15 Signs She Has You Wrapped Around Her Finger

wrapped around her finger

how to quit being a loser with women

What Does It Mean to Have You “Wrapped Around Her Little Finger”?

“Wrapped around her little finger” is an idiom and expression used to describe your behavior around a woman you like.

It communicates you are under her power, she has control over you, and you’ll do anything she wants and when she wants because you like her so much – all because you just want her to like you back.

It means you put her happiness before your own – and this mode of thinking leaves you miserable in the end.

And by “little” finger, it communicates that it’s THAT EASY to get you to do whatever she wants.

You’re not even good enough to be wrapped around her bigger, stronger finger – you’re wrapped around her little, tiny, weak finger.

Man, that’s insulting.

I’m here to turn you away from this common approach that has a 0.0000001% success rate because it’s a waste of your time and making your situation with her much worse.

Instead of being wrapped around her finger, you want HER wrapped around your 11th finger – know what I mean?

In my eBook and Audiobook How to Quit Being a Loser with Women, you’ll learn that being her puppet and giving her complete control over you does not cause her feel the attraction that you want her to feel. It doesn’t make her think, “Wow, I will do anything to be with that guy!”

Instead, it does the opposite and backfires on you.

It causes her to think, “Man, this dude is lame and he’s definitely not getting in my pants.”

Being Wrapped Around Her Little Finger Can Easily Become Annoying to Her

wrapped around her finger is annoying

There’s this stray cat that I fed ONE TIME and that little bastard won’t stop coming around now.

When I go outside to talk on the phone or stand out on the back patio, he is CONSTANTLY meowing, wanting attention, rubbing on my leg, and won’t get away from me for 2 seconds.

If I wanted to, I could probably grab the cat by his tail, swing him in circles, chunk him 20 feet across the yard, and he’ll still come back for more attention.

The cat doesn’t mean any harm, but it quickly becomes annoying.

You’re the cat.

She’s just trying to have some balance in her life and to meet the “right guy” and since you’re all over her ALL THE TIME, she feels she has to practically run away from you.

It quickly becomes and kills her ability to feel attraction for you.

Of course, this happens on an unconscious level in her mind.

She doesn’t force herself to feel this way.

It’s something she can’t help.

Why Do We Get Ourselves In These Situations?

good guy wrapped around her finger

Deep down, I know you’re not doing it on purpose and it’s very likely that you’re unaware of what she’s feeling and thinking when you’re just trying to show her you’re a good guy who will treat her right.

It’s mostly because, as men, we’re A LOT more logical-minded than women.

The things we do that “make sense” simply don’t work the way we see them working in our mind.

That’s what makes it so damn frustrating.

So logically, if we’re always there for her, attend to her every need, and do whatever she wants to make her happy, then she should fall in love with us…right?

In the world we imagine in our mind… yes.

BUT, in the world we live in, it doesn’t work that way.

If that’s your mode of thinking, snap out of it right now. Pull it out of your brain and throw it in the garbage because you no longer need it.

You’re better off without it.

If She Thinks She You Wrapped Around Her Finger, You’re Screwed

You can kiss all hopes of her ever touching your wiener goodbye if she thinks she has complete power and control over you.

It’s the worst place you can find yourself in.

It’s worse than her hating your guts and thinking you’re the biggest asshole or jerk she’s ever met.

You heard that right…

You have about a 75% higher chance of seeing you as “more than a friend” if she thinks you’re a jerk than if she thinks she has you wrapped around her little finger.

If she has all the power and you are her little servant boy, you’re better off deleting her number, unfriending her on Facebook, and forgetting you ever met her because she will set you up in a permanent luxury penthouse in the friend zone, she’ll lock the door, and you’ll never escape.

So avoid finding yourself in this sorry position, here are 15 signs that it’s time for you to either quit being such a pansy or you need to take a time out and get away from her for a little bit until you learn how to properly conduct yourself around her.

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