11 Signs She’s Playing Games and Wasting Your Time

signs she's playing games

how to quit being a loser with women

Most Women Will Play Games at One Point or Another

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All women claim to “hate games” and that they don’t “play games” with men, but then most, at one time or another, will consciously/unconsciously engage in some kind of game playing and you have to be able to spot it happening so you don’t end up on the wrong side of it – which is looking and feeling like an idiot.

Sometimes women are completely aware playing games because they know you’re not going to call them out on it, either because they think you’re a wuss or a too much of a nice guy, and other times they really aren’t intending play games in any way.

Whatever the case, when you start noticing too many “red flags”, patterns of things not adding up, and things that just seem to be “off”, that’s when you should start to pull back or bail so you don’t end up wasting your time.

If handled right, her playing games will be more of a “test” and you can multiply the attraction she’s feeling for you.

If handled wrong, you will destroy any chance you have of her ever seeing you as more than a friend.

Her Actions Never Lie

The one thing I say the most to men who are explaining their situation to me and seeking a solution is to LISTEN TO HER ACTIONS MORE THAN HER WORDS.

Talk is cheap and most of us are, unintentionally, full of crap.

Especially today.

Most of our behavior isn’t in perfect alignment with the words that come out of our mouth.

People will say anything to paint themselves in a particular light – but backing that picture up with actions is a completely different story.

It’s so much easier for women to fill your head with a bunch of wonderful things about themselves than it is to prove they actually are that person.

PLACE MORE FOCUS ON WHAT SHE DOES rather than what she says.

She can BS you with her words, but not her actions.

Smart men sit back, watch what’s going on, and base their judgement on what they see rather than what they hear.

Beautiful women are easily able to bullshit one gullible guy after another and they’re automatically going to assume they can do it to you too.

No matter how much you like her, how pretty you think she is, or how much you THINK she likes you, you have to be able to put your feelings on the backburner and watch her actions.

Her actions tell the real story.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hurt Her Feelings, Be Brutally Honest, and to Walk Away

walk away from women who play games

The part where most of us go wrong when it comes to women playing games with us is we become afraid, full of emotions, and we let our emotions and desire for her get in the way of what we have to do to protect our happiness, sanity, and self-respect.

I am very guilty of this but, thankfully, I am smart enough to see when it’s happening and I’m able to slap some sense into myself.

If she’s being childish, playing games, lacking respect for you, and treating you like you’re an idiot, don’t be afraid to put your emotions away, call her out on it, say what’s REALLY on your mind (in an unemotional and non-crazy way), and to walk away – regardless of how amazing you think she is.

If she gets her feelings hurt and thinks you’re an “asshole” or a jerk, BIG DEAL!

Boo f*cking hoo…

She’ll get over it.

Quit thinking that hurting her feelings is such a “bad” thing.

A lot of the time, it’s EXACTLY the wake up call she needs to snap her out of it, get her have more respect for you, and to quit playing games.

It’s MUCH BETTER to hurt her feelings, call her out on her behavior, and risk her never talking to you again than it is to be the gullible, nice guy, and fool that she thinks you are.

She’s more attracted to the jerk who isn’t afraid hurt her feelings and walk away than she is the guy who is “afraid” of her and doesn’t want to cause her any kind of emotional “trauma”.

NEVER be afraid of losing her or walking away from her if she’s playing games and treating you in a way that’s less than what you deserve.

Walking away usually means she’ll come chasing after you later and, in my opinion, it’s a pretty smart strategy that works extremely well.

Let’s get to it, here are 11 signs she may be playing games with you and wasting your time.

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2 comments on “11 Signs She’s Playing Games and Wasting Your Time
  1. Ryan Emmerett says:

    Ok so this girl I like only mentions her ex around me occasionally. And that’s only because the two of them bought dogs together a while ago, and he recently moved out of her place. I knew the guy too.
    Other than that she hasn’t done anything on this list, yet I still feel like she’s playing games with me. She’s taking a little longer to respond to messages. Not stupid, crazy long, but it’s noticeable. Plus she doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about our conversations anymore. Yet when I go to her place she’ll scoot close to me, rest her head on my shoulder and move her hand closer to me, indicating that she wants me to hold her hand. What is going on? I’m so confused by this girl.

    • Marc Summers says:

      Maybe she’s not playing games at all. It’s possible she has a lot going on, a lot on her mind, or something else. You can’t be too paranoid about it. Just be cool and when you see some serious red flags, pay attention to those and be very observant. It’s easy to become paranoid assume someone’s playing games when they’re actually not. Whatever you do, don’t go poking around and asking questions that aren’t really necessary. That can get under women’s skin and become annoying if it’s coming from a place of insecurity.


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