72 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back

“Get Her Back Easier And Faster Without Making Hard-To-Keep Promises, Lowering Your Standards, Getting Overly Emotional, Begging, Buying Gifts, Giving Away Money, Or Being Manipulative And Dishonest In Any Way”

72 ways to get your girlfriend back

If you don’t know how to re-spark the attraction she once felt, NOTHING else you try will work. When you do, feelings of “love” and her wanting you back naturally follow.

Take The Right Steps To Get Her Back

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Don’t Ruin Your Chances Of Getting Her Back

A big mistake we make when trying to get her back is failing to notice she’s also on edge, freaked out, and experiencing a lot of same stress, pain, and anxiety from the breakup as you are.

Battles are taking place in her mind, she’s fighting with herself about what she wants, she’s wondering if she made the right decision in breaking up with you, she’s feeling conflicted, etc.

She has a lot going on and the more you “bug her”, seem unstable, and cause her anxiety and stress, the bigger the “space” between you and her becomes and the more time and distance she’s going to feel like she needs.

Avoid Making It Worse

get your girlfriend back and not scare her off

How much time and space to give her so you don’t seem too pushy

How to respect her feelings so she feels you really understand her

Going through the grieving process – how much is too much

Avoid making everything worse and destroying your chances of getting her back

Talking about your “feelings” – when and why

Figuring out which direction you want to move in

Accepting where you stand with her and the status of the relationship

Mindsets To Begin Winning Her Back

mindsets to getting your girlfriend back

Figuring out the mental power balance between you and her

Weak and unattractive mindsets to get rid of if you want her back

Self-evaluation and developing self-awareness

Drawing the line with missing her and feeling sorry for yourself

Handling negative emotions you’re feeling about the situation

Understanding how to get the power back

What you should convince yourself of if you want her back

What To Do During Your Time Apart

improvement time away from girlfriend and wife

How much to call and text her

How to improve yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to become a better person

How to improve communication and relations between you and her

Which parts of your life to get handled right now so they’re not an issue

How to become more mature and dominant

Whether or not you should be friends with, and even, date other women

What to do and not to do if she unexpectedly she contacts you

When You Finally Talk To Her – The Do’s And Dont’s

talking to get your girlfriend back

How to maximize your attractiveness – what you should and shouldn’t communicate

What you should and shouldn’t discuss with her

What reactions you should and shouldn’t have

What to do if she’s not ready to work things out

How much you should and shouldn’t say

What your mindset should be

What you should and shouldn’t apologize for

When You Finally See Her – The Do’s And Dont’s

seeing your girlfriend to get her back

How far to backtrack the relationship when “starting over” with her

How pushy you should or shouldn’t be about her getting back with you

How to prove you’re a changed man

4 things to avoid that make you look weak and unattractive

The right ways to communicate you’re serious about her

How fast or slow to move forward with her

The one thing you need to start saying more for her to respect and appreciate you

Get This Right Now If:

You know you deserve another chance, but just don’t know where to start

You want your girlfriend back but you’re afraid you’d screw it up if you tried

You’re a changed man, but just need some guidance to get her attention and prove it to her

You handled the breakup completely wrong but you’re not exactly sure how and what to do next

You know she’s right for you, you want her back, and you just need some help making it happen

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Preview #2: Do You Actually Want Her Back? – Track 11
Preview #3: Keep Your Feelings Off of Facebook and Social Media – Track 15
Preview #4: Get Over Your Emotions – Track 24
Preview #5: You Must Get The Power Back – Track 29
Preview #6: Don’t Call or Text Too Much – Track 32


Take The Right Steps To Get Her Back

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72 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back ★★★★★ Reviews:


I got dumped by a girl a few months ago and it was very hard on me. When I bought your ebook 72 ways to get your ex back I started to take action. I realized I was doing some things wrong and that my mental strength was very weak and poor and was affecting my behavior and ultimately leading to her breaking up with me and the reasons why most women were leaving me. I am so thankful for your help. When I go out on the town now, I’m using different mindsets and different behaviors and I’m seeing incredible results. I feel today I could be in a real loving relationship and I also feel that if my ex-girlfriend ever sees me again she is gonna notice real changes in me. People at my work have noticed changes and my family has noticed changes. I listen to your books over and over again. I do have some good qualities but I definitely needed to make changes but I never knew how and I never knew I needed to change or that I needed help. I hope you continue to create new improvements to share with us and help people like me have real hope again.

Kevin M.

It all just makes sense. This will uplift you and help give you the patience and confidence that you’re gonna need to get your girlfriend back. I am facing the struggle right now and this book is what’s helping me to not make all the mistakes that I would have had I not listened to it. I’m eager to follow his methods with the hope of one day redeveloping a relationship with a woman I love dearly. And if that doesn’t happen, then I’ve at least learned what it takes to get it right next time. 5 solid stars from me.