5 REAL Things that Impress Women (and 4 Things that Don’t!)

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Women Aren’t Impressed By What You “Think” Impresses Them

We’ve all thought, “There has to be something I can say, do, or reveal that will impress her! Being myself will not do the job…”

We all want to stand out and be different to impress women, but proving how special we are isn’t a good strategy. We talk about our home, car, job, and money and how we’re different and better than other men. Although she may be briefly impressed, it doesn’t lead to a lasting impression or attraction – both of which are important.

Women Aren’t Impressed As Much As You Think

When you try too hard to impress women, it never works. Impressing women with wealth or being “cool” doesn’t spark attraction. When she’s feeling attraction, she doesn’t care about the external as much as you think. You can be broke, in debt, have raggedy clothes, and still living with your mom andif she’s feeling a lot of attraction, it won’t be that big of a deal to her.

Money Doesn’t Impress Women

impress women with money

A lot of gold digging women who chase men with money – but they’re chasing the money, not the man. When you brag about money, it becomes impossible to tell which women are using you for money and which ones aren’t. It makes you confused, depressed, distrusting, and you wonder why you can’t meet a “decent” woman who’s actually impressed by YOU and not your money.

What most of us don’t understand about music videos is the musicians and music labels HIRE models to be in the videos. They want to create the illusion of women being impressed and attracted to guys with money. Yes, I said, HIRED! A lot of the time, these women are strippers, escorts, and not the high-quality women you want long-term.

Thinking money impresses women ruins your chances with them. Thinking being broke scares women away is the wrong mindset. Women run away from rich men and into the arms of broke guys every single day because money isn’t what impresses them the most.

It’s perfectly fine to be rich and financially well-off but don’t use your money to impress women.

What You Drive Doesn’t Impress Women

impressing women nice car truck

Women think it’s cool when you have an awesome and expensive car or truck, and they might ask for a ride it, but it doesn’t impress her so much that she feels uncontrollable attraction for you. A nice vehicle only impresses and attracts shallow women who use you and your car as a status bump, for selfies on Facebook, or to make themselves feel better.

Where You Live Doesn’t Impress Women

impressing women house condo

Women may think your home, condo, or apartment is beautiful and dreamy, but it’ll only impress them temporarily.

When she sees your house is more beautiful than your personality and the way you carry yourself, she won’t stick around. She wants to be impressed by YOU, not your possessions you’re using to overcompensate for what you’re lacking.

What Really Impresses Women

Women are more impressed by things MUCH DEEPER than external influences like money, cars, houses, etc. because external things don’t spark attraction. They only catch her attention. The things that spark attraction and make her want you can’t be bought, made, or delivered.

Here are 5 things that impress women regardless of how much money you have, what you own, where you live, etc.

1. Not Seeking Approval and Caring What Women Think

It sounds like the opposite of what you should be doing, but it’s not. If you want to impress women, you have tostop caring what they think. Most guys care too much about what women think and women are tired of going out with guys who are overly concerned with their opinion of them.

When you STOP TRYING TO BE UNIQUE and stop worrying if she’s impressed or not, you naturally look better than other guys and she sees you as different. A good different.

2. Carrying Yourself Well

carry yourself well impress women

All women are impressed by a gentleman and a man who is respectful, confident, and in control of himself. Your conduct in her presence tells her a lot about you – even when you don’t say a single word. The ability to carry yourself well is a surefire way to stand out from the other guys and leave a lasting impression on her.

Carrying yourself well and being a gentleman has nothing to do with being overly nice, putting her on a pedestal, or being in the friend zone. Half of the eBook and Audiobook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, is dedicated to teaching you how to carry yourself well.

Money and nice things don’t keep her impressed or make up for a lack of self-respect, self-control, and confidence.

3. Not Bragging

bragging to impress women

Women get tired of hearing men brag about themselves. If you were her in her shoes, how would you feel after 5 or 10 different dates full of bragging and approval seeking? Would you look at men differently? You would be very turned off by it.

This is most women’s reality. Guys brag about their life, accomplishments, who they knows, and so on just to impress them.

If you want to impress women, be humble about yourself, your life, and your accomplishments.

4. Being a Challenge

impress women be a challenge

Being a challenge impresses women because most men are make themselves way too easy.

Instead of being mysterious, most men talk too much about themselves to women they don’t even know. Instead of being a challenge, most men throw themselves at women and ruin the fun of the “chase”.

Easy-to-get doesn’t impress women or spark attraction. In the eBook and Audiobook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women you’ll learn if you’re like a puzzle that she has to figure out and put together, she’ll be more excited around you, more interested in getting to know you, and she’ll feel more attraction.

If you tell her everything about yourself as soon as you meet her, the “excitement” of getting to know you is gone. There’s nothing for her to wonder about and it’s much easier for her to become VERY bored with you.

5. Natural Confidence

Developing more confidence, without being too cocky or arrogant, impresses all women.

In the movies where the popular and hot girl tries to help out the nerdy and unconfident guy and she winds up feeling attraction and falling in love with him – NOT TRUE in real life.

If you don’t carry yourself in a confident manner, women are less likely to be impressed, feel attraction, and think you’re a great guy.

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