Declare War On Yourself – How to Get Your Act and Life Together to Attract Higher-Quality Women

This Powerful And Highly-Effective Book Is Specifically Designed To Help You Learn EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Becoming More Mature, Responsible, Focused, Driven, And Motivated So You Can Fix Your Problems, Make Your Life 10X Easier, And Become The Person You Actually Want To Be

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Happy Customer Reviews:

★★★★★” This book has entered into my TOP books of all times. I read 2-3 books a week and open up 3 -5 books a day to get something, thus it is quite RARE that I say something like this. It has been such a PARADIGM SHIFT that I can’t recognize myself after 2 months. This is just not a book. If the author wants to call it a “Program” and charge 100x more for it, he can do it. It is worth it! – Aleno

★★★★★” A very awesome book! I don’t write many reviews but felt I had to. So much in under 300 pages. I have read thousands of books, hundreds of hours of audio. I bought the audio but will also purchase the book. I found at least one great piece of wisdom that will be worth a ton! – Johnny

★★★★★” Honestly, other than the Bible, best book I have ever read in regards to making changes in my life. – Joe

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From The Author:

I wrote this book because it’s a NECESSARY step in getting better with women and it’ll help you overcome any hurdles you’re facing right now in your personal, professional, and dating life. There’s no doubt or question about it – if you want to attract higher-quality, higher-value, and less problematic women, the type of women most guys don’t have a chance with, you need to get your act together as much as possible STARTING NOW. If you don’t eventually grow up, become more mature, and get the “bullshit” out of your system, you will stay stuck getting the same women, the same results, and dealing with the same dating issues. Your lack of having your act and life together will always and inevitably creep up and impact every relationship you’re in. Let’s stop taking that chance and adding risk to your relationships. Get this book and let me help you become the man women are dying to meet and be with.

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A 100% Must-Have If You Want To Quickly, Dramatically, And Permanently Improve Your Life:

✔ Make life easier, simpler, and less stressful

✔ Get control of your mind, emotions, actions, and habits and quit sabotaging your self, life, relationships, and opportunities

✔ Stop being seen as immature, irresponsible, selfish, and out-of-control and become seen as successful, wise, mature, trustworthy, and dependable

✔ Multiply your business, financial, personal, and dating opportunities

✔ Become the highest-value and most respected person in your social circles

✔ Develop a happier life everyone wants to be a part of

Here’s Only A Fraction Of What You’re About To Learn:

Pg. 5 – What’s actually holding you back, killing your potential, and keeping you from having your act together

Pg. 20 – What “having your act together” actually means, why it’s important, and why society’s definition is making you to fail

Pg. 22 – Societal constructs giving you a false sense of having your act together

Pg. 23 – 19 clear signs that you don’t have your act together

Pg. 35 – The real reasons you’re lazy, giving up, and not pushing yourself and which habits are making you unhappy, unproductive, and unsuccessful

Pg. 103 – How to eliminate “chaos” and distractions from your mind, daily routine, and life

Pg. 123 – This one POWERFUL mindset makes you mentally tougher, creates change, sets you apart, and helps you reach goals faster and easier

Pg. 126 – How to identify and eliminate time-wasting thoughts, feelings, activities, people, and things

Pg. 129 – “Failure” mindsets and habits making your life worse

Pg. 131 – 11 mindsets to make self-control and self-discipline easier

Pg. 146 – 6 mindsets the world’s happiest and most successful people use to remain calm and keep it together

Pg. 156 – What to do when everything feels out-of-control and you want to give up

Pg. 193 – What to do everyday when you wake up

Pg. 194 – The most important parts of your home to keep clean and organized

Pg. 199 – Where “work” should land on your list of priorities

Pg. 206 – How to make your job and boring tasks easier

Pg. 209 – How to become more focused, productive, and get things done

Pg. 213 – Time and project management skills

Pg. 221 – How to get the attention of the right people and get more respect

Pg. 235 – What “broke” and “rich” actually mean and why it’s important

Pg. 241 – The one mindset that helps you make more money

Pg. 243 – Money’s real purpose and what to do RIGHT NOW if you’re having money problems

Pg. 246 – How to get bills and expenses under control ASAP

Pg. 268 – The time you should get up every day and why it matters

Pg. 270 – To have a good day, do these 6 things before anything else

Pg. 281 – How to deal with distractions and interruptions

Pg. 288 – How to accomplish everything WITHOUT FAIL

And More!

Get This Book RIGHT NOW If:

✔ Life is tough, unfair, and chaotic and you keep having the reoccurring same problems

✔ You’re overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, and overly anxious

✔ Your constant immature and irresponsible decisions put you in bad situations

✔ You feel weak and out-of-control and you’re wasting time and headed no where in life

✔ You talk about plans and dreams but never take action

✔ You neglect what’s important, never finish tasks, and never accomplish anything worthwhile

✔ You need more self-discipline

✔ Emotions run your life and you want to regain control

✔ You’re constantly broke and can’t control your money

✔ You struggle to maintain happy and healthy relationships

Zero Risk, Zero Rip-Off 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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I have no reason to rip you off and you have NOTHING to lose by getting this book RIGHT NOW and reading it. I guarantee it will help you move in the right direction, stop wasting time, and get your act together and if it doesn’t I will give you 100% of your money back. It’s, literally, zero-risk. Get it, read it, and see what it can do for you and your life.

declare war on yourself ebook

regular price $139

purchase declare war on yourselfpurchase declare war on yourselfpurchase declare war on yourself

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More Declare War on Yourself “★★★★★” Happy Customer Reviews:

Doug M.You've changed a life for the best

I have "Declare War on Yourself" and I've lost count, but I'm guessing I'm on my 15th time listening to it. I actually always have it on a loop. I listen every minute in the car, around the house, and while I'm going to sleep. I'm huge on self-improvement books since my dad got me Think and Grow Rich when I was 13. I'm 46 now, so I've read/listened to them all including all of Tony Robbins seminars, etc. Declare War is THE ONLY one I need now. It is the only one ANYONE would ever need. I just want to thank you a million times over. I even play small snippets for my 5 year old. (where appropriate) I noticed positive changes in my life since the first listen. It's more like an intervention of your life from a friend at a coffee shop. It's a "Dude, you need to get your shit together, and here's how" approach. Thank you for the time you took to write this book. You hit on EVERY area of life. I want you to know you've changed a life for the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kenneth J.

Hey bro, I just want to thank you personally for your book. I listen to it everyday and keeps my mind in the right place. Your blunt and to the point. It's helping me grow my business and stay focused on what really matters. I love everything you have in it. I'm finding out myself that buying stuff is an endless road and you really helped me ponder on the meaning behind all that. So many awesome things in your book. I have read hundreds of books over the last few years and yours is the gem. I'm on my fifth time through it and still just as impactful as the first. From all the books, you're the only one I've felt inspired enough to send a personal message too. Most books get you pumped up temporary but then they have no practical application for life. Yours does. It's the real deal. I'm selling my car and I get the things you hit on. Hope we can meet in person one day. Thanks again and just want you to know you're changing my life. Buying stuff is useless. Like a rock. I love it man. And I just experienced my own thing that validates everything I've been listening to in your book. Anyway, I could go on and on but I'll stop here. Much success to you.


I love Marc's tough no BS approach to providing advice on self-improvement. He talks about his own life experiences and lessons that have helped shape him into the man he is today. If you're someone that just can't get your act together and is striving to become a better version of yourself then you should definitely give this book a try.


A very awesome book! I don't write many reviews but felt I had to. So much in under 300 pages. I have read thousands of books, hundreds of hours of audio. I bought the audio but will also purchase the book. I found at least one great piece of wisdom that will be worth a ton!


Thank you for this gem of a book!


Eye opening! My husband and I are doing some soul searching making drastic changes in our lives.


Honestly other than the Bible, best book I have read in my life in regards to making changes in my life.

CharlesFull on, no holds barred common sense.

Loved it. Committing that when I finished, that I would go back to the start. Along the lines of TS Eliot's famous line, 'We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time'. I have strongly recommended to my three adult sons that they listen to this. It's the type of book that your wished you got when you were twenty.


If you want to hear some harsh truth about your personality and get into a breakthrough in your self-development, GET THIS AUDIOBOOK! Marc is a great narrator and teacher. He explains simple and POWERFUL concepts for us to improve our mental state and man up. I've had some pretty big insights during this book which have swifted my premisses on many things. Thanks, Marc! Reader, get it right now.


Finished it in one session. This book is mandatory read for us men to live up to our greatest potential.


“I read the first chapter and I was hooked. Because of this book, Declare War on Yourself, my life is truly going in the right direction in all aspects. It has been awakening and your personal letter hit me the most.”


Hey bro. I appreciate you. You are the truth! I can’t believe how spot on your your book is! I’m focused and 2x ore productive. That’s dramatic! In 10 days, I became a partner at my company instead of an employee, 10x my income overnight, I cut 40% wasted time and efforts, and caused a backup at the company because the employees I’m helping are now overproducing. Now, we need to upgrade the system to support in increased productivity! I feel like I’ve been inducted into a secret society of “people who just get it”. I thought I had an unfair advantage before… Now I’m certain! I honestly feel guilty for owning this book because not a single MF’er I know is willing to do what it takes to get their life and act together. You ignited me into RAPID and AGGRESSIVE IMPLEMENTATION! I was like dynamite and this book lit my fuse. It unleashed all of the stored potential through application of knowledge and made an impact.

declare war on yourself ebook

regular price $139

purchase declare war on yourselfpurchase declare war on yourselfpurchase declare war on yourself

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