10 Ways To Prove You’re Different From Other Guys

how to prove you're different from other guys

how to quit being a loser with women

We All Want To Be Different From Other Guys

One of the big concerns today among most guys is trying to stand out or look different – especially when it comes to women.

We want women to see us and think, “Wow, look at that awesome specimen of a man! I want a piece of that man meat!”

Do women always think this? Not really…

We believe that SHOWING her we’re “different” is going to make her see us as more attractive than the rest of the men – but when was the last time you saw it work?

Now there are a couple of surefire ways that I’ve learned that will make you “stand out” and cause her to see you as “different” and more attractive.

I’ve been using these things FOR YEARS and they never fail me.

It’s not flashing money, driving an awesome car, showing off my house, wearing expensive clothes, telling women I have a big wiener, buying women drinks, acting tough, acting cool, or any of that lame stuff.

It’s also not sucking up, being overly nice, buying gifts and flowers, taking women on expensive dates, convincing them to like me, trying to win their friends over, etc.

Women say things to me like, “you’re different than 99% of the men I meet… in a good way” and I smile and pretend like it’s the first time I’ve heard it. But in actuality, I hear it constantly. So much that it’s normal to me and expected.

Even after talking to me for 3 minutes, women notice there is something “different” about the awesome guy blessing them with his presence…


I know you can have this same exact response from women on a daily basis if you follow these 10 things I have laid out for you and you’ll be good to go.

1. Stop Giving A Damn What She Thinks of You

stop caring what she thinks

If there’s one piece of advice that will help you out with women MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE that exists, it’s to STOP CARING what women, family, friends, or ANYONE thinks about you.

Just be the awesome guy you are and don’t worry about anything else!

Throughout my ENTIRE eBook, How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, all I keep saying is “Stop caring what she thinks!”

That’s how important this is…

I should’ve just named the damn book that: “Stop Giving A Shit What Women Think And They’ll Want Your Ass Like You’re A Piece Of Chocolate!

Think about this…

Do you have a friend, co-worker, or family member that doesn’t care what anyone thinks? How awesome are they?! Probably pretty damn awesome! And you probably like hanging around them because their personality just DRAWS YOU IN and attracts you like a magnet.

Well do you think it’s any different with women? Here’s a hint – It’s not. Women are DRAWN IN and magnetically attracted to guy who don’t give a damn about what other’s opinions or thoughts of them are.

Isn’t that weird?

It’s kind of the opposite of what you would LOGICALLY think huh…

How we normally think – “If I care and be nice, she’ll like me more and if I don’t care at all, she’ll think I’m an asshole and she won’t like me as much.”

But it doesn’t work this way.


It messes with your brain I know. But that’s how it works. You might wanna get used to it.

Actually, you’ll learn that when you stop caring, you’ll be happier and a TON of weight will feel like it’s been lifted off of your shoulders.

You’ll no longer have that, “how do I make her think I’m a cool guy thing going on in the back of your head.

So do exactly that – stop giving a crap what women think about you and you’ll notice them looking at you differently – like they wanna lick your skin off.

There’s a quote, I don’t remember who said it, maybe it was Eleanor Roosevelt, but I’m not gonna look it up because I’m feeling really lazy.

But if you have a few extra seconds, Google it.

It goes, “What people think of me or say about me is none of my business.”

If you start thinking this way, and I think you will no longer have a problem about what others think!

2. Don’t Kiss Her Ass or Seek Approval

What are women sick of?

Not chick flicks or bad boys…

They’re sick of men kissing their asses!

But why?

Don’t we all like people kissing our ass and bowing down to us?

Well imagine if you had 90 women A DAY kissing your ass… 90!

It would get really fuc#ing annoying after a few days.

Newsflash: women are really fuc#ing annoyed with it. They’ve BEEN ANNOYED with it.

They DON’T WANT to be up on that pedestal that so many men place them on.

So when you walk up and trying to look nice, sweet, and try to treat her like she’s special, all she’s going to think is, “Ah man, here’s another dude who is kiss ass pansy just like ALL THE REST!”

3. Let Her Be PART of Your Life, Not Your Entire Life

Many of us get way too excited if we meet an awesome girl that we really like and we start making everything about her.

We smother her, call her about everything, and always want to include her in everything we do.

BUT, so do ALL OF THE OTHER GUYS she meets!

– She probably hasn’t met a guy who makes her only PART of his life.

– She’s probably never met a guy who goes out and has fun once in a while WITHOUT HER. He’s not asking or begging her to tag along.

– She’s probably never met a guy who doesn’t call or text her all the time. A guy who does his own thing and hits her up only once in a while.

– And she’s most certainly never met a guy who doesn’t put her on a pedestal.

BECOME THIS GUY she hasn’t met. Have fun without her once in a while. Don’t call and text her all the time. Show her that you’re not placing her above you just to get her approval.

Learn to be balanced.

Make yourself the center of your universe and let women be PART of your universe, not the center.

4. Be In Complete Control of Your Emotions

control your emotions

So why is it being said that the last few generations have turned out more men that are huge pussies than ever before? And why is it expected to only get worse in the future?

Well I believe and SEE WITH MY OWN EYES that each generation is becoming less mature, more out of control, more men are living with their mommies until they’re in their 30’s, and more men are growing up WITHOUT fathers or father figures to teach them how to be a mature, responsible, emotionally stable, and a healthy MAN.

Many of us sit on our asses and watch reality shows on daily basis and think it’s normal to always be teary eyed, complaining, moaning, and acting like a complete wuss about everything in our lives.

MOST MEN (99%) that women meet don’t have themselves emotionally together. They don’t have their emotions in check. They haven’t mastered their emotions. They aren’t in control of how they feel, respond, think, etc.

Check out this…

When something emotional comes up, they let their emotions take the wheel and have full control of the situation instead of taking full responsibility for their emotions.

So how do you regain control of your emotions?

1. Learn to STOP when you feel emotions coming up. Take a time out. Step back from it until you can calm down.

2. Quit REACTING to everything. Instead, pause and think before you act, talk, and then calmly and collectively RESPOND instead of react. This way, you’ll look more in control of yourself and won’t look or sound like an emotional crybaby jackass.

3. Gain maturity Become more mature and learn how to become a real man. Get on Google and search for “how to become more mature” and apply what you learn.

4. Get more experience. Getting out there, talking to women, approaching them, getting your heart broken, feeling embarrassed, and looking like an idiot is all part of the process. It happens to EVERYONE. Once you experience it and go through the emotions of feeling like a loser for a few days or weeks, it won’t be so bad if it happens again. Experience is the best teacher.

5. When you’re emotionally flooded, think logically. Think things like, “Is it possible I may look like a moron if I respond right now? Am I in my right mind right now? Would it be better to chill and deal with this tomorrow when I feel better?”

6. Practice chilling out. Guys who are always chill don’t react emotionally or deal with a lot of emotions on a regular basis. They’ve learned to keep their brain relaxed when shit hits the fan and they’re not bothered by it. Practice being a chilled out dude.

Read this book if you want to learn more:Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

And also this article by Martin Luenendonk called Emotional intelligence: Boosting Your Emotional Quotient (EQ)

5. Be As Positive As You Can (but not corny)

Women love positive guys. But not so positive that they’re cheeesy.

Get what I’m sayin’?

If you’re a negative guy, no one will enjoy hanging out with you. Some won’t even want to be in the same room with you!

Plus being negative is unhealthy. It actually kills your brain cells.

Being positive breeds happiness, good feelings, and makes women attracted to you.

When a woman is feeling negative or saying something that’s a downer, if you can stay positive and actually LIFT HER SPIRITS UP, she’ll look at you in a different light.

She’ll see you as an “awesome guy” who makes her feel better about herself and just better in general when she’s around you.


Being around someone like this NEVER gets old.

So if you want to say something negative, just keep it to yourself and don’t be the “downer” guy that’s not cool.

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