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She Doesn’t Want You to Ask Her Dumb, Lame, and Boring Questions

If you ask 100 women what they look for in a man, 99 will say “fun” or “interesting”.

They’re not going to say, “As long as he’s good looking and rich, he can be as lame and boring as he wants!”

As you’ll learn in my ebook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, being boring KILLS ATTRACTION almost faster than anything else.

Women can deal with you if you are, poor, jobless, short, overweight, skinny, etc. – BUT they can’t and won’t deal with you if you’re boring!

woman really bored with questions

  • Boring is the deal breaker.
  • Boring doesn’t reach out, grab her, surprise her, and excite her.
  • Boring doesn’t cause her to forget about everything happening around her and only focus on you.
  • Boring doesn’t cause her to think, “I hope this guy likes me and I want to make a good impression.”

It simply causes her to pay more attention to her cell phone than you and your interaction with her to turn into the sound of crickets.

Of Course, We Never Ask Lame, Boring, and Predictable Questions On Purpose

It’s easy to be out with her and not know exactly what to say, ask, or talk about with her.

It happens to all of us!

But because we think logically and respond to logical and rational things, we automatically assume women think and respond the same way.

But they don’t…

Women are more likely to respond to things that are illogical, don’t make sense, and things that usually don’t “stimulate” us as men.

difference in man and woman brain

Studies show that men’s brains are more left-sided when given tasks, which is the logical rational side of the brain and women’s limbic systems are usually larger than men’s, which makes them more in touch and expressive with their emotions. Women are usually more empathetic and comprehensive in the things they do.

And on top of that, we’re just trying to be nice and friendly and we don’t mean to ask boring, lame, predictable, or dumb questions.

We’re just trying to keep the conversation going so she’s engaged and we have her attention.

Also, we tend to think if we show her we’re “curious” about her, that she’ll automatically feel more attraction for us.

But it doesn’t work this way either.

Here’s another problem – when we’re nervous, shy, unsure, or we just aren’t immediately “clicking” with her, we feel the need to “force” or “push” the conversation in a direction that will get her talking and feeling attraction.

We don’t realize it can backfire and make things MUCH WORSE than we intend to!

Something else you’ll learn in How to Quit Being a Loser With Women is that women need to “feel” emotions and need to be mentally or physically stimulated in order to pay attention to you and see you as “different”.

A boring, lame, predictable, or dumb question won’t cause her to perk up, raise an eyebrow, and look at you like, “Who is this guy and why is he not on top of me right now!?”

Guys who are skilled and experienced interacting with women know how to set fireworks off in her brain and get her attention.

When she’s with a guy who isn’t skilled or experienced interacting with women, she’s more worried about when she can go home, what her friends are posting on Facebook, and what she can look at on Pinterest instead of wanting to get to know him better.

So because we ask lame, dumb, or boring questions to keep the conversation going, it doesn’t exactly mean we’re lame, dumb, predictable, or boring. But if she doesn’t know you, your questions will communicate that you ARE boring, lame, and predictable!

So to prevent her from taking this route and jumping to conclusions about you, it’s important to avoid these questions that 99% of guys ask and that she hates hearing.

What I’ve Seen on TV

I used to watch Blind Date and MTV’s Next and 99% of the time, these guys would blurt out one boring, predictable, and lame question after another.

  • Questions that don’t get her attention.
  • Questions that don’t cause her to “feel” any emotions.
  • Questions that don’t cause her to think more about you in a good way.
  • Questions she’s heard before and that don’t prove to her he’s interesting, intelligent, and different.

The funny thing is that the women go along with it like it’s their first time ever hearing these “interesting” questions and answer them enthusiastically.


No way!

If the cameras weren’t there, these women would more than likely be like, “WTF… for real dude? What’s my favorite color? Are you in middle school or something!?”

And if she’s not saying it, she’s definitely thinking it.

On top of that, she’s going to be dying to tell her girlfriends about it so they can get a good laugh.

Yes women tell each other EVERYTHING.

What She’s Thinking About Your Lame, Predictable, and Boring Questions

Let’s switch to REAL LIFE here.

If she has experience in the dating world, especially with men who are good with women, she’s probably not going to stick around and be enthusiastic about answering your questions that she’s heard a million times.

wtf did he ask

The truth is, women aren’t always nice, sweet, and open to questions like the ones you see on TV shows.

Yes, for the most part, and from my experience, women are pretty polite… but not so polite that they’re unrealistically upbeat and open to dumb questions.

They’re not going to hide their disappointment just to spare your delicate feelings.

Women who have been on boring dates and are tired of meeting the same guys will tell you things straight to your face like, “You need to work on your conversation skills” or ask, “I’m sorry. This sounds like an interview. Are you always this boring?”

And many times instead of telling you you’re boring, predictable, and not fun to talk to, she’ll just take the easy and less dramatic route of ignoring your calls and texts and she definitely WON’T GO on a second date with you.

The worst part is, she’ll think you’re just like ALL THE OTHER LAME, BORING, AND PREDICTABLE GUYS she’s met.

Not where you want to be.

She’s Not Applying for a Job

girlfriend application

Have you ever been excited about boring questions on a questionnaire or an application?

Me neither!


They’re not fun or exciting.

Asking a woman lame, boring, predictable, or pointless questions makes her feel the same way – bored and unexcited.

She feels like you’re interviewing her.

You should ONLY ask questions that are going to lead to good conversation, elevate her mood, get her excited, and KEEP HER TALKING.

She’s there to have fun with you and engage in stimulating conversation, not tell you her life story or the boring details.

What I Do Personally

If I barely know her, just met her, or I know her well, I stick to stuff that has nothing to do with me or her personally.

I stay away from the “heavy” stuff.

I try not to ask questions but instead have casual conversation about stuff that I think is funny, lighthearted, and fun – like funny YouTube videos, something happening in the world, or just interesting human behavior that she has an opinion on.

I try to get her input on many topics and it leads to interesting and “different” discussions that she enjoys and leads to us having rapport, things in common, and common mindsets.

I stick to anything that isn’t “boring” or “predictable”.

You’re There to Bust Through Her “I Don’t Know You” Barrier

Let’s not bullshit each other here…

The whole reason you’re out with her is to build as much attraction as possible, take things to the next level with her, and get what you want – whether it be just sex or a relationship.

The same goes for HER.

I'm not here to talk

You’re not there just to talk. Talking is just a tool or technique we use to further our relationship with others. You’re there to stand out, show her your value, make her want you as more than a friend, and to hopefully take things to a physical level with her.

Talking is just one of those things you have to do to bust through her “I don’t know you” barrier.

Very few guys get through the “I don’t know you” barrier without much talking and getting to know her.

If you actually were one of those guys, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

So just keep in mind that when you’re talking to her, imagine you’re talking to your best friend.

You don’t ask your best friend a bunch of weird questions when you’re hanging out so don’t do it with her.

Just relax and chat back and forth with her – like you would with any of your friends.

So before I get carried away and branch off too far, here are 15 questions to avoid asking because they more than likely won’t help you build attraction or get her “feeling” emotions for you:

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I'm Marc Summers. My job is to lead you in the direction and help you learn exactly what works so you can become the man women actually want.

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