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Learn How To Improve Your Texting Skills, Make Texting Women Easier and Less Stressful, Make Yourself More Attractive, And Get Better Results

The Guys Getting All Of The Action In Their Dating Life - This Book Tells You EXACTLY What They're Doing When They Text Women. This Simple Book Also Covers The Very Real And Extremely Important Psychology And Strategy Behind Texting Women To Help You Avoid Messing Things Up, Looking Like An Idiot, And Ruining Your Chances With Them. It Also Helps You Get Them Off The Phone And On A Date With You FASTER AND EASIER So You're Not Wasting Your Time

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This really helped a lot and really put my game on another level. I will no longer end up in the friend zone. I wish I had purchased it months ago as I crashed and burned over texts with a girl I really liked.
J. Hardie
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Marc's advice matches what I've seen work best, and unfortunately a lot of the stuff he accurately tells you NOT to do, I've done... Repeatedly. So in my experience, this guy's advice is almost 100% spot on.
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In listening to this, I can see how things could have been handled differently, respective of some of the more serious potential relationships in my life. There is some learning to be done here. Grateful for this new insight.

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Hi, I'm Marc Summers

I wrote this book to help you avoid common texting mistakes so you can create attraction with women as fast as possible.

Texting is now a gigantic part of the way we communicate with women and it’s very important to, not only, know how to do it well, but to understand the important and real psychology behind it and the impression you’re making.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing when texting, it’s easy to accidentally screw up and give her the wrong impression. This easy-to-learn book covers the fundamentals of texting women and is full of helpful tips that steer you in the right direction.

A 100% Must-Have If You Want To Improve Your Texting Game

✔ The truth behind her texts and why she thinks and responds that way

✔ What she’s thinking and feeling while texting you

✔ How her attention span works and how to use it to improve your texting strategy

✔ How her mood affects her texting habits

✔ What she really wants to happen when you text her

Here's What's Inside...

Pg. 35 – How to tell from her texts if she’s interested

Pg. 42 – How often to text her

Pg. 46 – How long each text message should be

Pg. 43 – The one thing your text messages should always do

Pg. 47 – How long to take to when replying

Pg. 48 – The proper mindset when texting and replying

Pg. 53 – How many questions to ask, how long to stay on a topic, and how long conversations should be

Pg. 67 – 2 things you should NEVER do when texting… EVER

Pg. 69 – When you should never text her

Pg. 70 – What to stop doing when texting

Pg. 71 – Things you should only say on the phone or in person

Pg. 72 – Texts that make you look lame and weak

Pg. 87 – What to do if she doesn’t text back right away

Pg. 94 – The right way to reply

Pg. 96 – The right way to use emojis, memes, and gifs

Pg. 98 – The right way to use compliments

Pg. 132 – The one thing you should let her say and text first

Pg. 134 – How to end the conversation

Pg. 137 – How soon to text her after getting her number

Pg. 140 – What to say when you first text her

Pg. 143 – How much to say when you first text her

Pg. 145 – How to know if she’s available for a date

Pg. 147 – How to ask her on a date through text

– And More!

Get This Right Now If...

✔ You don’t know how to create and build attraction through text

✔ Women ignore you and take forever to text back

✔ You don’t know what to do when she doesn’t reply

✔ You don’t know how long or short texts should be

✔ You get too attached through texting

✔ You want be cooler and funnier when texting

✔ You want to learn the right things to say through text

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Zero Risk, Zero Rip-Off, Zero Headache 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have NOTHING to lose by getting this book right now and using what’s inside to meet, attract, and date more women. You’re going to get 10X better with women and if you don’t, I’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back. Literally, zero-risk. Give it a chance and see how much better your dating life actually gets.

Available in PDF, MP3, Kindle, Audible, and Print

PDF or MP3:

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$3.95 - $8.95
  • Texting Titan! eBook
  • Texting Titan! Audiobook
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