8 Ways To Deal with Crazy and Psycho Women

8 Ways To Deal with Crazy and Psycho Women

how to quit being a loser with women

Crazy and Psycho Women Can Ruin Your Life

If you’ve dated any number of women, you’ve probably met a few crazy and a psycho ones – women who seemed to have lost their mind or “marbles”, had a “screw loose”, been a little “off” or mentally “unstable”, were a little “loopy”, or were just straight up crazy. Women like this can be incredibly difficult to deal with and make life a living hell.

It Happens to the Best of Us

perfect psycho woman

If you haven’t dealt with any crazy and psycho women in your life, you probably YOU WON’T SEE IT COMING and you won’t know how to handle it.

A lot of crazy women seem perfectly normal when you first meet them.

Psycho women are elusive and know how to put on an act to slide under the radar. In fact, many crazy women of seem too good to be true. That’s the scary part. But that little voice always pops up in the back of your mind that says, “I don’t know. Be careful. She seems way too perfect. Something might be a little off here…” So when that amazing woman turns out to be a psychopath, there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it or feel like an idiot.

What Classifies Women As Crazy and Psycho?

crazy woman

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few “psycho” and “crazy” women just snap and punch me, pull a knife on me, almost get me shot, threaten to kill themselves, throw very hard and sharp objects at my head, tell me they were pregnant when they weren’t, contact my friends to slander me, and one woman, a 2nd Degree Black Belt, threw a round house kick AT MY HEAD.

It’s a numbers game – date enough women and your chances of meeting crazy and psycho women go up.

She might be crazy or psycho if she:

  • Is incredibly NEEDY, CLINGY, JEALOUS, and INSECURE
  • STALKS you and keeps SHOWING UP at your house, work, etc.
  • Is DELUSIONAL and makes up stories, constantly lies, or will say ANYTHING things to get her way
  • Tries to physically harm or assault you
  • Damages your property when she’s upset
  • Insinuates you BELONG to her, she owns you, and you’re her property
  • STEALS from you
  • These are a few to get you started. Here are some more.

    Do Psycho Women Know They’re Crazy?

    psycho girl

    Psycho and crazy women are usually blinded by their behavior. They think they’re perfectly normal and EVERYONE ELSE has something wrong with them!

    Telling a crazy or psycho woman she’s crazy like telling a fish it’s wet.

    Crazy women live on a different planet and their mind is in a totally different place.

    So, how do you handle the crazy and psycho behavior when it pops up? What do you do?

    1. Try Not to Tell Her She’s Crazy

    screaming woman

    One way to make a psycho woman go “psycho 2.0” is to tell her she’s crazy. She will lose her freakin’ mind, even more, and it’ll open up an even bigger can of worms. If she’s a little tornado, she’ll turn into a full-on hurricane!

    I made this mistake. It wasn’t pretty and didn’t end well.

    2. Be Cool, Stay Calm, and Don’t Freak Out

    stay calm around crazy women

    A good way to make a tense situation worse is to be the second person in the room flipping out.

    The crazier she gets, the calmer you get. Usually, if she sees her craziness isn’t getting results, she’ll stop.

    A lot of women go crazy because it’s a mechanism they’ve used to get their way with men for many years. They’re used to it working ALL OF THE TIME! That is, until she meets YOU. When she sees acting crazy doesn’t work to get her way with you, she’s likely to knock it off.

    3. Don’t Give In

    When she’s going psycho, a lot of guys “give in” to get the craziness to stop, thus encouraging the behavior. She’s used to getting what she wants – and again, she got it.

    Giving in is a bad idea because now she knows SHE OWNS YOU. She knows she can turn on the “crazy switch” anytime and you’ll give her what she wants.

    End this vicious cycle. DON’T GIVE IN! Stay strong and when she knows she won’t win the battle, she’ll calm down.

    In the circus, when elephants are babies, their trainers put a big rope, bigger than necessary, around their foot. The little elephant kicks, squirms, and fights but can’t break it. Eventually, the elephant is brainwashed into thinking no matter how hard it tries to break the rope, it won’t. When the elephant gets bigger and becomes an adult, it doesn’t try to break the rope and get away. The elephant “believes” it won’t win that battle.

    The same is true when you don’t give into her craziness. You’re the big rope and eventually, she’ll know she can’t break it so she won’t even try.

    4. Don’t Be Submissive

    If a crazy dog is about to attack and you’re cornered, being dominant and getting in attack mode is the best thing to do to get the dog to back off. Turning your back or becoming submissive will make it attack because it thinks you’re scared prey.

    The same applies to dealing with crazy, psycho, and threatening women. When they’re in kill mode you need to be dominant and stand up to her. Otherwise, she’ll attack and bite you!

    Jocko Willink, former Navy Seal and black belt in Jiu Jitsu, says when someone is getting aggressive, you’re more likely to get hurt if you submit than if you stand up to them. Most people looking to pick a fight aren’t expecting someone to be like, “You wanna fight? Cool. I love fighting. Let’s do this.” That mindset freaks them out and gets them to stop.

    Vince Vaughn Submitting to Crazy Woman In Wedding Crashers

    5. Show Her You’re Not Afraid

    guy afraid of crazy woman

    Crazy women know if you’re afraid, you’ll do what they want. She knows she owns you when her crazy woman eye twitching freaks you out.

    If you start trembling when her eyes roll into the back of her head and she starts foaming at the mouth, she’ll take advantage of the situation.

    6. Put Your Foot Down – Be Direct and Brutally Honest

    being direct with crazy psycho women

    Since crazy women make you miserable, you have to be able to tell her to get out and stay out of your life. It takes a lot of balls to be direct and say, “I’m not going to tolerate you behaving this way. Enough is enough.”

    A lot of men NEVER say anything because they’re afraid of how she’ll react or respond! They’re afraid she might butcher and boil their cat or dog while they’re at work or they’re in damage-control mode because they figure people are too afraid to stand up to her and she’ll go berserk and destroy the place.

    It’s crucial to stand up to her and let her know her behavior and attitude won’t be tolerated.

    Tell her where you stand – that you need her to chill out or things aren’t going to work between you and her. If she’s being stubborn and doesn’t get the point, STAND YOUR GROUND and don’t budge. This works well with crazy women because they disappear pretty fast when they realize they aren’t going to get their way.

    7. Get Away From Her ASAP

    running away from crazy woman

    When you’ve had enough and you know it won’t get better, get rid of her. If you can’t get rid of her, GET AWAY FROM HER!

    How to get away from crazy women:

    Join the witness protection program, change your name, grow a gnarly Tom Selleck mustache, move to the snowy mountains, and become a beer delivery man. Never contact your family or friends again.

    Cut her out of your life. If you have to change your number, do it. No matter what you have to do to get away from her, it’ll be worth it.

    8. Don’t Contact Her Anymore

    It doesn’t matter how awesome she is in bed and how horny you are, never reopen that door!

    If you want the craziness to stay gone, don’t invite it back into your life.

    Disappear and STAY GONE.

    No adding her on social media to see how she’s doing.


    The more time you spend with the Linda Blairs of the world, as David Deangelo puts it, the more miserable your life will be.

    The best thing to do is GET RID of the psycho women AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

    But, while you’re having to deal with them, STAY CALM and KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS IN CHECK. If they see they can “trigger” you, they’ll keep doing crazy things to get a reaction.

    If you’re in a situation where you have to see her on a regular basis, distance yourself and limit your communication with her.

    Crazy or Psycho Women “Fade Out” of Your Life

    Most crazy women don’t willingly disappear from your life. They’ll be like a mental patient kicking, screaming, and scratching the walls as doctors and nurses drag them to a padded cell. They’ll call and text like crazy and if you change your number, they go out of their way to get the new one. They call your friends, family, etc, just to get you “hear them out” or they play the victim so people will listen. They find ways to see you and they might even show up at your job.

    Just stand your ground. You’ll notice she’ll fade out of your life and some other poor dude will become her next victim.

    Eventually, she’ll forget your number, about you, where you live, where you work, and you the nightmare will be over – and it’ll be starting for another guy.

    What If I Keep Attracting Crazy Women?

    crazy guy attracts crazy girls

    This means you have work to do on yourself.

    In the eBook and Audiobook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, you’ll learn that you attract the type of women into your life who have similar thinking and behavior traits as you. That you attract your mirror image and you are “the woman on your arm”.

    If you keep attracting psycho women, you need to take a look at your own mental health or “inner issues”.

    David Deangelo of Double Your Dating has great programs on fixing your “Inner Game”. Also, there are a lot of “mental health” articles, books, and programs on the internet that help you identify your issues and straighten them out.

    Once your “inner issues” are handled, the quality of women you date will go up.

    Thanks for reading,

    – Marc Summers

    The Hot/Crazy Girl Matix

    how to quit being a loser with women

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    28 Comments on “8 Ways To Deal with Crazy and Psycho Women

    1. But doesn’t crazy match with crazy? Just become or act crazy like her, that logic seems like it’ll work just fine….and the main reason I was commenting was to say, If I had a Crazy obsessed GF who was telling me that I BELONG TO HER, My immediate response would probably always be something like…”Ohhhhh No, You listen here and you listen good, I DO NOT BELONG TO YOU, IT IS YOU THAT BELONGS TO ME!!!!” Look I’d just battle crazy with crazy…Plus think of the crazy Love making you guys will be having!

    2. Hi after reading al this I come to know I’m also pysco…..wht Wil I do know ….I love my boyfriend vry much ….due to my pysco behaviour is problem …plzzzzzzzzzzzzz giv me a suggestion

      • Chill out and quit being crazy. Read some books. See a therapist. Do research on your behavior and how to change it. TAKE ACTION to make it better and to become better and to treat people better.

    3. I am a girlfriend of a guy who’s ex-wife has full legal custody of their 5 year old son. My boyfriend complains but hides his past girlfriends nd now me from her finding out. I spend time with his son and my name is hidden. I’m no where on social media with my boyfriend. He has no problem with pictures of others. He says he’s protecting me from his ex. Whatever. I understand … his ex uses his son against him. This ex wants total control of my boyfriend and for 4 years he pretty much complies because he does not want to lose his son. She has an obsessive personality and tries to make my boyfriend an unfit father to keep her child support going. My boyfriend is active duty and stationed in a different state. He has spent tons of money for custody battles. She has welfare checks unnecessarily on my boyfriend and uses private investigators. She wants background checks for everyone around their son. She asks her 5 year old son about all he does with my boyfriend – who is around, what do you do. I do not know if this is a good thing for me. I’ve been committed for a year now. I’m living with him and pay rent. Now to keep me hidden I’m suppose to move stuff out of the room we are sleeping in. I have no problem walking away – it’s going to be tough all my stuff — I wish I could just snap my finger — out of sight out of mind. He has issues depression. Am I staying because I’m just lazy to move on. I’ve been through bad relationships in the past and I’m not getting any younger. What do I do.

    4. I am dating a guy that has a crazy ass ex girlfriend who goes to church with him. She tells him she is terminally ill to keep him talking to her. Now he gets threatening texts from her crazy ex husband. We are thinking it is the crazy ex girlfriend behind the text messages but someone was seen creeping around my guys house. This person has threatened his kids and family. Mentioned in a text after we went to church about knowing what kind of car he drives. It is my car he was driving. Now I am involved in this mess. I was face to face with her at church not knowing at the time she was the crazy b from hell. Police have been called but how else do you deal with this mess.

    5. Get a restraining order Asap Rocky!,remove her from you’re mailing address and just in case get an eviction notice for her to leave you’re home with the sheriff,buy new locks secure you’re house and 24hr surveillance cameras, delete her from you’re buddy list lol,change you’re number these are some things that will keep you out of jail and get her out of your life.

    6. My girlfriend unfortunately has psychotic episodes, but she is NOT violent, and has never stolen, tried to inflict harm, or damage property of any sort. If anything she needs help, love, and stability. She is a beautiful, kind caring and intelligent woman. Your article is a degrading and destructive view of women who struggle with mental health issues, and it is not reflective of the majority of psychosis affected individuals. Perhaps what you mean is to say angry or violent women, which is NOT synonymous with psychosis. Go educate yourself before categorizing a group of individuals like this.

      • Rufus, I completely agree and you make a very good point. I wrote this article from an immature point of view several years ago and I will update this article soon to be clear that I’m not talking about women with PTSD, a TBI, or any other sort of mental illness. I understand now how this article can be very biased and hurtful.

        • I don’t see what’s wrong with this article. I completely relate to it. I have a girl who does almost all the stuff the writer talks about. She doesn’t steal though.

      • This article is so true…there are a lot of crazy women…out there…ready to destroy the family. They just make use of the situation..5 star to this article

      • They are all mostly legitimately crazy other than a select few… and they don’t get help. They blame men. It’s been the same for millions of millions of years and it will NEVER change as long as there are idiots and “Machos” willing to do ANYTHING to sleep with them or get their attention. Sad but true. The chase ain’t worth the prize.

    7. I have a situation myself from psycho woman I met on POF and it been living nightmare for almost 10 years and feels like no matter what I do or say to leave i just get pulled in deeper and deeper to her never ending drama and chaos made for 10. It os complete insanity, a bad dream,. Help!

    8. Hi everyone, i am in BIG trouble. I fell in love with the perfect woman. I married her within 1 year of dating. It was like a switch in her head. She quit her job and started hoarding… animals and ACTUAL garbage. I told her she was acting crazy, holy cow… she brings up that i called her crazy even though i said she is ACTING crazy… she uses this to fly off the handle. I told her i want a divorce.. my life since telling her i want a divorce has taken a turn for the worst. I need help. She texts and calls me non-stop… i have 1 PTSD dog that i love more than anything that she is threatening. I do not want to see her in trouble or arrested i just want her to move on! How can i help her move on?

    9. I married a psycho, no kids, luckily condoms are working wonders, she has me cut off from my friends and family because everybody else is a piece of shit and she doesn’t understand why I want to have anything to do with them. In 2 years we have fought non stop over hanging out with friends, “hidden msgs” in conversations between me and my family. She ends up going nuclear , throws shit around , threatens to sleep in a parking lot. Last fight she took a clay pot and smashed her head, threw a screwdriver at me, slammed her head in the wall, pulled her hair out while screaming and proceeded to punch me 30 plus times and choke me. Me being me, I remained calm and then she hugged me and said she loves me soooo much. So I told her if one more crazy incident like this i’m out, she can kiss anything I have left for her. Now my advice:

      1. Really get to know the person, go on a shitty trip somewhere and find out how they handle horrible situations before you get serious. (take it slow!!!!)

      2. Little things mean big things, usually your lower half is in charge or some form retardness to make you not question the little psycho clues she is dropping.

      3. If you feel that this piece of work is a psycho, walk away now, unless you want to invest 10+ years of your life in therapy for yourself and her , waiting for things to change, truth be told they are not.

      Psychos have a way of manipulating you into guilt and sympathy, they take and take until you are completely broken like they are. I am currently waiting for the next freak out to happen and book my ticket a couple thousand miles away and then divorce her via text because if I’m around she will try to hurt herself, me or something worse.

      • I absolutely love it. Especially #1. There was a reality show that I used to watch where they would take new couples and put them in horrible situations to see exactly how much they can handle together. Usually it brought out the best and worst in both people very fast.

      • Your wife has borderline personality disorder. It’s the only disorder that can cause people to go from hating you and truly despising your soul one minute to acting like nothing happened and showering you with love the next. It’s called splitting or black-and-white thinking. Let me guess she also freaks out if she thinks you’re abandoning or leaving her in anyway shape or form, Let me guess, she also freaks out if she thinks you’re abandoning or leaving her in anyway shape or form? Do her feelings get, not hurt, but DESTROYED at seemingly nothing? If you really want her to get better she needs therapy. Specifically CBT and DBT. It works. You should really research it. It will change your life.

    10. sometimes they don’t go away. Sometimes they make it there life mission to stalk you and try and video and take pics of who is coming in and out of your house even after they have a dometic violence charge with a deadly weapon.
      Sometimes you see them in a car and take a pic and enlarge it as it speeds away and know it’s them and to you it’s obvious it’s them but the pic isn’t conclusive enough and when they walk by your seveillence camera at night when another woman is over it’s more than crazy. It’s creepy and alarming and you know the pictures are not quite clear enough for everyone to see clearly it’s her but you, you tapped that for years and know that walk and mop of hair and after she is risking going to jail because she’s supposed to stay away you realize it’s only a matter of time before it escalates. My God it’s been almost a year.

    11. I’m having trouble with a girl I just met, on POF. See i was looking for a relationship, but soon found out she was really scary crazy, so untold her I just want to be friends, she didn’t like that. Now She won’t stop texting me, she is also saying she is suicidal. And she says I’m here only friend. And if I try to cut her off I’m afraid she’s gonna mess with or even hurt me.

      • Don’t allow her to manipulate you or make you feel guilty. Crazy women will do that. Cut off ALL communication. Block her number and whatever else you have to do to ensure she leaves you alone.

    12. Ditto guys. I really hate my marriage but doubt I could get away from her. She even “joked” from time to time that I could never leave her she would track me down no matter where I went. Makes me shudder each time I think of i :/.

      My advise to anyone thinking of getting married make damn sure you know them and who they truly are first or you may end up stuck.

        • Yea your screwed like all of us married w kids and phsyco wives. Took me 14 years to finally separate. And now that I am (2 more years to do that and 15000 in lawyer fees). I’m left w nothing. House gone cars kids. And even money She sucked me dry. And what I did get left. there was stipulations in my divorce agreement that stated whatever was forefitted in 15 days after my finalization. & judges signature. After that she put a restraining order on me so it fucked me out of everything. Women are smart and dangerous.

      • Run for your life, and take your children to keep them safe. And if i were you which i will file for divorce and try very hard to get custody of your children. And you would definitely have a good case. Good luck.

      • My advice would be to either stand this for your children or to file a case, chuidren always come at first I suppose 🙂 anyway, good luck with it dude!

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