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We All Want to Be the Guy Women See As Different One of our biggest concerns today, especially with social media, is standing out and looking different. We want women to think we’re better than any other guy they’ve ever …

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I’m Usually Against Pick Up Lines I’ve always taught not to take pick up lines too seriously and never use them as a serious attempt to “wow” a woman you just met. I see them more as jokes and you …

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We’re Too Nervous, Anxious, Uptight, And High-Strung We’re overstimulated from social media, advertising, music, television, and the internet. We have more options than our brain can handle and all of the “noise” makes it easy to feel freaked out, anxious, …

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These Tips Work Consistently Over the last 10 years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes texting women but I’ve also discovered what works better than the things most guys do. EVERYTHING I know about texting women is this eBook and …

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