how to text a girl you like

How to Text a Girl You Like

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Whether you like it or not, texting is a huge part of modern life and it’s here to stay. And, it’s a massive part of the dating process. When you like a girl, you’re responsible for keeping in touch with her and keeping things interesting. The good news is that texting allows you to come up with witty, interesting responses from a familiar, comfortable location. It’s great for getting to know a new date or somebody that you’ve met on an online dating site because it’s less awkward than being face-to-face. Here are some simple points to remember when texting a girl you’re interested in.

Use Good Grammar

Basic first; text messages that are well-written will make you look intelligent and mature. Sloppiness can be a huge turn off and even a deal-breaker, and with today’s smartphones and unlimited text bundles, there’s really no need to use text speak for every word you type. Double-check your spelling, grammar, and auto-correct before you press send in order to avoid any potentially embarrassing mistakes.

Use Emojis Wisely

Emojis can be a great tool for getting how you are feeling across; a wink or a smile can be great for adding some emphasis to what you’re saying or even being flirtatious. However, using emojis all the time can be overkill and could even end up distracting from what you’re trying to say. It’s a good idea to stick to no more than one or two emojis per message.

Use an App She’s Comfortable With

This one is especially important if you are texting somebody who you have met on an online dating site. Online dating sites can be great for meeting new people, but understandably, many people who use them don’t want to give away too much of their personal information when they are first getting to know somebody. The good news is that many dating sites, like eHarmony, offer messaging facilities that mean nobody has to give their phone number out. You can read what Collette Murphy had to say about eHarmony here. Be respectful and stick to messaging on the dating app if you are talking to a girl who isn’t quite ready to give you her telephone number and move onto texting or Whatsapp.

Don’t Flood Her With Messages

You might really like her, but going overboard with messaging could only end up turning her off. Replying with three or four texts for every message that she sends you will make you come across as over-invested and too eager. Don’t overthink it, but try to go easy and go with the flow of the conversation. And, be careful with your message timing – if she takes an hour to respond, for example, give it some time before you reply rather than firing a message back right away.

Whether you’ve met a girl that you like online or in-person, texting is a great way to get to know each other more. But, making some simple mistakes when texting a girl you like could be a deal-breaker, so keep these tips in mind to keep the conversation flowing well.

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