobook

  • Why attracting women can be so frustrating and confusing
  • 10 attraction destroying mindsets to always avoid
  • 10 powerful mindsets that attract all women like a magnet
  • Personal magnetism, women’s brain structure, and how it directly affects their thoughts, feelings, and responses to you
  • How men and women think differently and why it’s important
  • The important 10%-15% difference between you and women
  • How attraction power works and how to get it and keep it

99 Bad Boy Traits

99 Bad Boy Traits eBook & Audiobook + Workbook + Bonuses

  • Attract women faster and easier without being fake and weird
  • Eliminate the fear and anxiety that stops nice guys from success
  • Eliminate useless, weak, and ineffective nice guy behavior
  • Develop the “edge” that gives you unfair advantage with woman
  • The thought patterns and behavior traits YOU NEED to succeed
  • Become more masculine, dominant, assertive, and attractive
  • Handle problems with women and in your life faster and easier

Bad Boy Vs. Nice Guy

Bad Boy VS Nice Guy eBook & Audiobook + Workbook

  • The differences between bad boys and nice guys
  • The things bad boys DON’T DO around women and why
  • Which things bad boys do MORE than nice guys and why
  • Which things nice guys do TOO MUCH around women
  • The EXACT thoughts and behaviors that cause nice guys to fail
  • The EXACT thoughts and behaviors that help bad boys succeed
  • Side by side comparisons and detailed explanations

72 Ways to Get Her Back

72 Ways to Get Her Back eBook & Audiobook + Workbook

  • Become the man she’s sure she wants to be with and stay with
  • Rebuild and re-spark the powerful attraction you once had
  • Which thoughts and behaviors work to help her change her mind
  • How much space to give her while she thinks about the situation
  • What to do and what to avoid while giving her time and space
  • What to do when you see or talk to her after being apart
  • How to keep her once she’s back

Declare War on Yourself

Declare War on Yourself eBook & Audiobook + Workbook + Bonus

  • Make your life easier and less stressful than it’s ever been
  • Eliminate the constant problems and headaches in your life
  • Destroy the laziness and complacency holding you back
  • Eliminate the “trash” thinking and habits holding you back
  • Become more focused, productive, and happier than ever before
  • Better control your time, mind, actions, decisions, and results
  • Accomplish goals faster and easier and create more success
  • Easily become the type of man ALL women actually want

Texting Titan!

Texting Titan! eBook & Audiobook

  • From 100% legit experience with hundreds of women
  • Expert texting psychology and strategies that lead to success
  • Avoid killing attraction and looking stupid when texting women
  • Avoid clueless mistakes that make women think you don’t “get it”
  • What to text, when to text it, and why it’s important
  • How to long to wait before texting or replying and why
  • Become funnier and more exciting instead of being boring
  • What you should NEVER do when texting women
  • Build deeper and longer lasting attraction than ever before

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