WHAT WOMEN WANT: 10 Parts of Your Body You Should be Working On!

parts of body make you more attractive

how to quit being a loser with women

1. Work on Your Abs

women find abs attractive

A recent survey conducted by the Western Illinois University found that women considered abs to be the sexiest muscle on a man. This shouldn’t come as any surprise because your abs are at your front, and provided you’ve got your top off, it’s the first area she draws her eyes towards once you’re about to get busy.

The good thing about your abs is that you can sculpt them and your hard work will show. In all fairness to women, having abs, as opposed to a fat belly makes a lot of sense because research has shown that men with excess belly fat tended to have lower levels of testosterone, which equates to a low libido and weak fertility. To learn more about low testosterone there is a great and low testosterone resource site. I regularly visit.

2. Work On Your Butt

It’s not just men that ogle. The moment you turn around, women aren’t just staring at the back of your head or at the back of your legs. Women appreciate a good butt. Okay, admittedly, not as much as men, but a recent poll held by ask men found that out of the 100 women they surveyed, a large proportion of them adored a strong looking butt. If you don’t believe me, watch where your girlfriend is looking the next time you watch football.

3. Work On Your Shoulders

women find big shoulders attractive

Research has shown that female’s sexual satisfaction has a strong correlation to partner’s general attractiveness and the size of his shoulders! A recent study conducted by the University of Albany found that small shouldered men were strongly advised to hit the gym and work on this muscle group!

Traditionally, broad shoulders usually represented strength and masculinity, and studies have shown that men displaying a higher shoulder to hip ratio usually had more sexual partners over a lifetime.

4. Work On Your Back

Going back to the shoulder-to-hip ratio, the broadness of the back determined a woman’s variability towards her perceived attraction to a man. For some women, the V-shape is more important than a man’s endowment and his height!

5. Work On Your Arms

women find big arms attractive

A recent survey conducted by hercampus.com involving over 100 women across the United States found that a large proportion of them rated arms as their biggest turn on. To women, it means that you take care of your body, and many will admit that they love to see some part of a man’s bicep, especially if he’s wearing a T-shirt or a sweatshirt.

Subconsciously, a man with strong arms represents an ability to protect his woman.

6. Work On Your Chest

Women seem to show strong attraction towards men with a “hunter’s” physique, boosting a narrow waist, strong shoulders and most importantly, a broad chest. Women love toned men, as opposed to brawny or over-pumped hype jobs. This should give you motivation to build a solid chest instead of having man-boobs because there’s nothing more unattractive.

7. Your Face

Women are, generally, more attracted to men with faces that inspire a tendency to nurture. According to a recent LA Times report, women prefer men with large eyes and a small to medium nose, a super-strong jawline and wide cheekbones. They also appreciate a compassionate looking man as well as a bad boy, excluding sexual confidence. I bet you’re thinking what the hell, women like everything when it comes to the face! And you’re right.

8. Don’t Smile Too Much!

women find too much smiling unattractive

According to a recent study held by the University of British Columbia, women tended to be less sexually attracted to happy-looking men, believe it or not! Although a smile displays friendly social intentions, women tend to be more attracted to men that exude a proud and powerful look. My advice will be to act all mysterious and aloof in the beginning, but once you’ve caught her in your net, smile to your heart’s content!

9. Your Hands

Women focus on detail, much more than men. According to a recent poll, women made it clear that they loved a man’s hands, because this represented what he did for a living. The general rule of thumb when it comes to hands and how women perceive them is the bigger they are, the more masculinity they represent.

10. Work On Your Facial Fluff

women find facial hair attractive

Studies have shown that women find heavy and dense stubble the most attractive type of facial hair. Heavy beards, lighter stubble and no facial hair appear to be at the bottom of the list. Women associate fuller stubble with supreme health.

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