does playing guitar mean getting chicks

Does Playing the Guitar Mean Getting Chicks?

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Playing the guitar is one of the biggest chick magnets that there is whether you believe it or not. Of all the girls who would tell you that their ideal man should know how to play an instrument, statistics show that 9 in 10 would go for a man who plays a guitar. So, simply put, playing the guitar means getting chicks, and hot ones in fact. In a musical band, and speaking from a friend’s personal experience, the guitarists get laid a lot more than any other members of the band. And we would be breaking down exactly why this happens. In the meantime, you should probably start looking for an instructor if you intend to add this to your ammo collection. 

Reasons Why Girls Are Attracted by the Guitar 

does playing guitar mean getting chicks man playing guitar

Beyond the instrument itself, there are certain messages that a combination of the instrument and player pass across. 

1. Deft Fingers 

Any guitarist has strong, deft, and very flexible fingers, and it is therefore not hard to imagine just how these can come into play in the bedroom. Women are mainly turned on by what they see and those fingers strumming strings precisely can be a really huge turn on. With the image of those fingers and hands running over her body and finding the right spots with precision, it is not surprising that this would drive a woman crazy. 

2. It Can Inspire Emotions 

Music is one of the most powerful potions in the world and stringing the right words into a song can do wonders when it comes to inspiring emotions. Strumming a guitar could be equated to pulling on the strings of a woman’s heart. This way, you could spark an emotional response in women that would make them pay close attention to you. And if you know her favorite song, singing it while playing the guitar alongside can make her fall hard. 

3. Qualifies As a Romantic Gesture

Women love romance and how better to show your romantic side than to play a special song for her. Dedicating a special song to a woman is almost like the ultimate act of romance that there is. And it doesn’t even have to be an original, provided you indicate that it is specially for her, it would have the same effect. You don’t even have to do it in person. You could easily make a video and send it to her. 

4. Gives Off a Sexy Vibe 

Away from romance and all of that, it is common knowledge that girls are attracted to “bad” guys. And playing the guitar gives you that vibe even if you’re one of the “good” ones. The guitar simply gives you this bad boy edge that makes you come across as sexy and hot and definitely one that a woman would want to get down with. You see it in movies all the time — a guitar, a leather jacket, some tattoos and you have women drooling. But no need for the tattoos or leather jacket, the guitar is enough to make an impression. 

How To Get a Girl If You Play the Guitar 

does playing guitar mean getting chicks - guitar

1. You Need to Actually Know How to Play  

It goes without saying that if you want to impress, you need to know exactly what you’re doing. And in this case, you need to be proficient at playing the guitar. Else, you would flop royally and end up making a fool of yourself. To learn to play the guitar, you could get a personal instructor, go to a music academy, or learn off the internet. After you have attained a form of expertise, then you’re ready to snag chicks with your guitar. 

2. You Need To Work On Your Style 

Most rock stars have a trademark of wearing leather jackets, gothic stuff like cross necklaces, buckles, or fingerless gloves. Basically, you would need to up your style, look good, smell good. Although adding some rough edges could be a great idea, you can always take care of that with a unique hairstyle. But if you’ve got facial hair, you would need to keep your beards trim and looking well-groomed always. This would score you points as well as indicate to women that you’re particular about your appearance. 

3. Get a Guitar 

Simple! Now that you’re great at playing the guitar, you would need to get one. And if you’re already proficient, well, you should have one already. Next, you should learn to play different tunes, romantic, slow, upbeat songs from classic rock bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Queen, Pink Floyd. Different women like different tunes and this is why you need to be versatile. Some women are crazy about rock music while some others are all about romance, you would need to adapt. 

4. Play Often 

If you know how to play, and you want to draw attention, then you would need to show that you actually play. Some effective ways to do this would be posing with your guitar in pictures that you post on social media. Also, you could go out on cool evenings, hang around, and play some nice tunes. This is bound to draw attention to you. Playing gigs is an easy way to get chicks too. Provided your style is great and your playing is top-notch, babes would definitely want to meet you after gigs. From here, some drinks later and you could end up getting laid. 

The Bottomline   

Here, we would need to mention that there are women who are not into the entire guitar thing. Chicks are different, so this might not cut it for some of them. But for some others, this could factor in a lot into their getting down with you. However, all in all, playing the guitar is a great perk when it comes to getting chicks. Also, remember that you would need to consider other factors like your general appearance and how well you can hold a conversation. Your seduction should be top-notch too and you would need to work on that.  

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