How to Quit Being a Loser with Women – and Become The Man Women Actually Want

“After Reading This, You’ll Never Again Have To Waste Money, Kiss Ass, Or Be Manipulative And Dishonest Just To Get Women’s Attention.”

how to stop being a loser with women

★★★★★” I have read many books and theories on this subject and watched countless amounts of videos from authors such as Brent Smith, Corey Wayne, DOC Love, RSD and many more. Your book is by far the best out of all of them. It really simplifies everything step by step and gets to the point. Very easy to read. – Paul

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Do you know EXACTLY what to think, say, and do to make that beautiful and amazing woman you’ve always wanted feel an intense and deep attraction for you? Most guys don’t. Everything you need to know about making women want you is in this easy to read and follow eBook and Audiobook.

Understand Women’s Mindset, Thinking, And Behavior

✔ Why old methods of getting women’s attention no longer work

✔ Why women say they want a nice guy but then date jerks

✔ The type of men women naturally and unconsciously want

✔ How attraction really works and what happens in her mind when you flip her “attraction switch”

✔ Things that make women think you’re creepy, weird, sketchy, and even psycho

✔ How to get past women’s “bitch shield” and not let it affect you

✔ How to tell when women are and aren’t interested so you don’t waste your time

Think Like The Man Women Actually Want

✔ Realistic commitments you should make to getting better with women and dating

✔ How your mindset, thinking, behavior, and habits affect women’s level of attraction for you

✔ Why improving yourself is important and how it attracts more women

✔ How to quit thinking women are out of your league

✔ How to handle rejection and never let it get under your skin

✔ How to handle emotions, feelings, drama, conflict, and tough situations with women

✔ How to handle “failure” with women and in other areas of your life

✔ Exactly how and what you should be thinking when you’re single

✔ How often you should think about getting laid and how it affects your ability to attract women

✔ How to think more like a bad boy and stop thinking like a nice guy

Behave Like The Man Women Actually Want

✔ How to avoid being called a wuss, pansy, weak, and a “girly” man by women

✔ How to handle situations where women are trying to use you and take advantage of you

✔ When it’s appropriate to apologize to women and when it isn’t

✔ One word that makes women respect you more and feel more attraction

✔ Where to draw the line on being her “friend” so you don’t end up in the friend zone

✔ How to make interactions with women high-quality, different, and memorable

✔ How to approach and talk to her – what to do, what to say, when to get her phone number, and what to do after

✔ How to use eye contact, body language, standing, speaking, walking, gestures, and movements to look more attractive

✔ How to be funnier and more fun, relaxed, outgoing, and care-free around women

✔ The right time to touch her, kiss her, and tell her how you feel about her

Dates – Exactly What To Do And How To Do It

✔ When and where to meet single, available, and friendly women

✔ What to do when getting phone numbers, talking on the phone, and asking women out

✔ Planning the date vs. being random and spontaneous

✔ Date preparation – what to do, why, and how it improves your chances of success

✔ Where to go on dates – different, fun, simple, comfortable, non-threatening places

✔ Conflict – what to do if it happens on a date

✔ Ending the date – how and when to end the date so she definitely wants to see you again

Download This Right Now If:

✔ You feel women are too complex and you don’t understand them

✔ You’re struggling to get a girlfriend, miserable being single, and don’t know what to do about it

✔ You keep failing with women, getting rejected, they don’t call or text back, and they quickly lose interest and run away

✔ You want to learn how to behave and become more confident around women

✔ You want women to see you as a fun, cool, and great guy

✔ You feel most women are out of your league, only date jerks, and aren’t interested in a nice guy like you

Preview The Audiobook:

Preview #1: The Bitch Shield Doesn’t Make Her A Bitch – Pg. 80 in eBook / Track 45 in Audiobook
Preview #2: Our Natural Default Setting – Pg. 90 in eBook / Track 48 in Audiobook
Preview #3: Why Are Women So Easily Weirded Out – Pg. 224 in eBook / Track 100 in Audiobook

30-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident How to Quit Being a Loser with Women will help you get better with women that I’ll give you 100% of your money back if it doesn’t help you out.

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how to quit being a loser with women ebook audiobook discount

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How to Quit Being a Loser with Women ★★★★★ Reviews:


Hey Marc, Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge in this book. I just finished it and I found your book amazing. I mean I have some tough times with women, but thanks to you it will get better. The techniques you give and everything else is just amazing. Now I will fallow and do everything you say in your book and will write you back to let you know about everything. Thanks again.


Hey bro finished ur book it’s outta control! You’re humble attitude behind most of your tips is really commendable! I’ve learned so much already but I’m going to have to read it a few times to retain everything. Btw, went out with a good mate of mine last night and approached every chick we could and had a blast! Best book ever! ?


I want to give You a big big thanks for such kick ass programs. Raw, real, no bull sh*t. Thank You very much my friend.


I just finished read your 2 books (how to quit being a loser & 99 bad boy traits) I just wanna thank you so much, my life has changed from the day I started read your free articles on your website, and it really changed me so much more after I purchased the eBooks. I can really felt and sense how women respect me more and felt their attractions towards me after I changed my mindsets and actions. Your taught its universal regardless of our culture and tradition. Thank you so much.


So after investing in 2 of your products I have changed a fair bit. I know longer spend my weekends getting drunk at bars chasing women. Which always ended badly hahaha. I’m a lot more active now in life. My family and friends can’t get over how much I have changed. And the same with my exes who keep texting me lol I don’t focus on getting Laid all the time which is new for me. 1 thing I’m working at the moment and stuck on is I don’t have a problem with asking attractive girls on the street random questions it’s more the actually point of wanting to get there phone number that’s when I get cold feet and get a little intimated and wanna leave the conversation even if it’s going well and she’s responding great. I’m still reading your book and I’m really enjoying it.


Hell yea man great read a lot of your insight makes more sense I’m currently relearning what I’ve mistakenly picked up over years. Righteous help man total appreciate it. I look forward to purchasing your next book!


I’m in Australia and just purchased your eBook. WOW! This is what I need. I just read 80 pages and stopped to write you this to say thank you. I am now separated from a 16 year relationship with 2 boys and now back on the dating scene. I’ve already made some big errors with the line of thinking “be nice and it will all work out”, like I’m trying to “Convince” them that I am good enough. It’s like reading my own personal struggle. I see it now as a learning experience as I have this stuff buried deep within, just have to get it to the surface. I can’t thank you enough.


Marc, Man, I’ve read/heard/viewed lots of dating advice over the years. I’ve never been interested in quick pick-up strategies just to get laid. I wanted to understand how to attract women and to better understand what makes them tick. NOTHING has ever given me the “code-cracking” feel like your “How to Quit Being a Loser…” and “How Attracting Women Really Works” pieces do. I was pretty floored after hearing them. I listened to the “Attracting Women…” piece as soon as I got it, and the “Loser…” one on the way to a festival last weekend. I didn’t even completely finish it on the outbound trip, yet I saw instant results when interacting with women there. I also saw some pretty unbelievable results after finishing it when traveling back home and subsequently talking with some women I was already interested in. Their demeanor totally changed. I was getting a lot more playful interaction, and even photos (nothing sexual, but enough to make it clear that they weren’t bored). I even jumped right into some playful sex talk by turning a couple innocent messages of theirs into innuendos, then “scolded” them for it. They seemed to respond pretty well to it. It’s as if they could tell over text messaging that I didn’t care what their response was. An unexpected plus was that the feeling of not caring actually felt good. That anxiety that always comes with response-based thinking was gone. It was pretty liberating. I felt the temptation to attach the possible outcome to the playful sexual messages come up and quickly blasted it away, telling myself, “Whatever. This is funny. If she doesn’t like it, she’s missing out on some fun. Her loss.” It seemed like the women could tell the messages were coming from that place and they had fun with it too. Of course it’ll take some time to really perfect this stuff, but it became instantly apparent that this is the way to attract women and to keep them engaged and interested. And the great thing is that it’s a new way of being that makes sense, not some lame bag of manipulative tricks. I’ll bet tons of women read/hear your stuff and love it. One of my closest “wing-men” is actually an off-limits female (married to a friend I’ve had since high school). She told me once that I should tease women in a cocky way more often (her example being that I should say things like, “I know how hard it is to control yourself when thinking about me”). I saw how it could be funny, but I never really understood at the higher macro level until reading/hearing your stuff why and how that sort of banter should be used. For that, Marc, I’m grateful. Just now ordered your “99 Bad Boy Traits” book. Looking forward to that stuff too. Keep it up, Marc! I’ll be sharing your website and YouTube page with guys I know who struggle with this stuff too.


Marc, I can not thank you enough for your advice! I listened to two of your books, 99 Bad Boy Traits and and How to Stop Being a Loser With Women. Pure genius! I have sought out advice from numerous “Gurus” and the subject of attracting women, and you are by far the best I heard from. I have already went through each book 2 or 3 times, and I am have recommended your work several friends. I have been putting this stuff into practice for a couple weeks now and I am already seeing amazing results in the way that women are responding to me. Women have been much more approachable and easier to talk to.


Hey Marc. I just finished reading your book How To Quit Being A Loser With Women. WOW! Truly amazing! I have read many books and theories on this subject and have watched countless amounts of videos from authors such as Brent Smith, Corey Wayne, DOC Love, RSD and many more. Your book is by far the best out of all of them. It really simplifies everything step by step and gets to the point. Very easy to read. Short and sweet, something I can read at least once a week to keep me motivated. Thanks dude!


Exactly a year ago, I read your book and it completely turned me around on my perspective of women and dating. I’m still amazed at the changes. Thank You.


I read your books everyday Marc and it really helps me out a whole lot with women. Your books taught me 2 have patience and self-control with women and taught me that women don’t respond to logical things that men do to get women to like them. You really write great excellent books Marc. Thank you.


Tim Ferris said one idea could change your life forever. He is exactly right. I took that lesson that you taught about power and I completely stopped right away giving it up. It totally revolutionized everything. I have become the magnet that You talk about. Girls are flirting with me and I am flirting back and having fun and laughing. They are approaching me instead of me chasing them. One of the best breakthroughs I have had was with a girl that has a huge power trip and I was always kissing her ass until finally I stood up and basically said no. A lot was said back and forth but now, she apologized and our relationship is mutual. But, aside from all the laughy taffy stuff, I have learned to do me, get my own self together, say no, stop kissing ass and chasing girls around. If there is any one thing I have learned from all of my learning is that nothing changes, unless I do. Thanks so much for all you do!


Hi, Marc. I enjoyed the book very much. I learned quite a bit, it put into perspective the things that I was doing wrong and gave good ideas on how to avoid those same mistakes in the future. I now know to not think of girls the same way or to make them my goal for success, my problem was that I was always over-thinking every situation, and I would let myself get too attached. After reading your book, I know understand that just because a woman likes you that doesn’t mean they’re attracted to you. I think that knowing that women respond to emotions is going to be a big help for me.


Dude I’m already up to page 150 I can’t put the book down! Never heard someone speak so much truth! Keep up the great work buddy!


Marc, thank you for being kind enough to release this dating BIBLE to the public. After 1 week of reading your book, I have found my inner game bro. I am realizing the power from being good at talking to women and I am ADDICTED. Because of you, I have unlocked my inner confidence, power, realization of self, and have figured out the fun of simply talking to the hottest girls without even knowing what fear is at the moment.

download how to quit being a loser with women

how to quit being a loser with women ebook audiobook discount

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