How Attracting Women Really Works 2nd Edition

how attracting women really works 2nd edition ebook and audiobook

Make Your Dating Life Easier, Attract the Women You Actually Want, and Become Happier About Your Results with Them

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but most of what you've learned about what actually attracts women and keeps them around is WRONG and that well-intentioned, but inaccurate, information is the reason behind 99% of your frustration, confusion, bad experiences, and failures with women.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

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Marc, man, I’ve read/heard/viewed lots of dating advice over the years. I’ve never been interested in quick pick-up strategies just to get laid. NOTHING has ever given me the “code-cracking” feel like this book does. I was pretty floored. I listened on the way to a festival last weekend, didn’t even completely finish it, yet I saw instant results when interacting with women there. I also saw some pretty unbelievable results after finishing it and talking with some women I was already interested in. Of course it’ll take some time to really perfect this stuff, but it became instantly apparent that this is the way to attract women and to keep them engaged and interested. The great thing is it’s a new way of being that makes sense, not some lame bag of manipulative tricks. For that, Marc, I’m grateful.
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Dude, your re-write of how attracting women really works, the first 1 you wrote was a classic, but this one is life-changing! Well, first off it's fucking amazing. Clarifies a lot, thanks dude. Second, it's dangerous in the wrong hands. Not, read all of it yet though,  had to turn my lap top off for a while. Had, so many light bulbs in my head switch on. Won't allow my woman to read this she will kill me! Lol
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Tim Ferris said one idea could change your life forever. He is exactly right. I took that lesson that you taught about power and I completely stopped right away giving it up. It totally revolutionized everything. I have become the magnet that you talk about. Girls are flirting with me and I am flirting back and having fun and laughing. They are approaching me instead of me chasing them. One of the best breakthroughs I have had was with a girl that has a huge power trip and I was always kissing her ass until finally I stood up and basically said no. A lot was said back and forth but now, she apologized and our relationship is mutual. But, aside from all the laughy taffy stuff, I have learned to do me, get my own self together, say no, stop kissing ass and chasing girls around. If there is any one thing I have learned from all of my learning is that nothing changes, unless I do. Thanks so much for all you do!
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Wow. This is good stuff. I love Marc's whole body of work. Thanks a lot! You have truly helped me and I noticed fast results.
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Perfect and concise. This book is what every nice guy has dreamed of. It gives the formula and reasoning behind why they generally don't have success with women... even though they have adapted to the things the women have claimed they wanted.
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Hey Marc, I just read How Attracting Women Really Works. Must say, THIS WORKS. Exactly what I've been needing and looking for.

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Can You Relate to This?

  • You believe you have to be nice to women no matter what. No matter what women do or how they treat you, you believe being nicer than “other guys” will make you stand out and get you results.
  • You believe women have to be impressed to feel attraction. If you’re just a normal dude with a normal life, there’s no way women can feel a lot of attraction for you.
  • You stress yourself out over much how much she likes you. It’s of the utmost importance to you and if it seems she doesn’t like you as much as you like her, you experience anxiety, and even, depression.
  • You believe revealing your true emotions will shortcut the attraction process. If she only knows how much you actually like her, she’ll think and feel differently and you’ll stand out from other guys.
  • You believe women don’t like you because you’re not tall, good-looking, rich, or famous. You can’t see how or why women would be into you if you’re a normal guy with a normal life.
  • You believe you have to be a “yes man” to make progress with women. You think if you tell her “no” about something, she’ll get mad at you, think you’re mean, and run away.
  • You believe she’ll freak out if you’re completely honest about your intentions. You definitely want a sexual relationship with her ASAP but you pretend you don’t so she’ll think you’re a great guy.

If So, Then You're in the Right Place

If you can relate to ANY of the above thoughts and beliefs about women and relationships, then this book was written just for YOU and you’re where you’re supposed to be right now. It’s designed to help you change your thoughts, beliefs, and habits to help you get better results with  and attract the women you actually want – not the ones you usually settle for.

4 Reasons You Struggle to Attract Women

You Think Liking IS Attraction

Her liking you is much different from her feeling attraction and wanting you as more than a friend. Liking is a very emotionless and objective state of mind. Attraction is a very emotional and subjective state of mind. This book teaches you how to make her feel attraction instead of just liking you.

You Believe Women Respond to Logic

It's easy to get confused or upset because women don't respond or behave the way you do or the way you expect them to. In this book, you'll learn how men and women's brains are DIFFERENT and what actually gets the best and most favorable responses from women.

You're Not Triggering Emotion

Women gush about the man they want, but 99% take the one who stirs emotion. Not the tall, handsome, muscular guy with piercing eyes, but the one who triggers emotion. Instead of trying to get her to think logically the way you do, it's important to make her "feel" about you instead of "think" about you. You'll learn that in this book.

You Give Your Attraction Power Away

The more attraction power you have and keep for yourself, the less rejection power she has. That means the easier it is to have the type of relationship you actually want with her. The more attraction power you give away through unattractive behaviors and habits, the more rejection power she has. That means she has more power to friend zone you.

Attracting Women is Difficult, Frustrating, and Confusing If You Don't Know the Two Different Mindsets

As I stated before, like you, all I ever learned about women and dating was I needed to make them “like” me and “think” I’m a great guy instead of making them “feel” I’m a guy they can’t be without. I wasn’t taught that women “liking” me didn’t exactly mean they felt attraction for me. I wasn’t taught that women respond and behave differently when they’re “feeling” emotion vs. when they’re just logically “thinking” about me. 

These two very different mindsets get you two very different results with women: 

  • One mindset can make her a cold, callous, and uncaring bitch and the other can make her the sweetest, kindest, and most loving girl you’ve ever met.
  • One mindset prevents her from taking action with you and the other forces her to.
  • One mindset is easy for her to turn off like a switch at anytime she wants and the other is nearly impossible. When she can’t turn it off, it makes her crazy about you.

... And It's Seriously Not Your Fault that You Don't Know

Not knowing this isn’t your fault because, first of all, LESS THAN 1% OF MEN ACTUALLY KNOW THIS DIFFERENCE AND UNDERSTAND IT. Second, the people, articles, websites, books, and TV shows teaching you that making women “like” you and “think” you’re a great guy is what actually creates attraction didn’t actually understand the two different mindsets either! 

The fact is that you’ve been given poor information from people who just didn’t have enough experience with women to know what’s actually happening in their mind when they “like” you vs. when they’re “feeling” actual and deep attraction for you. 

Once you learn this difference, YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK TO BEING THE SAME PERSON AROUND WOMEN AGAIN and you will never get the same mediocre results you’ve been getting.

Learn EXACTLY Which Mindsets, Behaviors, and Habits Create Deep, Real, and Lasting Attraction with Women

The powerful and priceless information in this book, How Attracting Women Really Works, didn’t come from TV shows and women’s magazine articles. It came from 100% real experience with hundreds and hundreds of women over the course of 20 years. Not women that I met and chatted with for a minutes, but beautiful and hard to get women that I spent lots of time with, dated, had long conversations with, slept with, and even, lived with. It’s from immersing myself in their world, seeking to understand what’s happening in their mind, and observing and learning what they actually respond to with men and what they don’t. It’s from listening to their voice tone and choice of words when they’re talking about certain men and their behavior. From watching them become cold, callous, and emotionless when talking about a “nice guy” who does tons of logical things to them gushing, blushing, and becoming emotionally overwhelmed talking about a guy who’s not like the others. A guy who does things differently like what I’m teaching you in this book.

I’ve seen it over and over and over, IT’S ABSOLUTELY REAL, and your dating life will change forever once you learn it.

Here's What You'll Be Learning in Less Than 3 Minutes...

how attracting women really works - attraction destroying mindsets

Pg. 15 – Why you don’t always have to be super nice and how constantly being nice no matter what HURTS your chances.

Pg. 22 – How caring way too much how much women like you makes you look weak, needy, and desperate and what women want you to do instead.

Pg. 30 – Why telling her what you’re thinking and how you actually feel ruins everything and is the dumbest thing you can ever do. Learn why it’s better to keep your mouth shut and what effect it actually has on her.

Pg. 41 – Why she won’t freak out if you’re straightforward about your intentions and wanting to get physical and what will actually happen instead.

how attracting women really works - a deeper look into attraction

Pg. 47 – Personal magnetism and which mindsets and behaviors pull women to you like a magnet and which ones push women away.

Pg. 53 – How women’s brain structure is actually different from ours and why it’s so important to know and understand.

Pg. 58 – How women are more emotional than men and what that means when it comes to interacting with them and building attraction.

Pg. 61 – The 10% – 15% difference between men’s and women’s thinking, behavior, and responses and how knowing what those differences are helps you create and build attraction faster and easier than ever before.

how attracting women really works - making the mental shift

Pg. 65 – Why it’s extremely important to permanently shift your mindset if you want lasting attraction and results with women.

Pg. 66 – Why her liking you IS NOT the same as her feeling attraction for you and how it’ll forever change your strategy in the way you approach, talk to, and interact with women.

Pg. 67 – Why women don’t think logically the way you do and how shifting your thinking in this one area will get you 10X more results.

Pg. 68 – Why women can not “like” you but still feel attraction.

Pg. 70 – How women’s emotions guide their actions and why it’s crucial to trigger emotion when interacting with women.

how attracting women really works - how to create attraction power

Pg. 72 – How and why YOU control her mindset and how she feels when interacting with her and how the results you get are based on what YOU say and do.

Pg. 73 – Rejection power, how and why women use it, how to get them to give it to you, and how to turn it into more attraction power.

Pg. 80 – Why she doesn’t want you to give the rejection power back once she’s allowed you to have it, what will happen if you do give it back, and how it’ll make her feel about you and see you.

Pg. 82 – How keeping the power and not giving it back will keep her feeling attraction and keep her around long-term.

how attracting women really works - powerful mindsets that keep attraction

Pg. 85 – What to keep in mind every single time you’re interacting with women and why it’s very important.

Pg. 87 – What to see yourself as and how it dramatically improves your chances of women instantly feeling attraction for you.

Pg. 90 – 3 things that you should ALWAYS put before women, why it’s important, and how it makes you more attractive.

Pg. 97 – What to do when women get upset, bitchy, and emotional and EXACTLY how to respond to it so you don’t lose attraction power.

Pg. 106 – Why being in control and a little bossy makes you 10X more attractive than the guy who isn’t.

Benefits of Owning and Learning This Book:

  • You will naturally become more attractive because once you put this information in your brain, you can’t and won’t go back to the naive and clueless guy you were before.
  • You won’t have to deal with as much disappointment, heartbreak, and let downs from women you really like.
  • You can quit settling for the lower-quality women you can actually get instead of the ones you actually like.
  • You’ll know more of what to say and do when talking to interacting with women.
  • You’ll attract women faster and easier without spending all of your money and wasting tons of time on lame, boring, and predictable dates.
  • You’ll attract and get laid by hotter, younger, and higher quality women. Whatever you prefer.
  • You’ll hang out with more women, get more dates, and get laid more often.
  • You’ll boost your confidence and self-esteem – which is crucial to attracting women and feeling happier with who you are.
  • You’ll know what, realistically, only 1% of men know about attracting women and you’ll know how to do it effectively and consistently.
  • You can be the guy who attracts and dates the girls other guys can’t.


  • You want to become 10X more attractive.
  • You want attracting women to become 10X easier.
  • You want more and better results with women.
  • You want women to actually be into you and feel genuine attraction for you.
  • You want to date more women or women who you consider out of your league.
  • You want to get laid more often and have sex with more women.

Want Women to Keep Finding You Unattractive or You Want to Learn How to Fix For Good?

Look, I know how it feels to interact with women and they feel absolutely nothing or they are actually repulsed. BUT, I also know how it feels when you learn what’s in this book, apply it, and see the better results appear right before your eyes. No joke, the first girl I went out with after learning this information not only came back to my house, but MOVED WITH ME TO ANOTHER STATE 3 months after we met! It was unbelievable. Like I cast a spell on her or something.

The benefits that come with knowing how attracting women really works cannot be overstated. Your life WILL change. The results you get with women WILL change. You will NEVER go back to who you were before once you know what’s in this book.

Since learning it, I have used the information in this book for almost 15 years to meet, attract, and date women that most guys don’t get a chance with. IT WORKS and and IT MAKES A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in how women see you, respond to you, and feel about you. The best part is, IT’S NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY OTHER BOOK! Good luck trying to find it.

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Zero Risk, Zero Rip-Off, Zero Headache 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have NOTHING to lose by getting this book right now and using what’s inside to meet, attract, and date more women. You’re going to get 10X better with women and if you don’t, I’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back. Literally, zero-risk. Give it a chance and see how much better your dating life actually gets.

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