do girls like mens muscles

Do Girls Really Care About Men’s Muscles?

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For quite a while now, there has been a narrative that girls do not know what they want. Now, while this narrative might have some truth to it (I’m pretty sure that you would agree with me on this), one thing that every girl knows how to do perfectly is list specifications or features that they would love in a guy.

do girls care about mens muscles

And one feature that most girls would definitely have in theirs is a lean, fit and muscular man. Even among men, most would agree with you, speaking objectively, that the leaner and more muscular you get, the more women would flock around you. Matter of fact, this is one of the motivations that drive men to obtain gym memberships and begin the journey to fitness and of course, being the hottest dude on the block.

There Are Statistics to Back it Up!

do girls really care about mens muscles statistics

So, a menshealth article from 2007 mentioned research that was carried out by UCLA and it conclusively confirmed that women are indeed attracted to muscular guys

The research also shows that muscular guys are like a magnet for women looking to have some fun and they typically have twice the number of partners that the average guy would. 

According to one of the participants, Karen, 22, “I think we are attracted to big muscles the same way men are attracted to big boobs.” “While they certainly look quite nice, they don’t sit at the top of the list of important characteristics for your long-term partner to have. When women are looking for something short-term, they aren’t necessarily looking for someone to have compelling conversations with — they want someone hot!”

So, it’s mainly about the physical first impression. Muscular guys no doubt turn heads and even other guys would agree that rippling muscles are just something that you can’t overlook

Here’s Some More To It 

Now, like it or not, we are animals and we have primal or animalistic instincts. We are automatically attracted to the beautiful, sexy, gorgeous. Basically, exceptional. This is why men cannot help but notice big boobs, nice hips, and a great shape generally. In the same vein, a muscular body on a man is a dream come true for most women.     

Why Muscles Can Help You Get Girls 

1. Muscles Are Sexy!

This is something that you would definitely agree with. Your favorite celebrities are lean and muscular and you definitely like them for reasons beyond what they do. While I might not have statistics, I could go out on a limb to say that muscular celebrities have a bigger fan base than their chubbier counterparts. 

Most women base their selection of short-term sexual partners on mainly physical features. While muscular guys get a straight pass, it would be a lot more difficult for others to impress. Typically, they would have to have something that makes them stand out of the bunch. But for muscular guys, the requirements are a whole lot less. 

Also, women like to be with men that they can flaunt. So, having a muscular man is a big plus, the drooling when you’re out together makes most women feel like they’ve got the prize and it subsequently makes them feel better about themselves. 

2. Muscles Are Indicators of Strength 

Women like to be with men that they would feel safe around. They like to know that their man can protect them at any given time.  And evidence of physical strength, of course, is muscles. So, we can safely conclude that the more muscular a man is, the more attractive to women he would be working based on the strength factor and eliminating extremes such as incredible bodybuilding

In addition, other men are intimidated by muscular men and this is one of the reasons that men engage in bodybuilding. So, take for instance that a particular lanky gentleman has been harassing your lady for a while, a show of strength is all that is needed to take care of that. Women love hard bodies too, muscular

men would attest to the fact that their women never get tired of tracing the outlines of their muscles, pecs, abs, and the likes. 

How to Become Muscular  

do girls care about about mens muscles working out

So, I’m just going to be super direct here. You wanna get muscles, you’re going to have to work them! And truth be told, the process of getting ripped is certainly not an easy one. But if you put in the work, the results are definitely going to be worth every bit of sweat and pain that went into it. Beyond looking attractive to women, it gives you a measure of self-confidence and a commanding presence when you walk into a room.

And of course, you would be getting all of ‘em hot chicks too. Now to build muscles, you can either decide to hit a gym or you could invest your time doing some effective home workouts. A combination of both would definitely be the bomb. Your diet is very important too and you would see yourself taking lots of food and supplements that are intended to build your body. Getting a professional personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals is a pretty great idea as well. 


So, believe it or not, there are women who do not go crazy at the sight of well-shaped muscles. Studies show that if a woman is looking for a long-term relationship, she would typically look beyond muscles to more concrete factors especially those linked to your personality. 

Now, this is no reason to slack off or think less about building your body. Because here’s a thought, any woman likes a guy who’s consistent, dedicated, and faithful. If your workouts are going to yield results, you would have to be these things. In other words, as you build your body, you’re developing your character as well. 

Finally, there is adequately muscled, and there is too muscled. Learn where to draw the line because too much can become too intimidating and backfire, defeating the entire purpose for which you started to workout in the first place. place

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