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Most Of Us Have the Wrong Approach to “Getting Laid”

***This article IS NOT about how to get laid Bill Cosby style. I do not talk about manipulation techniques, anything that’s illegal, drugging women, or anything else that only a loser would do.

I’m sure you’ve wondered once or twice, “Man, why is it so freakin’ hard to get laid while these other dorky looking guys make it look so easy?”

It’s a very real question that floats around in the back of our head on a daily basis or weekly basis.

I used to ask myself this question all the time.

But when I started getting laid more than what I was used to, I began noticing “patterns” in what I was doing and it all started to make more sense.

I began to figure it all out!

I realized that:

– The things I learned from my friends weren’t exactly accurate.

– It wasn’t exactly how I looked, the car I drove, how much money I had, or how much money I spent on women.

– It wasn’t how smooth I talked, how cool I looked, or how many tattoos I had.

dont show off to get laid

It was something much different – my behavior.

My behavior was what “sparked” attraction in women and got them to see me as more than a friend.

And how much money does it cost to change your behavior?

As far as I know, nothing!

BUT it does take a little time and energy to learn exactly what behavior makes her want to “smush your bone”.

Are There Really “Shortcuts” to Getting Laid?

There ARE things you can do to make her WANT to sleep with you faster without being hesitant so… yes there are indeed “shortcuts”.

Another reason I call them shortcuts is because most guys take the long route by buying flowers, kissing her ass, meeting her parents, taking her to dinner, trying to impress her, etc.

All this stuff is totally unnecessary and a waste of time!

This article probably won’t help you if you’re looking for:

– Magic words to say to any woman and it will make her attack you and make love to you on the spot-

– A secret pill that you can take before you go to sleep and when you wake up all your problems with getting laid are instantly gone-

– A tip or technique that will make women believe you’re a sex god and you’ll get laid the second they see you-

BUT if you’re looking to make getting laid easier, faster, smoother, and less nerve-wracking, then I have some stuff that’s going to help you out, bud.

We Make Getting Laid Harder Than It Needs To Be

dont cock block yourself

Most of the time when we’re trying to get laid, we practically “cock block” ourselves!

But we don’t cock block ourselves intentionally, of course.

It’s normally because we believe we know more about getting laid than we actually do or we just simply don’t have enough knowledge or experience on the subject.

Not Knowing What Actually Makes Us Attractive and What Doesn’t Prevents Us From Getting Laid

Obviously, getting laid is easiest when we are the most attractive to women.

But causing women to feel intense attraction, as you’ll learn in How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, has less to do with “outer” things like looks, money, cars, etc. and more to do with “inner” things like confidence, composure, state of mind, your beliefs about yourself, how you carry and conduct yourself, and how to “respond” internally and externally to women.

Yes “outer” things do help from time to time, but it’s important to not to focus so much on “outer” as much as you need to focus on the “inner”.

Believing What We See On TV Prevents Us From Getting Laid

It’s also easy to fall into the trap of believing that we see on TV, in music videos, and in magazines is what really “works” to get laid.

shortcuts to having sex

Looking cool, wearing jewelry, rolling up in a nice car or truck, and throwing money at women doesn’t make getting laid easier – of course, unless she’s a major gold digger or she’s using you for money.

The truth about many of these guys that we see attracting amazing women in music videos and in movies is that in real life, they are incapable of doing the same thing with normal women who aren’t paid models and actresses.

A lot of these guys don’t actually know how to attract women easily!

Today’s entertainment provides the illusion of guys being chick magnets to get fans to like, admire, follow them, want to be like them, and to buy their stuff. It’s usually very far from the truth!

What’s even more shocking is many of these guys have to buy prostitutes because they have no knowledge, understanding, or experience attracting women who will willingly have sex with them for free!

They have to pay to get laid!

Super sad…

I’m just sharing this with you so you’re aware and have a more realistic picture of how things go down.

I’m not attempting to hurt, put anyone down, or make anyone look bad.

Not Understanding What “Inner” Things Make Us Attractive Prevents Us From Getting Laid

There are very specific “inner” things that make getting laid much easier and hassle-free.

Things that we are going to cover in this article.

understanding attraction

David Deangelo calls it your “Inner Game”.

Inner Game is traits, behavior patterns, beliefs, mindsets, and attitudes that you develop and have within yourself.

Things that are VERY NOTICEABLE to women when they interact and talk to you.

If you have these Inner Game traits down and you’ve put effort into working on them, developing them, turning them into strengths, and making them part of who you naturally are, women are MUCH more likely to find you instantly more attractive and irresistible.

These Inner Game traits, qualities, beliefs, mindsets, and attitudes are precisely what women respond favorably to and in my eBook, How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, you’ll learn over 50 of them!

The more you learn, the easier it’ll be to attract and have almost any woman you want in ANY way you want her.

A few Inner Game issues we struggle with when it comes to getting laid:

Getting Nervous, Shy, and FearfulIf you want to get laid easier, it’s important to get your nervousness, shyness, and fear under control. Become aware of this stuff hanging around inside of you but at the same time, don’t be affected in any negative way by their presence.

Thinking too much – It would be pretty damn sweet if we had a switch to turn our brain off when it starts sabotaging us. You know what I’m talking about – that moment when something incredible is about to happen and that cock blocking, low self-esteem voice in the back of your head starts making you doubt yourself. When your brain starts doing weird things and that voice is trying to take over, it automatically makes you nervous, timid, you start talking too much, and you talk your way out of getting laid. It’s rough, I know. It’s important to control your mind and ignore the voice of self-doubt if you want to get laid easier.

Lacking Confidence – This is the #1 that women want in a guy – confidence. Confidence naturally and effortlessly develops after you begin to get your Inner Game issues taken care of and under control. If you have a bunch of weird stuff happening under the surface when you’re talking or interacting with her, it’ll get in the way and block your natural confidence from shining. But if you get rid of all that weird stuff, you’re going to be laid back, relaxed, and naturally confident when you’re around her. Make sense? Great.

The more “inner” issues you get taken care of, handled, and developed into strengths, the more confident you’ll be and the more “different” she’ll find you to be.

A good different.

How Other Guys Are Making Getting Laid Look So Easy

Truth be told, these other guys aren’t much different or better than you.

They don’t have any super powers or magical spells that make women follow them to their bed.

What makes them different from you is their mindset, attitude, beliefs, and how they “respond” to women internally and externally.

So I apologize for the long ass introduction and it’s time to learn exactly what “shortcuts” you can use to make getting laid much easier.

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I'm Marc Summers. My job is to lead you in the direction and help you learn exactly what works so you can become the man women actually want.

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