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“How To Get Your Act Together To Make Life Easier, Stop Feeling Like A Failure, And Become More Mature, Responsible, Straightforward, And Focused”

how to get your act together ebook audiobook

Getting your act together is the single most important thing you need to do RIGHT NOW to fix the problems in your life, overcome challenges, and change your “luck” and results.


Not Having Your Act Together Creates A “Void” Nothing Else Will Fix

Do you keep making the same mistakes and feel like you just can’t get it together? Getting your act together should be your highest priority – nothing else helps you fix problems and get ahead in life faster and easier.

If you want to become the person with the life no one else has, others look up to, want to be friends with, and aspire to be like, then it’s time to get Declare War on Yourself get your problem areas handled.

Learn Why Too Many Of Us Don’t Have Our Act Together

guy with problems

What it means to actually “have your act together” and how it helps you get the life you actually want

Why only 3% of us actually have our life together and the rest of us don’t

Why society’s definition of “having your act together” leads you in the wrong direction

How we’re consciously choosing not to have our act together

The things giving us a false sense of having it together

19 signs you don’t have your act together and have work to do

The real definition of success and how it’ll change your life

Discover Exactly What’s Holding You Back

get your act together stop being lazy

The one personality trait keeping you from having your life together

The part of your brain that doesn’t want you to improve

Things you should be doing but you’re not

Things you should be focused on but you’re not

Things you’re ignoring and not making a priority

Reasons we’re lazy, giving up, and not pushing ourselves

The things happening in and around your life you need to stop tolerating

The Reality Of Having Your Act Together

reality of having your act together

How it’s easy to accomplish anything and get anything done

3 things that change your life forever when you do them regularly

What it takes to actually change yourself and get your life together for good

People and situations that are holding you back from getting your act together

What actually matters and doesn’t matter when getting your life together

Two types of people what makes them successful vs. unsuccessful

Learn What You Need To Be Focused On

how to stay focused

Find out where you stand in your life and how to move forward

How what you’re putting into your mind is helping you or hurting you

What change you’re looking for, who you’re aiming to become, and who the ideal you is

How much time you’re actually wasting each day on useless thoughts and activities

What’s stopping you from moving in the right direction with your life

Which thoughts, emotions, feelings, people, places, and things are in your way

Eliminate Trash Thinking, Behavior, And Habits

how to clean your mind

Which thoughts are worth your time and a waste of your time

Which emotions are holding you back and moving you backwards

How to eliminate “chaos” from your mind, daily routine, and your life

How to eliminate distractions and prevent them from killing your focus

How to identify time-wasting thoughts, feelings, activities, people, and things

How to replace trash habits with better ones

Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

how to improve your relationship with yourself

What you need to accept before you can move forward

3 things you need to be clear about so you don’t keep making the same mistakes

Boundaries and rules that help you stay on track and make things happen

Things you’re consciously doing that are making you unhappy, unproductive, and unsuccessful

4 things you need to stop doing to be a good example to yourself and others

How to commit to yourself, respect yourself, and do what you say you’re going to do

Getting Your Act Together Starts In Your Mind

how to get your thinking together

One mindset that creates change and sets you apart from everyone else

3 mindsets that help you reach goals faster and easier

“Failure” mindsets to eliminate

Powerful mindsets the world’s most elite people use to keep it together

Mental toughness – how to develop it and how it gets you through anything

How to make self-control and self-discipline easier

How your environment is playing a big part in having your act together

Handle Conflict, Negativity, Chaos, And Drama

how to handle conflict negativity chaos drama

How to handle tough times and what to do about them

How emotional control plays a big part in how bad your situations are

The one point you should never go past when things aren’t going your way

What to do when everything is spinning out-of-control and you feel like giving up

How to talk to yourself when times are tough

How to handle big challenges easily

A cheap, effective, and easy-to-get tool to clear your mind during tough times

Handle Sabotaging Emotions

how to control your emotions

How emotions affect having your act and life together

How “micro-emotions” affect you throughout the day

Which emotional level you should be on 24/7

How to relax when emotions are too extreme

How often you should share and talk about emotions

The one thing controlling your emotions and what it means

How the world’s most effective and elite people handle emotions

Get Your Home Act Together

how to keep your home clean

How the state of your home relates to having your act together

The first thing you should do everyday when you wake up

Home rules to protect your happiness and sanity

How you should and shouldn’t use your home

Which parts of your home are most important to keep clean and organized

The best time of day to do your cleaning so it’s easy and fast

How to keep everything in your home under control

Get Your Work Act Together

how to do better at work

How much of a priority your work and job should be

Having a proper relationship with superiors and co-workers

Besides making money, what you should and shouldn’t be at work for

What to before you start your work day

Tools to make your job easier and help you power through boring tasks and projects

How to become more focused, productive, and get things done

Time management skills and progress evaluation

Get Your Social Act Together

how to get your social act together

How getting your social act together makes you more likable and trustworthy

Why social responsibility is extremely important

How to set social boundaries with yourself and others

How to get more respect from others

How to get the attention of the right people

Social habits, behaviors, and thoughts you don’t need

What to avoid talking about with others

Get Your Financial Act Together

how to handle your money

How to be smarter and have a proper relationship with your money

The one position that makes you financially happier

Money’s real purpose and what it doesn’t do for you

Those who always have money vs. those who are always broke

When and how to properly use credit and debt

Why you shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to make more money

Why you should save and how much you should be saving

Reach Your Goals Easier And Faster

how to reach goals faster and easier

Time – how to spend it wisely

How to make reaching goals automatic

How to reach goals faster using plans, processes, and procedures

How to prioritize activities so you’re clear on what to focus on

How being extremely specific about your goals helps you get things done

Planning and strategy doesn’t work if you don’t do this one thing

How to handle setbacks and what they mean

Start And Finish Your Day Right

how to start your day right

Very important things to do before starting your day

How to get your mind on the right track so you’re thinking the right thoughts and feeling and doing the right things

The best time to handle difficult tasks

How and when to feed your mind so you become wiser and more knowledgable

How to hit targets, avoid distractions, and make your day easier

Counter-productive activities to completely avoid

The most important things to do before bed

Get This Right Now If:

You keep having the same problems and issues in your life and you’re ready to change it
You feel out-of-control of yourself and your life and you can’t figure out how to fix it
You feel you’re wasting time and ruining your future if you don’t get your act together right now
You talk about your dreams and plans but you don’t take action towards them
You have a hard time focusing on what’s important
You feel you’re wasting time on the wrong people and activities
You’re afraid of taking risks and doing things differently
Your life isn’t on track or where you thought it would be
Your feel you need to grow up already and change
You struggle to get things done and accomplished
You don’t know how to eliminate your bad habits
You feel mentally weak and that everyone else has it figured out except you
You feel you are getting in your own way
You want to become more strict on yourself but don’t know where to start
You spend too much time looking around at others’ lives instead of focusing on your own
You can’t get your self-discipline on track
You keep quitting when life gets hard
Your emotions are out of control and getting in your way
You have a hard time handling stress
You feel your not handling important situations correctly
Your home and home environment is out-of-control
You can’t get to work on time
You struggle to do a good job at work
You’re constantly broke and can’t get your spending under control
You don’t know how to have a proper relationship with money
You struggle to reach goals
You feel your days are chaotic and hectic and you don’t know why

Preview The Audiobook:

how to quit being a loser with women audiobook

Preview #1: What Having Your Act Together Means – Pg. 20 in eBook / Track 7 in Audiobook
Preview #2: Signs You Don’t Have Your Act Together – Pg. 23 in eBook / Track 10 in Audiobook
Preview #3: Not Having Your Act Together Is A Conscious Decision – Pg. 26 in eBook / Track 13 in Audiobook
Preview #4: Were Avoiding Personal Responsibility – Pg. 31 in eBook / Track 17 in Audiobook
Preview #5: Were All Talk And No Action – Pg. 36 in eBook / Track 21 in Audiobook
Preview #6: Were Ok With Mediocrity And Losing – Pg. 43 in eBook / Track 27 in Audiobook
Preview #7: Were Filling Our Minds With Garbage – Pg. 57 in eBook / Track 41 in Audiobook
Preview #8: Life Is Easy Or Hard – Its Your Choice – Pg. 81 in eBook / Track 63 in Audiobook
Preview #9: Admit Your Problem Areas – Pg. 109 in eBook / Track 90 in Audiobook
Preview #10: Prioritize Thoughts And Emotions – Pg. 128 in eBook / Track 106 in Audiobook
Preview #11: Get Your Emotions Out Of The Picture – Pg. 142 in eBook / Track 119 in Audiobook
Preview #12: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify – Pg. 212 in eBook / Track 185 in Audiobook
Preview #13: Listen To Action Not Words – Pg. 228 in eBook / Track 200 in Audiobook


Get Your Act Together and Make Your Life Better

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Declare War on Yourself ★★★★★ Reviews:


"Honestly other than the Bible, best book I have read in my life in regards to making changes in my life."

CharlesFull on, no holds barred common sense.

Loved it. Committing that when I finished, that I would go back to the start. Along the lines of TS Eliot's famous line, 'We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time'. I have strongly recommended to my three adult sons that they listen to this. It's the type of book that your wished you got when you were twenty.


If you want to hear some harsh truth about your personality and get into a breakthrough in your self-development, GET THIS AUDIOBOOK! Marc is a great narrator and teacher. He explains simple and POWERFUL concepts for us to improve our mental state and man up. I've had some pretty big insights during this book which have swifted my premisses on many things. Thanks, Marc! Reader, get it right now.


Finished it in one session. This book is mandatory read for us men to live up to our greatest potential.


“I read the first chapter and I was hooked. Because of this book, Declare War on Yourself, my life is truly going in the right direction in all aspects. It has been awakening and your personal letter hit me the most.”


Hey bro. I appreciate you. You are the truth! I can’t believe how spot on your your book is! I’m focused and 2x ore productive. That’s dramatic! In 10 days, I became a partner at my company instead of an employee, 10x my income overnight, I cut 40% wasted time and efforts, and caused a backup at the company because the employees I’m helping are now overproducing. Now, we need to upgrade the system to support in increased productivity! I feel like I’ve been inducted into a secret society of “people who just get it”. I thought I had an unfair advantage before… Now I’m certain! I honestly feel guilty for owning this book because not a single MF’er I know is willing to do what it takes to get their life and act together. You ignited me into RAPID and AGGRESSIVE IMPLEMENTATION! I was like dynamite and this book lit my fuse. It unleashed all of the stored potential through application of knowledge and made an impact.