5 REAL Ways To TRULY Impress Her (and 4 Ways Not To!)

ways to impress her

how to quit being a loser with women

She’s Not Impressed By What You “Think” Will Impress Her

Let’s be real here – we’ve all liked or had a crush on a woman and thought, “There has to be something I can say, do, or reveal that will impress her! Just being myself and not proving to her how I awesome I am will not do the job…”

It’s natural to want to stand out and be seen as different BUT a common misconception we have is that in order to impress her, we have to prove to her how cool we are by showing her something or telling her really amazing things.

We feel the need to let her know about our incredible job, money, our awesome car, our big house, and that we’re different and cooler than any man she’s ever met before.

Although she may be wowed and a little taken aback by your fancy words, display of wealth, and your ability to provide, it won’t make a lasting impression and lead to long-term and lasting attraction – which is what you want.

Deep Down, She’s Not Impressed By About The “Outer” Stuff

I’ve learned from experience that when you actually make an effort and TRY to impress her, it backfires and blows up right in your face.

Our logical mind tells us that if we can show her how much money we bring home, what kind of car we drive, how expensive our clothes are, how big our house is, how cool we are etc, that it will translate into her feeling a lot of attraction.

But here’s the truth – when she’s feeling attraction, she doesn’t give a shit about any of that stuff.

You can be broke, in debt, have raggedy clothes, and still living with your mom and she will still feel a ton of attraction for you if you know how to spark it.

She’s Not Impressed By Your Money

rapper with being impressive with money and girls

I grew up thinking that the more money you have, the more women you can get to be attracted to you.

In a sense, this is true because there are a lot of gold digging women out there who chase men with money – but they’re attracted to the money, not the man.

These men rarely find a woman who TRULY loves them for who they are and not their money.

It causes them to wind up confused, depressed, not trusting anyone, and wondering why they can’t meet a “decent” woman who’s actually impressed by them and no the money.

guy flashing money to impress girls

I grew up watching rap music videos that promote rappers always being surrounded by girls and I didn’t understand that these guys HIRE models to be in their videos and it’s not actual women in their life who are impressed by them and attracted to them.

Yes, I said, HIRED, as in giving these women money just to be seen with them!

A lot of the time, these women are strippers, escorts, and not really the type of girls that are considered high-quality and wifey material.

This sort of thinking ruins your chances with the women you like.

Stop thinking that if you’re broke or don’t have enough money, you’ll never stand a chance with her.

Stop thinking that women are going to be impressed and flock your direction because you’re flashing money and signs of wealth.

– Money isn’t a substitute for a personality.

– Money isn’t a substitute for carrying yourself well.

– Money isn’t a substitute for being funny.

– Money isn’t a substitute for knowing exactly what you’re doing with women.

When the money is gone, so are the women who are using you for it.

That’s the sad truth behind it.

Yes, it’s ok to be rich and be financially well-off and I encourage you to do it – but don’t use your financial status to impress women.

That’s all I’m trying to say.

Your Fancy, Shiney, and Expensive Car or Truck Won’t Impress Her

guy standing by nice car to impress women

This is another myth that we believe will impress her and cause her to feel a ton of attraction.

Yes, women think it’s cool when you have an awesome and expensive car, and they’ll even ask to ride around in it.

But it’s not going to impress any woman so much that she feels an uncontrollable attraction for you.

Like I said,

– A nice car won’t fix your boring personality.

– A nice car won’t make you a better person.

– A nice car won’t make you more enjoyable to be around.

– A nice car won’t solve your problems with women.

A nice car will only attract the shallow, no life, loser women who lack a personality so they can use you as a status bump, for some selfies on Facebook, or for your money.

Harsh, but true.

High-quality women don’t care if you drive a $1.5M Bugatti Veyron or a 1995 Kia.

It doesn’t make a difference to her when she’s feeling attraction and truly impressed by you.

Your Big House Won’t Impress Her

impressing women with house

Yes, she may think it’s beautiful and dreamy, but it’s only going to impress her temporarily.

It’s not going to impress her so much that she starts feeling attraction for you.

– A big house won’t change how physically attractive you are.

– A big house won’t fix your unattractive posture and body language.

– A big house won’t make you more laid back and relaxed.

– A big house won’t make you more masculine and dominant.

Again, once she sees your house is more beautiful than your personality and the way you carry yourself as a man, (as they say on Duck Dynasty) “She Gone”.

Deep down, she wants to feel attraction for you and to be impressed by YOU, not your possessions that overcompensate for what you’re lacking on the inside.

Your Expensive Clothes Don’t Impress Her

guy in fancy clothes

I see this a lot when I go out to a bar or club – two or three guys are overdressed, thinking and acting above everyone, and, in a confused way, looking around wondering why women are not all over them or begging to take them home.

It’s because, once again, women DON’T CARE.

They may say you look nice, but it won’t lead to her being impressed and feeling long-term attraction.

They’re just clothes – pieces of cloth cut and sewn together to make something to cover yourself up with.

See when I go out, I wear t-shirts, shorts, sandals, or running shoes, and a hat.

I don’t dress to impress, if it’s not required, and I do just fine.

– I know that my clothes won’t enhance my personality.

– I know they’re not going to make me funnier.

– I know they’re not going to make me more charming.

– I know my clothes alone aren’t going to change the way I make women FEEL on the inside.

Yea, I may look more presentable when I’m wearing nice clothes… but what if I have a repulsive or an annoying personality?

Do you think women are going to overlook it because I look “nice”?

You’re right – hell no.

Women don’t give a shit.

Seeing a pattern?

We try to use money, houses, clothes, cars, and “outer-stuff” to, in a way, make up for what we’re lacking ON THE INSIDE – hoping she’ll only see the outside and overlook the mess we have going on within ourselves.

– This outer game stuff DOES NOT spark attraction inside her.

– It doesn’t make her natural instincts and the primal mating parts of her brain go crazy.

– It doesn’t make her FEEL the deep emotions that cause her to be wildly attracted to you.

Lots of money, a fancy car, a big house, and expensive clothes are things that are superficial, surface things

This stuff, on a deeper level, WON’T EVER MATTER to her.

This stuff will NEVER trigger an emotional response so powerful that she can’t control the attraction she’s feeling for you.

In my eBook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, you’ll learn that in order for her to feel attraction for you, she has to FEEL some sort of emotion (preferably positive) and then associate those emotions WITH YOU.

If that process isn’t happening, then she probably isn’t feeling attraction for you.

Causing her to feel emotions allows her “attraction switch” to be TRIGGERED or TURNED ON.

Sure, a few women might think it’s cool and might buy into all the superficial stuff, but once the “wow factor” wears off, if she’s not FEELING any emotions or attraction for you, she’s gone in a heartbeat.

Can you remember a time where you did everything you could to impress a woman you really liked but it got you nowhere with her?

I can… a bunch of times!

Or can you remember a time you saw an beautiful woman with a goofy-looking guy and you couldn’t understand how she could possibly like him?

Why does this happen?

It comes back to the simple fact that she’s not impressed by the things you think will impress her because we’re more logical-minded than women are – which is something else you’ll learn in my eBook How to Quit Being a Loser With Women.

She doesn’t CARE what kind of job you have, how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, the price of your clothes, how big your house is, or how cool you think you are because this stuff will never make her feel REAL attraction for you.

So What Actually Impresses Her? – As In Making Her Feel Attraction For You

Now you know that showing off with money, cars, houses, and clothes won’t truly impress women because it’s all “outer” stuff that they don’t care about.

If that doesn’t impress them, then what does?

“Inner” stuff like our personality and the way we conduct ourselves?


You’re on target.

Remember, I said that surface-level things don’t and never will cause her to FEEL attraction.

It has to be something MUCH DEEPER, like your behavior and the way you carry yourself.

Here’s 5 basic personality and behavior traits to truly impress her regardless of how much money you have, the cars you own, the house you live in, and the clothes you wear.

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