how to get her phone number fast and easy

How to Get Her Phone Number Fast and Easy – 6 Ways

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Getting Phone Numbers Shouldn’t Be Scary or Difficult

When getting phone numbers, many of us hesitate so much that we become full of anxiety and we’re a nervous wreck when we ask, “Hey, uhh… can I have your number?” or “Is it ok if I get your number?” We treat it like asking a celebrity for their autograph.

Getting phone numbers should be simple, quick, and effortless.

So, from getting hundreds of women’s phone numbers over the years, here are 10 ways to make getting phone numbers easier, faster, simpler, and less painful.

1. NEVER “Ask” For Her Phone Number

how to get her phone number fast and easy dont ask

In the eBooks and Audiobooks How to Quit Being a Loser With Women and 99 Bad Boy Traits, you’ll learn “asking” for permission doesn’t spark attraction. It kills attraction because you make yourself look weak and insecure.

Asking “Can I?” or “Is it OK?” means she unconsciously “knows” you need permission. She senses you NEED her approval.

“Asking” for her phone number sets you up for rejection. It gives her the upper hand, puts you in the submissive position, and gives your power away to her. Since you gave her your power, she can use it to EASILY REJECT YOU without any second thought.

Asking for permission makes it easier for her to reject you

The more power you give away, the less attraction she feels. The more power you keep, the MORE attraction she feels. Very simple.

Never give women the opportunity to use your own power against you and never set yourself up to be easily rejected.

She doesn’t want the power you’re giving her when you “ask” for her number and she doesn’t want to use it against you.

2. Tell Her to Give You Her Phone Number

how to get her phone number fast and easy tell her to give it to you

Instead of asking for her phone number, just confidently and politely TELL HER to give you her number – but, of course, not in a controlling, demanding, or creepy way.

Say, “You seem awesome but I gotta go. Give me your number. We’ll chat later.” OR, right in the middle of the conversation, at a point she least expects it and when she’s having fun talking to you, pull out your phone and say, “Hey, real quick, give me your number.” Don’t explain. Don’t seek permission. When she gives it to you, go right back to the conversation. The more relaxed and cool you are about it, the cooler she’ll be about it.

When she’s not expecting you to ask for her phone number, she’s caught off guard and more likely to give it to you. She’s not anticipating you asking for it so she doesn’t have her guard up to defend against it. “Asking” gives away your power and she can use that power to reject you if she wants. BUT politely “instructing” her communicates that YOU’RE COMFORTABLE BEING IN CHARGE AND TAKING THE LEAD. It tells her you’re not afraid to go for what you want.

She’s much more likely to say, “Yea sure. That’d be great.”

3. Just say “What’s Your Number?”

how to get her phone number fast and easy say whats your number

In the middle of the conversation or when you’re leaving, instead of asking for her phone number or instructing her to give you hers, just say “Real quick. What’s your number?” as cool, casual, and calmly as possible. Make it sound more like more of a statement than a question and like you’re instructing her to give it to you. Say it as if you’re 100% sure she’s going to give it to you.

The more “whatever” you are about it, the less she’ll think about it and the faster she’ll give it to you.

4. Give Her YOUR Phone Number

how to get her phone number fast and easy give her your phone number

Giving her YOUR phone number communicates you’re CONFIDENT and NOT AFRAID of rejection. It also means you’re taking all the risk and communicating you’re the prize and aware she may not call.

Giving her YOUR phone number sends all of the right messages.

It also communicates YOU’RE NOT NEEDY and if she doesn’t call, it’s no big deal.

Giving her your phone number also saves you time, energy, and effort. If she takes your number and doesn’t call, you’re not wasting time trying to talk to women who aren’t interested.

How is it done? Make it quick. Just say, “I hate to cut you short but I gotta run. I’d like to be friends. Here’s my number, call or text, and we’ll chat later.” Then get her phone and put your number in it or instruct her to do it. Say, “Here’s my number, ready for it?”

Don’t ASK if she wants to take your number. Don’t ask for permission to give her your number. Just give it to her.

If she refuses, which rarely happens, brush it off, be indifferent about, and say, “That’s cool”. Then walk away as if it never happened.

Don’t write your name and number down unless it’s necessary and don’t call your phone from hers unless she knows you’re doing it.

When you give her your number, she’s more likely to say, “OK. I’ll call you right now so you can get my number too.”

5. Say “Let’s Exchange Numbers”

how to get her phone number fast and easy exchange numbersTo women, exchanging phone numbers feels safer, friendlier, and less risky. You’ll rarely ever get a “no”.

When you’re about to leave or you’re saying bye, very calmly and confidently say, “Before I go, let’s exchange numbers”.

6. Say “Text Me”

how to get her phone number fast and easy tell her to text you

If you’re short on time and really have to leave, tell her, “Hey I gotta run. Text me”. Say it as if there’s no doubt in your mind she’ll do it. If she’s taking too long, I’ll say, “Here. What’s your number? I’ll send you a text.”

AS SOON as you get it, walk away and send a text that says, “It’s me. Save my number.”

Know When to Stop and Walk Away

how to get her phone number fast and easy know when to walk away

Weird things happen so be ready for anything.

If she says, “Oh, I’d love to but I don’t have a phone” or anything else that sounds like she’s playing games, just say, “OK” and WALK AWAY. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME writing your number down for her. She’s not going to call.

If she says, “No. Let me have yours instead” – DON’T DO IT. Walk away. The deal is off. Women often use this tactic a defense mechanism to get guys to go away. Don’t be a sucker and fall for it.

As you’ll learn in the eBook and Audiobook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, women are experts at making up excuses to get men they aren’t interested in to go away.

If you suspect she’s making up excuses, lying, or trying to get you to go away, just stop and walk away.

Don’t Lie or Be Manipulative To Get Her Phone Number

how to get her phone number fast and easy don't be manipulative

When getting her phone number or giving her yours, don’t be manipulative in any way.

Women know when you’re being fake and dishonest so don’t play any games or pretend to be someone you’re not. Just be straightforward and direct with your intentions.

Thanks for reading,

– Marc Summers


sales letter texting titan ebook

Expert texting psychology and strategies

Written from 100% experience with hundreds of women

Avoid killing attraction and looking stupid

Avoid embarrassing and clueless mistakes

What to text, how to text it, when to text it

What you should NEVER do when texting

How to long to wait before texting or replying

Become funnier and more exciting

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25 Comments on “How to Get Her Phone Number Fast and Easy – 6 Ways

  1. i already drop message for saying ” Do you mind if i get your number, so i can text you later in the evening when i get home”. Now have seen it but has not reply. How am i going to fix this advice pls.

    • Don’t do that. That’s weird and creepy. AND don’t do that again. Have some balls, talk to her, and get her number from her. Not from a database.

  2. I’m going to give my number to a twin, but I don’t known they are in a relationship or not, so what should I do If I tell one of them to take my number and she rejects me? Shall I ask her “what about your sister!!?” or give in?

    • Who cares? Give your number to the one you like. If she says “no thanks”, just walk away. No big deal. If she takes it but doesn’t call, no big deal.

    • If some guy came up to me and said “give me you’re phone number” Or something like that, you better believe he would be slapped, girls don’t like it when guys demand for things, girls have power, and we’ll say “no” If we want to, demanding won’t get you anything but a slap, so don’t do that. Try actually asking politely, it’s nicer and makes us girls feel more respect.

      • Hey “anonymous”, read the article again. It doesn’t say to walk up and say “give me your phone number”. What? It says to HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH HER FIRST(like a normal person), then, as you’re leaving or ending the conversation, casually and calmly tell her to give you her phone number. Not like some demanding psycho. I’ve done it thousands of times, never gotten slapped or even a dirty look. This article is based on real experience, not some make believe scenario or something you would see in a movie directed by someone who doesn’t understand human psychology or interacting with women. Oh, and one more thing, don’t give advice to men on dating. Like most women do, you seem like you’re coming from a place of emotion rather than logic. Advice coming from a place of emotion is usually terrible advice.

        • I agree with you man. Plus the entire point is to not give her power so “anonymous’” point is completely flawed. Not only did she misread the text but, as you pointed out, put more emotion into it than logic.

      • Hi Marc great article so I met this girl a few days ago well I got her name but technically I’ve bumped into her 3 times she works in a drug store she has come to me and started talking we made a lot of eye contact so our conversations have been about music because a song came on over the store music that we liked so we talked about it what’s the next step I need to change the conversation I want to get her number… I do write music & I have a video on YouTube nothing big just a video my uncle & I put together for the song I wrote should I use that for an excuse to getting her number? I’ll be like oh btw I write songs I have a video on YouTube I would like to send it to u? Like that what you do think? She is working when I see her but she seems very talkative even tho she’s working and asks me how I’ve been.. let me know thank you Marc

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I’ve seen so many more other dating advices, dating coaches, boot camps and Pick-up artist communities.So it has open my mind and curiosity. But everyone wants to make Big money off on poor suckers..So i had to be careful of the scam artist and those coaches that are charging an arm and a leg for their advice. Well I read a bit of your stories on your page before buying your product and you sounded more legit without trying to Rip-off someone for sharing a valuable experience and information.


Valuable Knowledge. Very interesting points throughout this book. A good reminder for those who already know about being a ‘bad boy’ and new knowledge for those who don’t. Highly recommended.