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dating and relationship coaching for men

What Qualifies Me to Help?

  • I’m a normal guy like you – not super handsome, tall, rich, or famous
  • I don’t label myself a “dating coach”, “guru”, “expert”, “master”, or anything else
  • I’ve spent many years learning, observing, practicing, and testing out theories and techniques on attracting women
  • I’ve overcome many mental and emotional issues, problems, and roadblocks with women and I can help you do it too
  • I’ve gained knowledge, wisdom, and experience from years of trial and error
  • I’ve learned from men who can get any woman they want

Coaching Helps You Get Better, Faster

  • I help you dig deep into your mind, find the problems causing you to fail, and we go to work fixing them
  • We look at your situation, I help you figure out what it means, and I give you the best plan of action for it
  • I help you eliminate the “junk” mindsets causing you to fail with women and “reprogram” yourself with mindsets that actually work
  • “Junk” mindsets come from bad dating, social, and emotional advice from parents, family, friends, co-workers, TV, Radio, Dating Shows, Magazines, etc.

Target Your Unique Situation

  • It’s impossible to target your specific personal problems through my products and articles alone
  • Everyone’s situation is different and it takes a personalized approach
  • Advice to common dating problems doesn’t target your unique situation
  • A personalized approach helps you solve your dating problems faster
  • Target your exact issues and get all your questions answered

Your Brain Soaks Up Your Environment

  • Your brain naturally soaks up, adapts to, and imitates your environment whether you want it to or not
  • Your environment impacts your success and directly affects thoughts, behavior, and results
  • You learn the most from guys who are naturals and masters with women
  • Spending too much time with people who aren’t winning with women holds you back
  • Talking to someone who is where you want to be makes it more likely you’ll get there too

I Know What You're Going Through

  • I was exactly where you’re at, feeling what you’re feeling, and enduring the same pain
  • I lacked confidence and didn’t believe in myself
  • Women didn’t call back and I couldn’t get a second date
  • When lucky enough to get a girlfriend, I’d either get cheated, dumped, or both
  • I WISHED I had someone to help me with the same challenges you’re facing right now
  • Let’s destroy what’s causing you to fail and help you move forward

How Much Time Do You Need?


Use at your own pace
$67 - $679
  • 30 Minutes - $67
  • 1 Hour - $97
  • 2 Hours - $147
  • 5 Hours - $349
  • 10 Hours - $679
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★★★★★ Reviews


Just wanted to say your advice helped big time. 2 other coaches I’ve had made me feel so pressured because I felt like I had to do all this extra stuff. But talking to you settled me down and I was able to hang out with this girl for nearly 3 hours. No expectations no kissing, just a lot of laughing. And she texted me right after saying how cool she thought I was. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your advice because unlike other advice I’ve gotten, this made me feel like I could genuinely enjoy her company, which I did. And now she’s definitely more relaxed about hanging out with me again.

D. T.

A wise man surrounds himself with coaches and mentors to make himself better and I’ve done that for a long time now. But out of all the coaches I’ve ever worked with, you bring so much more to the table and you’re talking about things that even the famous “experts” I’ve listened to never talk about or get close to touching on. I write so much down that it’s like drinking out of a fire hydrant because you provide so much valuable information in such a short amount of time. Your charisma is contagious and my mind explodes with thoughts, ideas, and possibilities when I do these sessions. Thanks for that. Definitely sticking with the program for a while because even after our first session and reading your books I was immediately getting better responses from women.


I did what you told me to stay cool and replying her message without neediness, after 3 days breaking up, she wants to be my girlfriend again, and we finally get together again. Thanks for that Marc.


I just have to say that you really know your stuff. I’ve read psychology books for years and when it comes to applying it to women and dating, you just have a gift of simplifying everything you’re talking about so it’s easy to understand. What you teach goes so much deeper than what other dating coaches teach and I’m able to understand it and learn it so much better. I listen to your YouTube videos every day and I always learn something new. Honestly, every man needs to learn what you teach. Life would be so much easier for them.


I want to say thank you! Thank so much for everything you’ve taught me. It’s been so inspiring and has been a big step in changing my life to becoming the kind of man I want to be. I’m in big debt to you. You are my hero. I am sharing what you do with everyone possible.


I like what you teach because it is direct and it works. I feel like your advice was created just for me.


I have learned so much so quickly and it didn’t take long for you to teach me that I’ve been doing the wrong things my whole life!


With your help, I notice I’ve made some big errors with the line of thinking “be really nice and it will all work out” like I’m trying to convince them that I am good enough. When I listen to you teach, it’s like hearing my own personal struggle. I see it now as a learning experience and I will keep pushing forward. Thanks again man.


Your stuff is the best I have heard so far! It gives me hope because I know I CAN become better with women. I am attractive, physically fit, but was having all the bad luck with women because I was just thinking and doing things wrong. It all makes better sense now. Thanks!


If there was ever something men needed to learn to improve each and every day, this is it. A must have for men growing and becoming stronger mentally.


I’m not going to lie. SO much better than I expected. There are dozens of men teaching this stuff and I almost didn’t sign up for this. But I’m glad I took a shot at it. There’s a lot of intelligence behind what you say and teach. I think this is for guys in all sorts of different situations where they want to better themselves and how people respond to them. I highly, highly recommend it.


You are full of good information. Coming from a nice guy, you have helped me clarify the differences and mistakes I have been making but wasn’t fully aware of. This information is applicable to life, personal, business, friendships, relationships, etc. Take out of it what works for you.

Anonymous Student

You have given me and extremely better understanding of women and my behavior. Lots of useful information. I highly recommend this even if you know everything.


I was skeptical at first, but to my surprise, this turned out to be GREAT. Marc explains in a great and precise way what is needed to become better with women you like and want to date. The thing is that becoming better at dating and women isn’t something you do for them, but for yourself. It’s a way of looking at the world and behaving in a way that will make YOU the happiest (and I can speak from experience). Women are very attracted to that and it’s an added bonus. Everything Marc teaches is clear, precise, and to the point. Highly recommended to any man, especially young men, for acquiring the right mindset. For the price, it’s a steal.


Marc, you need to be charging 5 times as much because what you teach is pure gold. I got so much more than I expected to and I will definitely be a customer for a very long time. You explain things so simple and the things I’ve been trying to understand for the last 10 years suddenly made perfect sense. I have studied ALL the dating experts and followed them over the last 10 years and you are by far the best I’ve come across. I also love that you don’t teach this BS pickup artist stuff that doesn’t work. All the BS goes out the window and you are straight to the point.


Best money I’ve ever spent. I have a hard time learning from books and listening to audiobooks. But talking to you one on one has made it so much easier to understand and learn because I don’t get stuck wondering what something means. After 7 calls, I feel like a different man and my thinking is on another level. Don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t met you.

Tony C.

After years of thinking I knew about women, you show up and make me feel like a rookie. I did what you said and took the time to get myself, my mind, and my life together and I focused on doing things right, living my life right, and it paid off.. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have met my wife. We’re going on 3 years and it’s because of what you taught me.

How Much Time Do You Need?


Use at your own pace
$67 - $679
  • 30 Minutes - $67
  • 1 Hour - $97
  • 2 Hours - $147
  • 5 Hours - $349
  • 10 Hours - $679
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"To change your life and the way you think, find those who know what you want to learn and extract every ounce of knowledge that you can from them." - Marc Summers